Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Selfie

As we are taking a blogging break we weren't going to post a selfie, but I persuaded my mum to do a selfie with the lovely Get Well flowers from GJ's mum and dad, Carol and Barrie.

You can see more selfies with the Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Eric's Day Flashback - Badger Hunting.

This week the flashback comes from January 2011 and is called:

Badger Hunting.

We have made mum walk down by the badger setts. We are not allowed to go in them because badgers have big scary teeth.

See how the grass and leaves are flattened and dead where we are standing. That is because Mr and Mrs Badger walk up and down here all the time.

Eric: ::sniff sniff:: Yup I can smell them.

Where I am walking is the edge of the bank but you can't see it because of the trees. I am looking through the trees to see if I can see them. The badgers have dug their setts into the bank. You can see the soil from one of the entrances in the top right corner.

Flynn: I think I hear movement. They must be home.

Eric: In that case we had better go. You know mum doesn't want us coming face to face with them. So off we went back to the fire and treaties.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I think it is time to give an update to let my blogging friends know what is happening. If you are on FB and belong to the CWB group you already know.

Nearly 6 years ago I had a hysterectomy for cancer of the womb. Ever since then I have had abdominal pain which I can live with, but sometimes it becomes quite severe. At check ups I was told it would be adhesions but should not cause any problems.
The past year, particularly the last 6 months it has caused more problems but I was still told it was adhesions which it still might be.

In the beginning of December I had severe pains and had to go to the Emergency Department. An ultrasound showed that I have a lot of gallstones and will have to have my gallbladder removed. I mentioned at the same time about the abdominal pains because I wondered if it might be connected.

A colorectal consultant examined me and said she could feel what she thought might be scarring and arranged for me to have a CT scan. The scan results showed that I have significant changes in the pelvic area.

On Monday I had an appointment at the Oncology/Gynaecology clinic. The consultant told me that the result of the scan concerns him and it could be a return of cancer. It is not definite but he said he has to tell me the worst case scenario. It also could still be adhesions or a kink or twist in my bowel. I have a biopsy on the area that is causing concern on Monday. I will also be having another CT scan, this time of the chest area but don't yet have the date for that.
I also have an appointment with the colorectal consultant next Wednesday.
That is as much as I know but I will keep you all updated.

I won't be blogging regularly for the time but will keep Eric's posts scheduled. I may visit a few blogs to comment but it won't be on a regular basis.

I know how supportive the blogging community is, but I would still ask you if you could keep me and Ivor in your thoughts. Thank you.

I can't do a post without a photo of our little man, so here's Flynn.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Eric's Day Flashback - Just Checking.

I am taking a blogging break due to health issues, and I really can't concentrate on posting right now. I will update here as and when I know what is happening. I do have a couple of Flashbacks scheduled so will leave them to publish as planned.

This week the flashback comes from January 2011 and is called:

Just Checking.

After not getting out in the fields for a while when the snow and ice was here, now we have to check every inch for smells.

We partly floof our tails while we do it in case there are introoders about. That way they know not to mess with us.

There has definitely been someone here who shouldn't have been.

Oh well, I think they are long gone now.
Flynn: In answer to yesterday's Wordless Wednesday, yes it was a mousie and of course I caught it.
Cat asked if the pictures were a flashback because the grass looks green. No, not a flashback, all the photos were taken three days ago on the one sunny day we've had. No horses or people had walked on the snow and ice, so when it thawed it came back nice and green again.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Selfies

Once again it has either been to wet or too cold for me to go outdoors, and too dull indoors for any new photos.
I asked my mum what we could do and she suggested looking through our old scanned photos. So my selfie this week is not really one, but one of the very first photos of me and Eric when we came to our forever home. We would have been 6 weeks old here.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Eric's Day Flashback Secret Paw 2011.

It's a New Year and so our flashbacks are also starting a new year with 2011.
I haven't taken part in the Secret Paw exchange since I have been unwell, so I thought it would be a good idea to start with one that Eric and I shared.

Secret Paw 2011.

Our Secret Paw arrived today. It smells good but mum said we had to wait for dad to come home before we could open it.

Flynn: After waiting for dad I couldn't wait to see what smelled so good. Our package came from Baby Patches.

I had to climb in before it was even unpacked.

My new bed!

Mum had to take everything out from under me. Even Eric who had told mum he didn't want his photo taken came over to see what we got.

Eric: Wow there are some great things here.

Flynn: There certainly are. look at these great nippy trees.

Eric: And we got my favourite.....Greenies!!!

Dad played with us with the little silver mousies. We both love them because they flip around when you throw them.

Flynn: Did I mention the nippy Christmas trees? They smell really strong and mmmmmm nippy.

It's no good trying to get in that bag Eric, you won't fit.

Flynn: I gave one of the silver mousies a good chewing.

Eric: Haha, very funny.

Yeah, I suppose you think that is double funny.

We got some great stuff from Baby Patches, two shiny silver mousies, a soft duck and a dog, a ball and a fev-ver butt mousie that rattles, two bags of Greenies, a lovely card, and did I mention the nippy trees?

Flynn: This fev-ver butt mousie is lots of fun too.

Dad throws it for me to catch.

Eric: All this excitement has made me tired. I am going to nap with one of the nippy trees before nip head Flynn grabs them both.

Flynn: I like my new box.

And did I tell you we got nippy trees?

Eric: I am going to keep my paw on silver mousies tail so he doesn't escape.
Thanks Baby Patches, we both love our Secret Paw package.
Thanks Praline and mom Paula for doing such a great job organising Secret Paws for everyone.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Man Cave.

My mum hasn't taken any photos of me lately because it is too cold to go outdoors for more than a quick garden patrol, then I am right back in front of the wood burner.
She had a look and found these photos from three months ago that haven't been published before.

This is my cat tree which is nearly as old as me. I never used to go in the cave because it was a bit of a snug fit. Eric couldn't get in there at all.

Now I fit in there easily. My mum has put my Ms Stella nippy mat in there for me as well so it is more comfy. I don't use that scratcher because I prefer upright ones, but it makes a good rest for my paws.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year 2017 Sunday Selfie.

Happy new Year to all my friends.

You can see more selfies with the Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head.

I have also received another 3 snail mail cards which means I now have overtaken my mum and dad.

Wally, Ernie and Zoey,
Earl Grey and Tazo.

Spike William
Thank you for my cards.