Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Happy Birthday dad, we love you!

My mum got my dad a big surprise for his birthday. A while back she had the winning bid for a portrait by Joan Brienza Nardozzi. She creates beautiful pet portraits which you can see on her website.
The painting was donated to the auction by Tessie and her beautiful Angel kitty Smokey 8
Thank you so much Tessie and Smokey for donating this wonderful opportunity to get a portrait painted of Eric, and thank you Joan for the beautiful portrait which we will always treasure.

When the painting arrived, mum couldn't wait to let dad see it. She has had it professionally framed  and it is hanging on the wall. He officially gets it today.

Hanging on the wall.

Photo taken on the table to avoid glass reflection.
We love it!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Selfies Special

This week I have a special Sunday Selfies. When mum was looking for photos for our blogoversary she found some selfies that Eric had taken. They are a bit blurry because he didn't really know about selfies back then, but we thought it would be nice to show them. Maybe he was one of the first selfie takers!

I don't think he realised you have to open your eyes...

or look at the camera.

He seemed to find it tiring too.

Blurry, but he did get a photo of his nose freckles.

You can see more selfies with the Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head.

We have been having a lot of internet problems lately. We lost connection Thursday evening and didn't get it back until midday Saturday. It is still very slow and intermittent, so if we suddenly disappear, don't worry. We will visit as much as we can but it is doubtful we will be able to catch up completely. Luckily mum had scheduled some of my posts ahead. It is my dad's birthday tomorrow so be sure to come and see his lovely present.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Oops!.

Before we get to the flashback we just want to clear up a misunderstanding. In our last post for our blogoversary I said it was our third blogoversary without Eric. Several commenters said they didn't realise Eric had left us three years ago. He didn't, it was two years and four months ago. He left in the March and our blogoversary is in July, so it is three blogoversaries not three years that he hasn't been with us.

The Flashback this week comes from July 2009 and is called:


Eric: Where the horses walk along one of the steep slopes in the field, they have worn it away into ledges. I like to go there to roll because there is a lot of nice earth to roll on.

Oops, I seem to be going downhill.

Never mind, just keep on rolling.

Huh! I'm sure I wasn't this far down.

How did that happen? I'm nearly down the bottom.

Flynn: You are silly Eric.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Our 9th Blogoversary!

It is hard to believe that it was 9 years ago today that Eric and I started blogging with a little bit of help from my mum.
Once again, our first post can be found here.
Our first ever commenter was Oscar the Wonder Cat from Australia. He very rarely posts now but his blog is still there.

The next day mum was brave and found how to post some photos. She didn't make a very good job of positioning them, but with our help she got better over the years.

This is the third blogoversary we have had to celebrate without Eric and we miss him as much as ever. We continue to honour his memory with our Eric's Day Friday Flashbacks.

It was touch and go for a while around Christmas whether I would be still here to celebrate this one, but I am and I intend to be here for our 10th blogoversary too.
I want to thank everyone for being our friends over the years, and for all the purrs and support at the times we have needed them.

Me and mum have looked out a few pictures of me and Eric together from our earlier years. I hope you enjoy them.

2008 Relaxing.
2008 Mouse Watch
2008 Relaxing on the vishus deer.
2008 In the plant pots
2007 Field Patrol
2010 Glad to have the humans back home.
2010 Wrasslin'

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Selfies.

I am taking part in the Sunday Selfies with the Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head. Be sure to visit them to see more selfies!

I was concentrating so much on pressing the button that I forgot to look at the camera.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - In the Barn.

This week the flashback comes from June 2009 and is called:

In the Barn.

Eric: While we were out for our walk it started to rain so we went in the barn to shelter. I thought I may as well check for any new smells while we were there.

Yup, this is a new one. It's very interesting

In fact it is so interesting that I need to rub my face on it to make it smell right. I would normally pee on it but mum says the horses wouldn't like it on their hay bales.

While I was doing that, Flynn had a bath.

Then it stopped raining so we sat outside the door and Flynn carried on bathing.

Right mum, are you ready to get walking again? The rain shower is all finished now.

Flynn: Yeah, come on mum, I'm ready to go.
So we carried on with our walks around the field and the sun kept shining again.

It was getting near dusk on the way back and mum thought the sunset looked pretty so she took a photo of it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Whacky Wednesday

What the heck is that?

That bay (brown) horse has got extra eyes in it's fly mask! Creepy!!!
Click on pic to biggify.