Friday, March 6, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Playtime.

This week the flashback comes from November 2008 and is called:
There was a branch from one of mum's shrubs hanging out, and it was saying to me,'Play with me,' so I did.

Flynn just watched.

Sometimes it is good to just play on your own.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday and Update.

I have been on the Methimazole transdermal gel for 10 days now and had no apparent bad effects from it. I have only had a low dose rubbed into my ear, 0.1cc once a day. From Tuesday I started on 0.1cc twice a day. We are really hoping I can continue to cope with the gel. If I am able to stay on it, I will have another blood test for my T4 level in about 3 weeks.
I still get intermittent diarrhoea but that is likely caused by the hyperthyroidism. Hopefully if the vet can get my levels nearer where they should be the diarrhoea will stop and all my poops will be good again.
I feel quite well in myself and only get a few off days when I don't want to eat and just sleep all day. I get a lot more good days than bad days now, and as you can see in my wordless post, I even climbed my favourite tree for the first time since Eric left us.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Selfies.

I am joining the Kitties Blue for the Sunday Selfie.

You can see more selfies at The Cat on my Head.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Back in the Barn.

This week the flashback comes from October 2008 and is called:

Back In The Hay Barn.

The sun came out yesterday afternoon, so we got to roll in the dirt.

After we had done that we went to check the hay and straw again.

Eric: Where have you gone Flynn? I can't see you.

Flynn: I'm in here Eric. I'm just coming back out.

Eric: I'd better have a look to see what you were doing in there. I don't want to miss anything.

Eric: Hmphh, that was a waste of time. There wasn't anything in there at all.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Almost Wordless Wednesday.

For me?
Do you think she'd notice?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Selfie and an Update.

I am taking part in the Sunday Selfies with the Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head.

You can see more selfies here.

My Update.
As you know, I was unable to tolerate the Carbimazole for my hyperthyroidism, so after a month off medication to give my body chance to recover I went on Felimazole which is the same as Methimazole. Unfortunately after 2 weeks I was becoming ill again and had to stop them too.
I have been off medication again for a week but recovered much more quickly this time because mum and dad knew to look out for the first signs that it wasn't going well.

Mum has discussed natural medicine with my vet and ordered Thyroid Support Gold for me which will take 3 weeks to get here according to Amazon. That is bacon flavoured drops that can be put on my food.

The vet rang mum this morning and said he has talked to another vet and has been able to get Methimazole as a transdermal gel, so they went out and collected a pack this morning.
I am having it rubbed into my ear once a day to start with to see how I go with it. If it is the ingredients that I am allergic to, then I still won't be able to stay on it. It may be that my digestive tract can't take the pills but I will be okay with it being absorbed into my bloodstream. We will know how I am getting on with it by the time the Thyroid Gold arrives.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - The Hay Barn.

This Flashback comes from September 2008 and was called:

In The Hay Barn.

Dad packed a load of straw in the barn for the horses to sleep on in the winter.
We thought we had better go down and check that he had done it properly.

Eric: I'll just go up on top to make sure it is stacked safely.

Hey Flynn, look at me. I'm touching the roof.

Flynn: While you are up there I'll just make sure the lower layers are done right.

Yep, everything looks okay down here.

Now that's done I'll jump down and have a bath.

Straw tickles and itches so you have to make sure you bath all the little bits out of your furrs.

All the loose straw has been put in this bag. It makes a good seat where you can listen for mice.

Eric: All that snoopervising has tired me out. I need a rest now.

It's a bit hot in here, I think I will go and sit in the doorway where there is a nice breeze.

That's better.

Flynn: I don't want any breeze, I'm going to stay in here in the heat.