Monday, October 20, 2014

Mancat Monday and Happy Tocktober Derby.

First of all I want to wish Derby a Happy Birthday...

 and a Happy Tocktober.

I went for a walk in the fields with my mum and dad and dad asked if I wanted to play.

Of course I want to play dad.

He is tickling me with a wild flower stalk....

and it is making me but the bitey on a dead twig with leaves on it.

Now I am going to attack the flower stalk.

Got it!

Haha! Stop tickling dad!

Give me that stick!

Thanks dad, that was fun.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Eric's Day Flashback - Our Ham-Mick.

 First of all I want to say I am sorry I haven't been commenting but I didn't have any internet for 2 1/2 days. Then I was going to try and catch up on Thursday but there were lots of flashies and boomies going on so mum disconnected everything. Luckily she had scheduled several posts ahead of time. I am hoping to get around to visiting my friends today.
This week the flashback comes from March 2008 and is called:

Our Ham-Mick.

We won Forty Paws raffle furr the Meezers and got this great Ham-Mick.

Flynn:  I think I'll try it out and have a wash. Yup, it's nice and comfy for washing my toes.

And it's good for washing my tummy too.

Thanks Forty Paws, it's a great Ham Mick.

Eric :  Hey where did this come from?

Wow what's that I can smell? Mum says it's a Dorf smell. I don't know what she means by that, but it is a very interesting smell.

Oh yes! I like this. It's very comfy, and look there's a quality certificate signed by Dorfington Fish Stanley. That must be the Dorf smell mum was telling me about.

This is the life. I love this Ham Mick. Tell you what Flynn, you can have the vishus deer furrs all to yourself, this is MY bed cos it says purrfect cat on it and that's me. You got that?

Flynn do you remember that you didn't want to share our nippy crowns? Well I'm not sharing the Ham Mick.

Here's a short video clip of me inspecting it.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

That was very thoughtful of you to put the paper here for me to nap on mum.

What do you mean, you are trying to read it. Can't you see I am nice and comfy? Now go and find something else to do.

Eric's chrysanthemums are in full flower now. They have grown really well this year and are about twice the size they were last year. When they have finished flowering mum will cut them back and put them in the greenhouse for the winter. She will have to space them out more in the Spring because they have almost hidden Eric's rose. You can see that there are still a few bedding plants left with flowers, but they have mostly gone over now.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Eric's Day Flashback - A Spring Day.

This week the flashback comes from April 2008 and is called:

A Spring Day.

It was lovely and sunny and even warm, so mum said we would have a nice long walk around the field's together.

Flynn said if we didn't mind, he would rather stop and guard the mousie hole. Mum said that was okay, so I went on my own with her.

I sat on the hedge and gave her a couple of my best mancat poses.
I like to show off my fizz-eek!

Then I rubbed my face on some twigs in case there were any introoders around. They have to know this is Eric and Flynn territory.

I had a quick look to see if I could see any mice. No none here.

None here either.

Or here.

Then we stopped to admire the pretty blossom on the thorn trees.

When we got back I asked Flynn if he had caught me a mousie. He hissed at me!!!!

Hmppphhhh there was no need for that Flynn. I know you were jealous because I went for a walk with mum all on our own.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Return of the Hunter and an Update

Thank you again for all the purrs. They do seem to be working. The vet rang my mum today and said the bacteria culture from my urine sample was negative so that rules out a UTI.
I am feeling a lot better in myself and only have occasional diarrhoea now and no vomiting. I am still getting my appetite pills but only every 48 hours and am eating fairly well with them, although I am still not putting on weight. My next one is due Thursday morning but mum is going to see if I still eat if I don't get it. If I don't eat much by midday, then I will still get them for a bit longer.

Mum has decided she needs to cut back on my blogging a bit. Don't worry we will still be here. When Eric was still with us we used to post almost every day, but when he had to leave us we cut back to 4 or 5 times a week. Mum feels that she is spending too much time on the the computer so we need to cut back a bit more. Eric will always have his Friday Flashback day and I will post at least once a week. maybe twice.
I will also keep you all up to date with my health.
Maybe during the cold wet nights of winter we may do a bit more again. I am still being very good to take my thyroid pills. Dad holds me and mum pops it back my throat and washes it down with a very small syringe of water.
Anyway, that's enough of that. Here is what you have been waiting for, me back in the fields looking for those mousies.
Mum asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. Lately she or my dad carry me to the field and back so I don't tire myself too much. I told her there was no need, I wanted to lead the way. We went in to the nearest field and I went up to the long grass.
I hear mousies!

There is something here.

Mum said I looked like I was going to disappear down the mousie hole.

Well mum, you're wrong. It isn't a mousie hole......

it's a mousie nest and I've dug it out.

Now I have to see if there are any mousies that I have evicted.
I did find one half grown mousie and grabbed it quick. Mum told me I was a good boy and to not eat it.
Are you joking! After I went to the trouble of catching it.
She was going to take it away from me so I ran off up the field and nommed it before she could get there. I didn't give her chance to get a photo of it. She wasn't very pleased with me and said eating mousies was not a good idea as I had been so ill. I don't care though, it was very tender and tasty.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Easy Like Sunday and Selfie and Update.

Thank you to everybody for all the purrs and good thoughts you have been sending my way. It is hard to think that this time last week I was so ill that mum and dad didn't think I would make it.
The Clavaseptin pills I had been taking were making me feel very ill and weak with really bad diarrhoea and vomiting so I had to cut short the 10 day course.
I had an emergency appointment and saw another vet who gave me an antibiotic injection which lasts 14 days. Mum and dad didn't know at the time that it was Convenia and they didn't know about all the bad side effects it can cause. Within 24 hours I was very weak and kept lying down after every few footsteps. I laid on the bed stretched out looking almost comatose. They were going to take me in through the night but were afraid they might be told that nothing could be done for me. They decided to wait until the morning and kept telling me how much they loved me. In the morning I was slightly better and have continued to improve every day. After being so ill they have told the vet they don't want me to have any more antibiotics. I still have blood in my urine but it is not causing me any problems. It was only discovered by chance when my blood and urine was being rechecked after being on my thyroid pills.
My vet has sent my urine away to see if a culture can be grown. If nothing shows there, I will have an ultrasound scan.
I have been taking Mirtazapine tablets to help me want to eat. I was taking one every 24 hours, but when I ate 6 x 85g cans (approximately 16 ounces total) of food in 24 hours mum said it needed to be cut back to every 36 hours.
I have started to take short walks in the fields again. Mum and dad carry me there and back so I don't tire myself. Hopefully I will soon be able to lead the way again!
Okay, on to my easy Sunday.

We have been getting lots of sun so I have been napping under the azaleas again.

It feels good to get the sun on my back.

There has been quite a cold wind though so I go back to my pot when I get chilly.

I haven't felt like practising my selfies this week so this is the next best thing.

I like to drink from the horse troughs and I can see myself in them. You get two Flynns for the price of one!

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Eric's Day Flashback - Sharing.

This week the flashback comes from March 2008 and is called:


FLYNN:  When we have our treats I usually have mine on the top of the cat tree and Eric likes his on the floor. Sometimes he likes to come up with me but that's okay, there's room for two.

ERIC:  I don't think I could have had as many as you cos mine are gone already.

FLYNN: Yes you did, it's cos you swallow them instead of chewing them like me.
ERIC: No I don't, now go on, let me have one of yours, pleeeeez.
FLYNN: Yes you do. Mum's always telling you to crunch them cos it's better for your teefs to crunch. That's why you got three teefs less than me.
ERIC: Well I don't want to crunch, so there!

FLYNN: Steady on Eric, that's my last one. You ate all of yours and half of mine. Mum will have to sneak some more to me when you are not looking.