Friday, July 3, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Camera Shy.

This week the flashback comes from June 2009 and is called:
Camera Shy.

Mum:  Eric do you think we could have a nice photo of you looking at the camera. I'm sure the kitties don't want to look at your butt.

Eric:  Nope, you know I don't like having my photo taken. Take Flynn's photo, you know the little poser likes it. He would be in all the photos if he could.

Mum:  Aww go on Eric, pleeeeease.

Eric:  Oh okay, I suppose so but you better be quick. I'm only giving you the one chance at it.

Mum and Eric: Aaaaaaarghhhhh!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Health Update.

Dogs don't have the monopoly on playing with sticks!

This photo was taken on Monday and you can see how well I am looking now. I wasn't so happy earlier in the morning though.
Mum called me in from the garden and I came running with my tail held high. Next thing I knew I was being stuffed into the PTU.
When I have to travel in the box on wheels I always sing my warrior songs. This time I screamed them out. Dad was afraid I would give myself a heart attack and mum held my paw all the way there, but I am proud to say I never let up for a single minute.
When we got to the vet he took us into his examination room the back way, probably because he had heard me screaming blue murder all the way there.
He checked my heart and mum and dad were sure it would be racing because I had got myself so worked up been singing so loud. He said it sounded good and was very pleased with it. Mum had caught a pee sample the night before so he tested that. There is still a trace of blood in it and the white blood cell count is still raised. It has been like that since I first became ill and before I had the antibiotics which had caused me so much trouble. Everything else was good.
Then I had my blood stolen. He did it in the room with mum and dad there so I wouldn't stress myself again.
The results came back this morning. As most of you know, I am unable to take any sort of hyperthyroid medication as it works against me and makes me very ill. Instead, for the last three months I have been taking a very low dose of Prednisalone which can suppress thyroid function to a certain degree and also increase appetite and weight.
Mum thinks we may use a different scale of numbers for measuring T4 levels in the UK. Anything over 55 is considered to be hyperthyroid. The last time I had a T4 test my level was 111, double what it should be. This time it is 65 which is much better but I still have hyperthyroidism. It shows that the pred has been working well. My vet said he could raise the dose slightly but that could bring other steroid associated problems and would prefer not to do that. Mum and dad said they definitely don't want to do anything that could cause more problems. With my thyroid still being overactive, in time it will put too much strain on my heart Instead I am going to have a daily pill to help protect my heart and also my kidneys.
My vet is very pleased with my progress and says I look a totally different cat to the one he saw when mum and dad rushed me into him when he was the on duty night vet 6 months ago.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Selfies and why I haven't been Visiting.

First of all I want to say sorry to all my friends for not visiting for a while. My humans have been gallivanting and deserted me for 16 days. They don't like to say when they are going away because it is fairly isolated where we live and they don't like people knowing there is no-one home. They schedule posts ahead for me, but they are back now so I can start visiting again.
They were worried about leaving me for so long for the first time since I was ill, but my vet told my mum there was no reason for them to cancel as he thought I was doing so much better that I would be okay. A contingency plan was worked out for my two holiday aunties and mum rang home every day to check on me.
They told mum how good I was for taking my pred every morning and night, and that I was eating all my food. I even put on 0.8 of a pound which makes me a tiny bit over 12 1/2 pounds which is the most I have weighed for 15 months.
Then mum and dad spoiled it by telling me I am booked in Monday morning to have my blood stolen to see if the Prednisalone has helped suppress my thyroid function so my T4 reading will be better.
So, on to my selfie.

Hmm, what's this?

It must be a new bed for me. It's a bit small though.

It's even got built in toys.

Okay mum, now you've gone too far. I refuse to have a selfie with that Thing on my head. You want a selfie, you can wear it!

That's better. Now you can look like the silly one.
Mum bought the cat hat in Norway and when she came home she put it on to show me and it made my tail turn into a bottle brush. I soon realised it was her though.
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - The Disappearing Grass pt.2

This week the flashback comes from June 2009 and is called:

The Mystery of the Disappearing Grass pt.2

Flynn: We were excited the other day when we found our grass again, even if it had gone all dry and fluffy. Then the next day we came out to play in it again, and you won't believe this..... it had gone AGAIN!! I just sat there and tried to work out what was going on.

Eric: I suddenly noticed the tractor and hay baler outside the barn. I had my suspicions what had happened so went to tell Flynn.

Eric: After Flynn and I had discussed what was going on, I laid down in the shade of the tractor to think things over.

We decided we would go and look for our grass but knew it would be thirsty work, so we had a drink first.

Flynn: We decided the hay barn was the best place to look. There was an old sack on the floor, so I checked to see if the grass was in there. It wasn't.

When I came out of the sack, Eric and I suddenly saw it! There it was! Our grass, but now it was all packed up and made into hay for the horses for the winter.

Now we had solved the mystery of the disappearing grass, we could relax and have a bath on the bales. Mum would never think to look for us in here.

Huh! We've been spotted! How did she know we were in here?

Oh well, it's no fun now it's not a secret place. We might as well go and find somewhere else to hide.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Mystery

I was out for a walk with my mum and I suddenly saw something which wasn't usually there.

It was a toy mousie. It wasn't one of mine though because even though it looked dirty, I could see it once was white and silver. I have never had one that colour.

But a mousie is a mousie and I had to toss it around.

I have got it between my front legs so no-one can take it away.

Mum said we had to go back, but we would leave it there for me for the next day.
I went back the next day to play with it again, and do you know what. It had disappeared! That is a big mystery where it came from and where it went back to.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Selfies

I am joining the Kitties Blue for the Sunday Selfies blog hop. You can see more at The Cat on my Head.

I am so tired this week that I have had to use the timer for my selfie.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Wet Feet.

This week the flashback comes from June 2009 and is called :

Wet Feet.
We have often said how much we like water. Mum leaves a big tray outdoors to catch the rain for us to drink and play in. When I drink I always put my front feet in the water.

Then my back feet always follow.

See my wet footprints.