Friday, March 27, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Introoder Alert.

This week the flashback comes from January 2009 and is called:

Introoder Alert!
Flynn: What the!!!!! What is this table doing here and why is it upside down? It was very noisy last night. Must have been introoders outdoors causing trouble.

Yikes! Look at all those chairs too. Is that an introoder I can see hiding under them?

It looks like Eric. Is he trapped? Have introoders done something to him?

I need to check this out. Eric, is that you under there?

Eric: Shhhh, be quiet Flynn. Someing must have been here last night cuz I found the table and chairs thrown everywhere. I am hiding in case the introoder comes back. I am ready to chase them off and you better stay here to help me.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Selfie

I am so tired again this week that I have had to resort to using the timer for my snoozy Sunday selfie again.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Night Patrol.

This week the flashback comes from January 2009 and is called:
Night Patrol.

Eric: It is very mancatly to go out in the fields when it is nearly dark.

Flynn: I like to sit and listen for mousies getting ready for bed.

Eric: It is best to be prepared and get in the crouch position early just in case.

Flynn: And if you listen, you will hear the pheasants getting ready to fly up to their beds in the trees.

Eric: But the most important thing is to make sure you keep your mum safe in the dark by listening out for any strange noises.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Remembering Eric.

It's been two years since you had to leave us Eric. Two long years and the pain still hurts. We love and miss you so much, but you know that.
We will always love you, our precious boy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Patrick's Day and a Surprise.

*Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!

St. Patricks Day

*St Patrick's Day Greetings to you!

Me and mum had a lovely surprise last week when a package arrived from Nellie and her mum.

Nellie's mum made this lovely Eric and Flynn pin for my mum and a nippy toy for me. My toy says kisses from Nellie on the label. .

On mum's pin, I have got a mousie in front of my feet, and Eric has got one in his mouth.

Her mum made three lovely pictures too and put it all in a pretty hearts bag.

I had a good look at everything.......

and had a play with my new toy.

It's just right for hooking up and flinging.

I had a chew on the label to see if I could feel Nellie's kisses.

Then I had to stop to inhale the nip....

followed by a whap.

Oops! I think I whapped it too hard.

How dare you try to escape from me!
You'll have to excuse me now while I go and teach it a lesson for jumping down on the floor.
Thank you Nellie and mum from me and my mum.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Selfie

I didn't get any good selfies this week, they were all blurry. I let mum play around with this one, just a little bit.
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Friday, March 13, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - On the Scent.

This week the flashback comes from December 2008 and is called:

On The Scent.
We don't go out as much through the winter, toasting your toesies by the fire is much better. We still have to make the effort now and again though to make sure nothing has changed and to check the different smells.

Eric: After a quick walk around the field, we went into the barn and I could smell something on the plastic. I think it was only mice, but I put my scent on it just in case it was an introoder.

Then we walked in the grass along the outside of the barn. We thought we could smell something here. Flynn said he was on the trail.

Yes, there is definitely an introoder smell here. We keep telling mum something is digging it's way into the garden. Just wait until we catch it, that will show her there really is something out here.
The frosty grass has given us cold toesies, so we are going back to the fire to warm them up.