Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mancat Monday - Invasion of the Introoders.

I was out doing my patrol looking for the strange black kitty who has been stinking up my territory.

Then I saw this big fev-ver introoding in my field.

I gave him the raspberry to see if that would scare him away.....

but he just turned the other way.

My friend Tuna the Trout Town Tabby has warned me about rude caca dropping burdz so I went marching down to give him is marching orders.

Then I saw he had back up, so I changed my mind.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Almost Easy Like Sunday.


Go away with that flashy box.


I know you're still there.

Talk to the paw!

Happy Easter to all my friends.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Eric's Day Flashback

This post is from December 2007 and is called:

My Tent.
If your Beans are too mean to buy you a tent, you just have to use whatever you can find.

This garden chair blew over in the gales, I wonder if it will make a good tent.

I can't see you, so that must mean you can't see me.

I think I'll just stay here hidden and wait for Flynn to come along so I can pounce on him. He'll never find me here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mancat Monday.

Mouse alert!

Get ready.....


That was your fault mum, the flashy box helped him get away.
Don't worry Mr Mousie, you haven't seen the last of me.

I told you I would be back.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easy Like Sunday.

I am having a different easy today. I am going to take you on a stroll around the fields to see some of the wild flowers that grow there.

We have lots of primroses growing in the hedges,

and violets,

and campion.

Woah! I nearly forgot.......

I call this the vishus deer tree. Me and mum don't know what it is called but the new branches are all soft and downy and the older branches grow out like antlers.

Right, follow me.

These are some of our daffodils. They have mostly gone over now but still giving some colour. The heathers are all out in flower now and looking pretty. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday stroll with me.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Eric's Day Flashback - Nose Twin.

This flashback comes from August 2007 and are two consecutive posts.
The first post was called
"Spotty Saturday"

I have got three spots on my nose and mum says they are my beauty spots.

I was wondering if I have got a nose twin somewhere. Pearl's brother Pumpy looks very similar to me, but I don't know if he has got a spotty nose too.I have got beauty spots on my bottom lip too, but you can't see them here.
Do you haf a ginger nose with three spots?

We had a reply back the next day and and so this second post is called:
"The Nose Twin."
Yesterday I asked if anycat knew whether I had a nose twin with three beauty spots like me. Well I have!!! I got an email from a poodin called Sunny and he sent me two pictures of himself. I thought I was looking at me! He has got three nose spots just like me, and in nearly the same place.
In case you are wondering, the picture of the first poodin above is me.

This is Sunny. Don't you think he is a handsome poodin?

He could be a body double for me. He says his Beans think I'm his long lost cousin. Well I think they could be right. He even has the same cuddly build as me.
Sunny doesn't have a blog, he says his mum doesn't have time to help him with it.
Sunny left for the Rainbow Bridge about 3 years ago.  Pearl and Pumpy are there also. So many friends from back then are no longer with us.
Those of you who remember these older flashbacks may have noticed that mum has corrected my spelling for me because it wasn't very good back then. I can spell much better now with her help.