Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another Update

 I am enjoying laying outdoors recuperating in the sun and feeling the warmth to make me get better.
Thank you again for all your purrs for me and all the suggestions to help me. Mum has written out a list to discuss with my vet. I continue to do better every day but still do not have a good appetite.
My appetite pills have been increased from one every 48 hours to every 24 hours and I am eating better with that dosage. I am starting to act more like my normal self but without my usual energy. Hopefully that will come back soon. I am purring to mum and dad again which I didn't do for a few days, and that makes them much happier.
I am sorry we haven't commented much lately but will try and catch up again.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Flynn Update.

Flynn has improved a lot over yesterday evening and last night. We are overjoyed at the change in him.
He is eating some food now, not as much as I would like, but some is better than none. We all had a good nights sleep last night after being up all night with him the night before.
He is spending most of his time sleeping, but it is a more relaxed sleep now and not the uncomfortable way he was stretched out on his tummy before. We truly thought we were going to lose him Saturday night. I hope now that it was a reaction to the antibiotics and not as the vet feared, the organs shutting down.
Thank you everybody for all the purrs and prayers. They do seem to be working. Thank you also for the different suggestions to help Flynn which I am looking into.
Several of you said it was good to see him back in the grass when I took the pee sample. That photo was taken last Thursday before he got so ill. Hopefully he will soon feel well enough again to go out into the fields he loves.

Under the table enjoying some sun.
I think mum needs to get the duster out!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Update and Sunday Selfie

I haven't been able to settle and get comfortable so mum got her old furry dressing gown and made me a nest on the bed. When she wears it in the winter I like to get on her lap and make biscuits so she thought it might help me.

It worked. I was able to settle and get some good sleep.
I am hanging in there. I ate some food yesterday morning but then no more for the rest of the day. Through the night I was violently sick and kept wandering around. Mum and dad thought they would have to take me to the emergency vet but were afraid that I mightn't be coming home. They decided to wait and see what I was like this morning. Mum gave me my appetite stimulant early to see if I would eat, and I have now eaten a little bit of food. We are all hoping I won't be sick again. I am now out on the porch step to enjoy a bit of sunshine.

A lot of you asked for it, so here by popular request is mum getting my pee sample.

Why is my pee making a rattling noise, and whatever is mum doing back there?


Here is my selfie for the Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head blog hop. It was taken about an hour ago and I had jumped up to ask mum for a cuddle. I may be getting very tired and frail, but I still enjoy my cuddles.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Please Purr for Me.

Please can you send me some purrs.
I have been on a 10 day course of antibiotics for the blood in my urine but had to stop them early because they were making me feel so bad. I had stopped eating too and when I did eat a little bit yesterday I yakked it back up.
Mum and dad are very worried about me and took me back to the vet today (Friday). My urine was tested again which mum had caught yesterday, and I still have blood in it. I have been given a long acting antibiotic which shouldn't give me the squirts like the tablets did. I also had an anti nausea injection so I will feel more like eating. I have got appetite stimulant pills too which I have one every 48 hours. They may be working already because I have been eating little and often and had 3 of the mini size sachets which is about 5 ounces in total. I have lost more weight and am getting very bony.
Mum and dad were so pleased when the thyroid tablets got my numbers down where they should be, and now this happens, so purrs will be very welcome.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Eric's Day Flashback - Strange Smells.

This week the Flashback comes from March 2008 and is called:
Strange Smells.
Well there we were just walking down the track minding our own business when POW!!!!! Did you smell that??

Yup there's definitely been a stranger around here.

We've sniffed the concrete mixer from top to bottom and we're agreed on this. It's no smell that we recognise, so you know what that means. THERE'S BEEN AN INTROODER ABOUT AND WE DIDN'T KNOW!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Easy Like Sunday and Selfie.

These are the boxes of grass I have when my parents go off gallivanting and I can't get out in the garden for a munch. I still chew on them though even when I can eat the outdoor grass.

They make a very good bed too.

I am joining in the Sunday Selfie with the Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head.

I remembered not to sniff the camera this week, but it is hard to look up when you are trying to find the button to push with your paw.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Meow like a Pirate Day on Eric's Day Flashback.

Garrr! It be Meow like a pirate day once again, but thee knows it also be Eric's Flashback Day so we be flashing back to 2012.


Arrr, it be a strange thing. There we were thinking back on the year gone by when we stumbled over an object on the ground. Garr shiver me timbers! It be an ancient map.

I Cap'n Red Eric Nobeard looked away into the distance an' remembered times gone past when suddenly I heard an excited holler from my first mate Barnacle Breath Flynn.

BBF: Ahoy thar Cap'n! Tis a miracle! Look yonder and what do 'ee see? Tis a mystical island appeared next to the Bridge of No Return.

BBF: I be ready Cap'n! What be waiting for? There be untold riches waiting out there ripe for the plucking. Arrr it be time to set sail on our trusty ship the Ginger Furball once again.

So us got busy loading up with grog fur the journey and away we sailed.

The waters were calm and we were in no danger of visiting Davy Jones locker, and before long we reached landfall.

Us could see there was a lot of hard work ahead digging for buried treasure, so us got our kit off. Arrr don't get too excited ladies, us did keep our hats on.

It were worth the hard toil though when us found t' treasure chest buried deep below ground. Arrr there be riches a plenty in there to keep us in the good life with all the grog and wenches we could want for.
We left matey Boney guarding our loot while we refreshed ourselves with a mug or two of grog. If any scurvy scoundrel chances his luck with Boney 'twill be a bad mistake to make. Har Har Har!