Tuesday, May 26, 2015

An Unusual Gift from Finland.

Last month when mom Trish from the Katnip Lounge was staying with Punapippuri and family to help Aiti after her operation, she made some unusual toys which you can read about here.
Three were sent out, one to Summer who was the first to guess what it was, one to a reader from Finland and the third was to myself.

I am reading my card. It has a picture of Jaava on the front.

It does smell good. I need to rub my face on it.

And rub some more.

Oh! There's a toy here and it smells as good as the card.

Keep still while I chew on you.....

and inhale your delightful aroma.

I need to wash my face now. Does valerian, nip or silvervine make you bath too?
My wonderful smelling toy is a sperm that has been marinated in valerian root. For those of you who are wondering why Trish has been busy crocheting sperm whilst in Finland, you can read about it here.
Thank you Punapippuri and family for my present.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Selfies.

I was ready for my selfie but then I got distracted by this blade of grass.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Mancat Rassle.

This week the flashback comes from April 2009 and was originally a Mancat Monday.

We like to roll around on the earth more than anywhere else, or we will just lie there and relax.

Rolling nearly always leads to rassling.

Then we have a bit of a stand off.....

Then we pile back in again. It's what Mancats do.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nellie's 17th Birthday Party.

Last week was Nellie's 17th birthday and everyone was invited to her party. She had lots of delicious food and drinks, and of course nip.

There was dancing and games and a Mouse Hunt. I was very honoured when she presented me with this trophy.

Kozmo organised everything and took photos so Nellie can look back on the great time we all had.
He took this one when we were enjoying a snuggle in her teepee.

Everyone who was there got this badge to display.
Thanks for a great time Nellie.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Selfies.

I am joining in the Sunday Selfies with the Kitties Blue.

Mum could have told me I had dirt in my eye before I took my selfie. Thank goodness that at least my nose is clean.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Vishus Deer Patrol.

The Flashback this week comes from April 2009 and is called:

Vishus Deer Patrol.

We have been very worried about the vishus deer ever since we heard about the woofie that got attacked. We know they hang out in the little wood at the bottom of our fields, so we thought we had better check them out and see if they were there. We don't want them attacking our Beans.

We had a good look from higher up and we couldn't see them,

so we decided it would be safe to go down lower.

This is one of their favourite places amongst the trees.

We can't see any sign of them.

We thought it would be safe to stop and look at the primroses. This is where the vishus deer jump over the fence to come into the field. They knock the electric fence down and dad has to keep checking it so the horses don't get out.

On nice sunny days they like to lie in the sunspot behind the two trees.

Eric: Well we haven't seen any sign of them but all this walking has made me hot, so I had a paddle in the stream to cool my feet down.

That feels much better.

Hmm, there are some smells here. We think they have been this way.

Flynn: I will go up this tree so I can see further. You keep checking for their smell down there Eric.

Eric: Okay Flynn, I'm pretty sure they have been here recently.

Flynn: I'll go up higher so I can have a really good look.

Eric: I think it is all clear Flynn. The scent is getting weaker. I think they have gone for today.

After all that hard work we went on to the earth and enjoyed a nice refreshing roll.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Selfies

I am joining the Kitties Blue for the Sunday Selfies blog hop. You can see all the participants at The Cat on my Head.

I must remember to look at the camera.

Rats! Now I've got a bit of grass sticking up my nose.

Mission accomplished!