Friday, January 30, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Hunting.

This week the flashback comes from November 2008 and is called:

Eric:  While Flynn is jumping around in the grass trying to catch a mouse, I think I will just have a mooch around and see what's about.

It's nice to just get out in the fresh air when the rain stops.

We both really enjoy our walks in the fields.

No, I am not peeing, I am listening because I thought I heard a mousie.

After a nice walk, it's good to sit and look at the view from our fields.

And yes, the grass really is that green. It's been like that all summer because we have had so much rain this year.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I told you I would be catching mice again.

Silly mousie didn't want to play though and went deaded right away.

Health Update.
I have been off all medication for a month now. I feel much better in myself and am much livelier. I am eating better most of the time although I still have days when I don't want to eat. I am still losing weight though so now it is time for me to go back on thyroid pills.
My vet said that the month with no medication should have given my body time to recover enough. I originally was taking Carbimazole but will go on Felimazole which is basically the same as Methimazole. I can go on a much lower dose of that. I should take them one twice a day but mum asked if I could start on one daily in case I can't tolerate these either. My vet agreed, so for the first week that is what will happen. If all goes well I will go on the proper dose from the second week.
Please keep your paws crossed for me that everything goes well this time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Nippy Nanner.

After Christmas mum was sorting out my toy box to take some toys I no longer play with to a local rescue and she found my nippy nanner in the bottom.

She thought I had forgotten about it so she marinated it in silvervine for me.

I thought it was a new toy at first.....

but then I recognised it and was very happy to see it again.

It needed a bunny kicking for being bad and hiding away from me for so long.

A good bunny kicking.

Maybe it will think twice before hiding from me again.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Selfie.

I am joining in the Sunday Selfie with the Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head.

I just need to get my paw clean before I get my selfie done.

Oh that's no good. You can see where I've been scratching my whiskers.

It's quite a stretch to reach that shutter button and now I've chopped off my nose.

That's a bit better and will have to do. At least my scratches aren't showing.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - To Share or Not.

This week the flashback comes from September 2008 and is called:

To Share or not To Share.

Eric: Come on Flynn, are you going to budge up so I can share the seat?

Eric: Hmphh, he didn't have to go, I would have shared with him. Where did you go Flynn?

Flynn: I'm up here waiting for the sun to shine. Are you coming up.

Eric: I'm here. Do you think I would make a good mascot on the front of the tractor Flynn? Flynn?? Now where has he gone?

Flynn: Hehe, now he's up there, I can have my seat back all to myself.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mancat Monday.

I haven't done a Mancat Monday for ages because it has been too cold for me to go out, but when the sun comes out it can be quite warm in the sheltered spots.
I had to have a good sniff to check for intruders.

Then a chew on the grass.

I had better leave a pee-mail in case any introoders think I am not keeping on top of things with my patrols.

Then I have a little rest by the tin which attracts the heat from the sun. My garden is the other side of here and dad put the tin sheets there so me and Eric couldn't escape under the hedge and into this field.

It is nice and relaxing here and I am glad of the change of scenery.

Oh! Something moved.

What was it and where did it go?

There it is again.

This needs a closer look.

Mum says she can't see anything and I am just pretending so I don't have to go back to the garden yet.

Well that shows how much she knows.

Look mum, spiders!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Eric's Day Flashback - Scruffy Rat.

This week the flashback comes from August 2008 and is called:

My Scruffy Rat.

When we were kittens, one of our very first toys was a black rat. I told Flynn it was mine, and it was and still is my most favourite toy in the whole world. I call him Scruffy Rat, but I don't think mum knows his name because she calls him Fred Bear. Silly mum, surely she can see he's not a bear.

I like to chew him and bunnykick him. It's lots of fun. He is the only toy I have really loved.

He doesn't look much like a rat any more. Most of his black furrs have gone, and one ear and both eyes, and all his stuffing is coming out, but I still love him. Mum bought some new black mousies that looked like Scruffy when he was new, but they aren't my Scruffy Rat and no way am I going to play with them.
Note: Scruffy was buried with Eric so he can still bunny kick him at the Rainbow Bridge.