Friday, September 19, 2014

Meow like a Pirate Day on Eric's Day Flashback.

Garrr! It be Meow like a pirate day once again, but thee knows it also be Eric's Flashback Day so we be flashing back to 2012.


Arrr, it be a strange thing. There we were thinking back on the year gone by when we stumbled over an object on the ground. Garr shiver me timbers! It be an ancient map.

I Cap'n Red Eric Nobeard looked away into the distance an' remembered times gone past when suddenly I heard an excited holler from my first mate Barnacle Breath Flynn.

BBF: Ahoy thar Cap'n! Tis a miracle! Look yonder and what do 'ee see? Tis a mystical island appeared next to the Bridge of No Return.

BBF: I be ready Cap'n! What be waiting for? There be untold riches waiting out there ripe for the plucking. Arrr it be time to set sail on our trusty ship the Ginger Furball once again.

So us got busy loading up with grog fur the journey and away we sailed.

The waters were calm and we were in no danger of visiting Davy Jones locker, and before long we reached landfall.

Us could see there was a lot of hard work ahead digging for buried treasure, so us got our kit off. Arrr don't get too excited ladies, us did keep our hats on.

It were worth the hard toil though when us found t' treasure chest buried deep below ground. Arrr there be riches a plenty in there to keep us in the good life with all the grog and wenches we could want for.
We left matey Boney guarding our loot while we refreshed ourselves with a mug or two of grog. If any scurvy scoundrel chances his luck with Boney 'twill be a bad mistake to make. Har Har Har!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Health Update

I have been on my thyroid tablets for 3 weeks now and I went back for another blood test last Friday. In the UK we use a different set of numbers for the TT4 test and the normal is between 18 and 25. When I had the last test my result was 55 so quite high. The vet rang my mum yesterday with my latest results. Can you see me and my dad smiling? My reading is now 21. Right slap bang in the middle of normal! My kidney results are good too. That means that my 1 small tablet a day is the right dose for me.
I go for another check up and have my blood stolen again in 2 months time to make sure I am still on the right dose. If you look you can see my poor shaved throat.
The only thing that wasn't right is that I have traces of blood in my urine. That means I have to have antibiotics for 10 days in case I have an infection. After that mum has to chase me with her plastic container again to get another pee sample. She is very glad I pee standing up like a mancat when I am outdoors.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tummy, Tail and Toesies Tuesday.

My tummy:  Do you mind? I was about to have my bath.

 My tail:  Looks like I will just have to get on with it.

More Tail:  I'm sure you wouldn't want me taking your photo when you bath.

My toesies:  I will just ignore you.

Okay bath time is over. You can take the flashy box away now.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Easy Like Sunday and My Selfie.


I know you're there.

I am taking part in the Sunday Selfie with the Kitties Blue.

I must try and remember to not sniff the camera when I take my selfies next time.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Eric's Day Flashback - Listening for Mousies.

This flashback comes from March 2008 and was when we were...

Listening for Mousies.

When you are out listening for mousies........

You have to look this way


you have to look that way to make sure you don't miss them.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Easy Like Sunday.

I am out having a nice leisurely stroll with my dad.

I like it when dad gives me face rubs.

Come on dad, we have to get back.

I have to post my selfie for the Kitties Blue.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Eric's Day Flashback.

This week the Flashback comes from February 2008 and was originally a Mancat Monday.

One of our very important mancat jobs is to check that the straw in the barn is good quality.

We check that there is nothing there that shouldn't be there.

Sometimes we just sit quietly at the top of the ladder to make sure no introoders come in.

And on the way down, we smell the straw in case there are any mice hiding in there. It's important to check for mice because sometimes they chew the string that holds the straw bales together, then when dad picks them up they break. That usually makes him say bad words.

When we go back down the ladder, we have to be careful because it's easier to go up than down.

If you try to go down to quick, you end up down the bottom quicker than you'd want to.