Friday, June 14, 2024

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

Last week several people asked who Kitty YumBum was.  You can read her story here   and some more photos here.

This week is a post from Eric and a video from Flynn. Both are from June 2010.


Oh hello, I just woke up and I'm a bit thirsty.

How nice, mum has left a cup of coffee for me.

and did you notice, I am still sleeping on Flynn's hairy blankie?

Me and Eric went for a walk in the fields and we took dad with us. When we got back, he played with me with a long piece of grass. It was lots of fun.

I am joining Athena, the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

My June 2010 folder seems to have disappeared. So annoying, but I will look on my big original ext. HD at a later date.
I am using one of the AI art I have done in the last few months instead.

I think the search words were probably Cat on a roof.
preview110pieceCat on a roof (2)
I am also joining  MessyMimi for the blog hop.

Friday, June 7, 2024

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

 Firstly, thank you to everybody for your kind comments, prayers and support. I decided to go with the chemo and rang my support nurse last Friday. She said she would tell my oncologist and either he or his secretary would ring with a start date. She said it would most likely be within 2 weeks.

This post originally came from June 2009 and was a Doppelganger meme. It was started by Milo and Alfie, and Ferris from the Creek Cats had me as his doppelganger.

We thought we should start with me and Ferris to show how alike we are.

Ferris, The Creek Cats.

Then we found an old scanned photo of us with our sweet Kitty Yumbum.

Don't you think the three of us look like Grace, Audace and Ruse?

This is another scanned photo when we were two or three years old.

We don't know who these two cats are, but Gandalf and Grayson had seen them and told us about them.

Eric: I think Sunny and I look very alike too.
Audace again.

William's brother Russell. Mum nearly put me and Russell the wrong way around. Silly mum.
If anyone else wants to join in, we look forward to seeing your Doppelgangers.

I am joining  Athena, the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

I used Beauty at 50%, then Grey at 40%.

Illusion first at 45%, then Lily at 40%.
preview108pieceCaturday Art 1 8.06.24
preview108pieceCaturday Art 2 8.06.24
I am also joining  MessyMimi for the blog hop.

Friday, May 31, 2024

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art and not good health update.

 I rarely update on my health situation and am only putting it here. On my last scheduled scan a cancer lesion in my bowel was inflamed. My doctor scheduled another scan for 3 months to see if there was any change and I had that just before we went on the cruise.

I had a consultation on Tuesday and was told the inflammation had gone BUT there are two new lesions on my liver, so it has started to spread. The cancer pills are no longer working and the only option left is traditional chemo. Because I have had so many bad side effects they don't think the "go in hard" will suit me and the "soft" approach will be better. That entails going in once a week for 18 weeks. I always said I would never have chemo because of what my mother went through 40+ years ago, but now it has come to it I feel I have no option. Yes, I am scared!

This flashback comes from June 2010 and is called:

Seeking Mr. Mouse.

Flynn: This is my favourite place to go mousie hunting. The hedge is full of mousie holes and if I sit quietly, I can usually hear them.

Shhh, I hear one.

I pounce but sometimes they run too far down their hole where I can't reach them.

I put my arm down as far as I can to see if I can feel them down there.

Eric: Watcha doin' Flynn? Have you got a mousie?

Well come on, have you got it or not? Let me see.

Flynn: Stand back, I need to look down the hole.

I can't see him.

I need to have another feel around.
I couldn't feel him so I tried to dig him out. I didn't get him but I made his front door a lot bigger.
Watch me try to dig him out on video.

Don't get complacent Mr. Mousie, your card has been marked and I will be back tomorrow.

I am joining Athena, the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

I used Edtaonisl at 30% followed by Dark Art at 35%.

For this one I usedPsychedelic at 55%, then Lily at 40%.

preview110pieceCaturday Art 1 1.06.24
preview110pieceCaturday Art 2 1.06.24
I am also joining MessyMimi for the blog hop.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Friday Flashback

We have been on holiday for just over 2 weeks which is why I haven't done much commenting lately. Hopefully I am getting back to normal now.

Two short posts today(sorry Tabbies)

The first is Eric from April 2010

I'm waiting for the pheasant to jump up by the daffodils. He comes to eat the bird seed that has fallen from the feeders. I know he is hiding behind the tree. Maybe I will go out and chase him off.

Then Flynn with Fevvers from May 2010.

Do you remember the pheasant who keeps introoding into our garden?

Well, he was so busy keeping an eye on our dad that he forgot all about me

Now he's several fev-vers lighter! He won't be in such a hurry to come back.

I am joining Athena, the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

For  Eric I used Monet at 60%, then Scribble at 20%.

For Flynn I used Beauty at 40%, then Landscape at 60%.
preview108pieceCaturday Art Eric 25.05.24
preview108pieceCaturday Art Flynn 25.05.24
I am also joining  MessyMimi for the blog hop.