Friday, February 3, 2023

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

 This week the flash back is from July 2009.

We are very excited. Wendy has made us lolcats today. Go and see us at her place.
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Eric: While we were out for our walk it started to rain so we went in the barn to shelter. I thought I may as well check for any new smells while we were there.

Yup, this is a new one. It's very interesting

In fact it is so interesting that I need to rub my face on it to make it smell right. I would normally pee on it but mum says the horses wouldn't like it on their hay bales.

While I was doing that, Flynn had a baff.

Then it stopped raining so we sat outside the door and Flynn carried on baffing.

Right mum, are you ready to get walking again? The rain shower is all finished now.

Flynn: Yeah, come on mum, I'm ready to go.
So we carried on with our walks around the field and the sun kept shining again.

It was getting near dusk on the way back and mum thought the sunset looked pretty so she took a photo of it.

I am joining MessyMimi's Meanderings for the blog hop.

I am also joining Athena the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.
The puzzles are at the bottom of the post.

For Eric I used Flowers at 45%, then K3 at 50%.

Flynn is Sunshine at 75%, then Scribble at 20%

preview108pieceCaturday Art Eric 4.02.23
preview108pieceCaturday Art Flynn 4.02.23

Friday, January 27, 2023

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

 The flashback this week is when the boys got an award in July 2009.

Award and Meme.

We got the,'Your Blog is a Dream award from Cheyenne Millie. and The Kitty Krew.
The rules of this award are to give seven beauty secrets and then pass it on to seven bloggers. Well we are not really into beauty like that so we thought long and hard and came up with these seven beauty tips.

1: Get plenty of fresh air if you can. It is good for your lungs. If you have good lungs you can yell louder.

2: Get plenty of exercise. It is good for keeping you supple. If you don't go outdoors, Thundering herds of Elephants is a good exercise for indoor only cats.

3: Keep your furrs clean. It is always nice to have a spotless tummy.

4: Check your reflection for blemishes. You don't want to smile at your mum with bits of mouse stuck between your teeth.

5: Keep your nails nicely sharpened. You never know when you may want to use them.

6: Get plenty of beauty sleep. You don't want to get bags under your eyes do you?

7: If you get the opportunity, roll in the dirt. It makes your furrs lovely and soft.

I am joining Athena, the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.
Same photo, two different effects.

For this one I started with Abstract at 40%, then added Scribble at 30%.

For the second version I started with Life Art at 50%, then added Sparks at 20%.

preview108pieceCaturday Art 1 28.01.23
preview120pieceCaturday Art 2 28.01.23
I am also joining MessyMimi's Meanderings for the blog hop.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art

 This week the flashback comes from 2009 and is called:

Evening Strolls.

Eric: While the weather is hotter, it is too hot to walk far during the day so mum takes us out later in the evening when it is nice and cool.The smells all seem stronger and more interesting then too.

Flynn: It is nice to just sit and enjoy the cool freshness.

Eric: The water in the horse troughs tastes better too.

Flynn: Yup, we enjoy going out when it is nearly dark. It is a mancatly thing to do.

I am joining Athena The Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

For Eric I started with Floating at 45% to lighten the picture, Then Flow at 30%

For Flynn's art I used Shattered at 40% then also used Flow at 40%.

preview108pieceCaturday Art Eric 21.01.23
preview108pieceCaturday Art Flynn 21.01.23
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Friday, January 13, 2023

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

 This week I have two very short posts that more or less follow on from last week's when their grass had disappeared. Both were from June 2009 and the first was originally an Easy on Sunday

Eric: We do still have some more long grass, it just means I have to go further if I want to sit in it. I hope dad doesn't cut it too soon . He says as soon as the weather is good, it's all going to disappear like our other grass. I'm going to make the most of it and have an easy Sunday sitting in it. I may even nap in it.

Flynn: While Eric is guarding the grass, I am taking it easy on Sunday and stopping to smell the flowers.

The second was posted a day later and was a Mancat Monday

Now there is some new hay in the barn, we have to work very hard on mousie lookout. We make sure mum pays us well with treats.

I am joining Athena the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

For Flynn I started with Frida at 60%, then Beauty at 35%

For Eric it was Landscape at 50%, then Abstract at 40%.

preview108pieceCaturday Art Eric 14.01.23
preview108pieceCaturday Art Flynn 14.01.23
I am also joining Mimi at MessyMimi for the blog hop.