Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

This week the Flashback comes from January 2012 and is called, "Watching."
Eric: Shhh, I saw a movement and you have to be quiet.

There it is, I saw it again.

Right down the bottom by the fallen down tree.

Flynn: Oh yes, I see it Eric, it's a rat.

Eric: I am going to sneak down and get it.
Mum: Eric! Get your backside up here now!
Eric: Drat, spoilsport!

I have used the penultimate photo for my Caturday Art.
As usual I used Lunapic starting with Sunshine at 35%, then Scribble at 25% and finishing with Picasso at 50%.

You can see more by visiting Athena, The Cat Goddess.
I have also made the art into a puzzle for those of you who enjoy them. Click on the small picture to go to Jigsaw Planet.
preview99 pieceCaturday Art 22.09.18

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

This week's flashback is from December 2011

Eric: Mum is always saying she has to either peer around or over us when she is using the computer.

She knows we have to help with visiting our friends blogs.

Oh okay, I'll move my paw for you. Is that better?

Flynn: I don't know what she means. Of course we don't get in the way.

I have used Flynn's photo for my Caturday Art this week.
I started with Beauty at 35%, then Tuscany at 60% followed by Sunshine at 25% to just lighten and brighten the picture slightly. I used a basic frame from Lunapic.

You can see more art with Athena the Cat Goddess.

I used one of the photos of Eric to make a puzzle. Click on the small picture to go to Jigsaw Planet to do it.

preview99 pieceEric

Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art

This week the Flashback comes from December 2011 when we were given this strange looking thing.

What the heck is this that the Beans have got for us??? Mum says it is for grooming ourselves. It has three blue brushes for rubbing against and the blue bit in the middle has ridges for rubbing your face on. The white bits have nobbly bits for rolling on. There is nip in the centre and in the blue brushes to attract us to it.

Flynn: I have had a little rub on it but I am wondering how to get the nip out.
Eric: If I want to groom myself I will use my paw thank you very much!

What are we supposed to do now? It's a bit boring isn't it.

Ahh, that's better. Why didn't you tell us it we could use it as a treats tray?

I used the last photo for my Caturday Art, and as usual used Lunapic.
I started with Landscape at 60%, then Sunshine at 30% and finished with Quirky at 35%

You can see more Caturday Art with Athena, the Cat Goddess.

I have also used the art for a puzzle. Click on the small picture to go to Jigsaw Planet to do it.
preview99 pieceCaturday Art 2 08.09.18

Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

This week the flashback comes from December 2011 and was called:
Tree Wars
Flynn: I like to get on the cat tree and play with my Christmas tree that I got from last year's Secret Paw who was Baby Patches

Oops, dropped it.

Thanks mum.

Uh oh here comes Eric and he thinks this cat tree belongs to him.

Eric: lick lick.

lick lick lick. If I keep licking Flynn will go.

Muuuum, he won't get down and I've only got a tiny corner.

Haha! I knew he would get down if I kept on. Now I can sit here with my favourite mousie Fred Bare, previously known as Scruffy Rat.

Flynn: It's not fair, I was there first, now all I've got to sit on is this piece of paper.

For my Caturday Art this week I started with Tuscany at 70%, then Delaunay at 30% and finished with Fairy at 30%. I actually managed to not use Landscape this week!

You can see more art with Athena the Cat Goddess.

I have also made the art into a jigsaw puzzle. Click on the small picture to go to Jigsaw Planet.
preview99 pieceCaturday Art 01.09.18

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day created by Deb Barnes at The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey in honour of the memory of Mr Jazz.
Everyone has been invited to take part to honour the memory of our own loved ones who wait at the Rainbow Bridge for us.

We have loved all of our cats deeply, but the brothers who left the biggest hole in our hearts are of course Eric and Flynn. We honour them today and every day and will love and miss them for ever.

Flynn, April 8th 2000 - May 1st 2017 age 17 years and 3 weeks.

Eric April 8th 2000 - March 19th 2013 age 12 years 11 months.

Today we also remember our other cats who came before and are fondly remembered and loved by us.
We don't have photos of all of them and some photos are very poor quality.

Kitty Yumbum 3rd April 1987 - 23rd July 2002 age 15 years

L to R  Mother Puss 1974 - 3rd November 1997  age 23 years
            Auntie Puss  1974 - 12th August 1998     age 24 years
            Mr Toesies   1981 - 18th March 2000      age 19 years
            Mr Pig         1981 -  13th June   1999      age 18 years
Mother Puss and Auntie Puss were sisters and Mr Pig, Mr Toesies and Desmond were the sons of Mother Puss

Desmond  1981 - 7th June 1995 age 14 years (with Kit)

Tiddler Died 11th April 1993 age unknown thought to be 15 - 16 years.

Snowy (on top of Mother Puss and her 3 sons) Died April 8th 1993. age unknown, thought to be 20+

Smokey (Jelly Bean) 16th March 1986 - 5th May 1987 age 13 1/2 months

Marmi 1972 - 28th November 1982 age 10 years.

Spot died 1972 age unknown. Our first cat together who belonged to Ivor's parents but decided to adopt us so he could be an only cat.

From 4 paws I now remember those with 4 hooves.

Mr Who, my beautiful Irish TB. An ex racehorse, he had a hard start and had been neglected when I got him. He was the perfect gentleman and gave me many years of pleasure galloping across Dartmoor.
Born 1964 - 6th December 1998 age 34 years

Harvester, a Cleveland Bay (with Mr Who)  1975 - 7th November 2003 age 28 years.
We remember them all with love, and also all our friends from the blogging world.
Thank you Deb for creating this day of remembrance.