Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Flashback, Caturday Art and a Puzzle.

This week the flashback comes from September 2011 and is soon after the boys started wearing the camera. I will probably do some of their photography posts in the coming weeks.

Flynn: I've been thinking that maybe it isn't fair if I lie around taking it easy while Eric is taking photos, So I decided to go with him.

Come on Eric, no slacking, you have work to do.

Eric: All right, don't nag. Walking is very tiring especially with a camera around your neck.

I will see if there are any badgers here for me to photograph.

Flynn: Come on Eric, they won't be around during daylight. Follow me and keep your head up or you will only get close ups of the grass.

Eric: Is that better?

Slow down Flynn, this grass is very thick to walk through.

Flynn: STOP!!!
Eric: Why, what's wrong?
Flynn: Nothing, but you need to stand still like this to get a good photo.

Flynn: Right that will do. We can go back home now. Hurry up and follow me.

Flynn: Come on Eric. Do I always have to get behind you to hurry you along?

Eric: That Flynn is such a slave driver that I am completely tired out now.

Here is my version of one of the photos from this post for the Caturday Art.
I started with Flames at 35%, then Landscape at 50%, Scribble at 30% then added Flames again at 20% to bring a bit of colour back.

You can see more art with Athena the Cat Goddess.

Click on the photo below to take you to Jigsaw Planet to do the puzzle.
preview99 pieceEric and Flynn

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Selfies and Much More!

I haven't been commenting over the last 2 weeks and am now trying to catch up a bit. We went on a cruise around Scandinavia, then on our return we went to see Vidock as he was the warhorse in the British Percheron Centenary celebration at the Museum of Living History near Chichester.
There are some photos of us with him and Virginia after the numerous cat selfies.
After we left there we headed towards Hastings for a few days and visited the Cats Protection shelter so we could meet the cats we sponsor.

Of course we were able to get selfies there!
Visit the Kitties Blue at The Cat on my Head to see more selfies.

This is Soxy and he was only too willing to have his selfie taken. He is a 13 year old male.

He let me know he wanted to get closer.....

so we had a cuddle.

Next up was Vinny who enjoyed some ear scritches

And back scritches. Vinny is a 15 year old male.

This is Puszka, a pretty 10 year old tortie.

After a slight hesitation she came over to say hello.

Next was Oscar, a 9 year old male.

Not a very good photo, but he was enjoying head and tummy rubs at the same time.

Last, but not least came Twiggy. He said that he wanted to do a selfie just like Soxy. I think he did it very well.

He seemed to like Ivor a lot!

He gave him a lot of head butts. Maybe he was hoping to get his bowl refilled!
Twiggy is a 2 year old male.
All of these cats and many more can be adopted from the Hayward's Heath Cats Protection Centre in Sussex.

As I mentioned earlier, after getting off the ship we headed towards Chichester to meet Virginia and Vidock again.
The last time we saw them it was a very wet day and Vidock had obviously been enjoying rolling in the mud.

This time it was a hot and sunny day. Virginia had spent a lot of time and effort getting him bathed and clean for the show.

He enjoyed treats from both of us and was very well behaved.

The highlight for us was seeing him taking the part of the warhorse. He looked magnificent along with his rider, braided and wearing an original World War 1 saddle.

He did Virginia and everyone connected with him proud as he followed the gun. It was lovely to meet up with them again.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Flashback - Ear Scritches.

This week the Flashback comes from September 2011.
Eric: This is a thorn tree and it is very good for giving your self ear scritches.

It's not bad for chin scritches either.

Flynn: Hmm, this tree smells of Eric.

Oh well, I will use this one for sharpening my claws instead.
Click on the picture for the puzzle.
preview99 pieceEric and Flynn

Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Flashback - Introoders, and Caturday Art.

The Flashback this week comes from August 2011. Whenever Flynn smelled introoders he would roll around to leave his own smell. You would think he had nip there the way he got so excited.

Flynn: You will have to excuse me for a while. I was just walking down here minding my own business, when WHAM!!! I got full blast of some strange introoder smell. Of course, as all good mancats know, that cannot be ignored and it has to be covered with plenty of Flynnie smell.

Can't stop. Have to rub my face and ears and anything else that will get rid of that unwanted alien smell.

Eric: Flynn, whatever are you doing?


Ughh, your nose smells like introoders Flynn.

You get sillier every day, Flynn.

In fact you make me ROFL!!

Eric: Can I have a sniff?
Flynn: HISSSSSSSSSSSS! NO! I found the smell and I am making it smell right, so back off.

Eric: Okay, keep your fur on. I'll lie here and take a bath while you make a fool of yourself.

Click on this picture to take you to Jigsaw Planet if you want to do the puzzle.

preview99 pieceEric and Flynn

I used the same photo for Caturday Art.

You can see more art with Athena the Cat Goddess.