Friday, May 26, 2023

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

 This week the flashback comes from October 2009 and features Eric.

Jungle Cat!

I think I have given mum the slip, I'm going exploring on my own.

I left her at the top of the field tickling Flynn's tummy. I bet she didn't see me go.

This is an exciting place all overgrown with bracken. I'm not allowed in here because I could disappear out of sight and then mum wouldn't be able to find me.

It's like a jungle with bunny and pheasant smells.

I'm the big brave explorer going in!

If she comes looking for me, she's too late, she won't find me now.

Yikes let me out! It's dark in there and I had to put my lasers on.

And a Wordless Wednesday from Flynn

I am joining Athena, the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

For Eric I used Garden at 55%  then Landscape at 50%. I was going to use Jungle for Jungle Cat but it made it even darker.
For Flynn I used Quirky at 75%, then Scribble at 25%.

And another AI art. It looks like a mixture of a young Eric and Flynn. Not sure what that is on the left, it looks like a furry ear. At least it didn't give the cat 6 legs which some of my efforts did!

preview108pieceCaturday Art Eric 27.05.23
preview108pieceCaturday Art Flynn 27.05.23
preview110pieceImageedit 15 2882308111
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Friday, May 19, 2023

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

 This week there are four one photo posts plus bonus photo in one of them. They all come from September 2009.

Wordless Wednesday with Flynn.

Mancat Monday.

Two mancats take a rest.

Two Tails on Tuesday.

When we come back from our walks, the first thing we do is eat. Notice the water bowl. We don't know why mum puts it by our biscuits, we have never ever drunk from it. We prefer to drink from the tap, or better still, rain water. Mum has put that bowl there ever since we were kittens-nine years it's been there being refilled every day!

Tuesday Bonus Pic! One Tongue on Tuesday.
Mum didn't realise until she put the photos on the computer just how long my tongue is! She said to me 'However do you get all that tongue back in your mouth Flynnie?'

A Tuesday Tail with Eric.

You can see that when I walk towards mum, I keep my tail high. You can just see Flynn behind me with his curly tail.
I have a confession. When mum went to take this shot, we were both lying together nomming the grass. It's no secret that I hate the flashy box and If I see it, I either turn my back or walk away. I have just found though that if I walk towards mum, I am usually too close for her to get a shot. Drat! She beat me to it this time. Most of the photos she gets of me she has to use the zoom and hopes I don't notice what she is up too. With Flynn, he just sits there and smiles for the camera. Hmphh! Little poser!

I am joining Athena, The Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

For Eric I used Sunshine at 50%, then added Landscape at 30%.

For Flynn I started with Frost at 50%, then Rusty at 35%.

I have been playing around with AI Art and mostly created monsters which I deleted. This is one I was reasonably happy with.

preview108pieceCaturday Art Eric 20.05.23
preview108pieceCaturday Art Flynn 20.05.23
preview110pieceC26cEths3jGcrUHtnO8Z--1--qh05b 4x I am also joining Messy Mimi for the blog hop.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

This week the flashback comes from September 2009 and is called:

I Spy!

 Shhh I am being stealthy. I haf spied sumfing in our field that's not yooshully there.
 Look it's big fev-vers. We don't yooshully git ducks like that here, they are yooshully   smaller mallards.
 Here comes back up. Flynn has spied him too, and Mr. Duck duzn't efun know we're   watching him.
Uh-oh, he's just seen us. Now we're haffing a three way stare down.

 Note from mum:
 The duck was very tame, probably from the local strawberry farm. He let me   pick him up, and at the third attempt I got him to fly away, "fev-vers" intact.

 I am joining Athena, The Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

 I used Homer at 70% followed by Psychedelic at 35%.

preview110pieceCaturday Art 13.05.23
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Friday, May 5, 2023

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

This week the flashback comes from September 2009 and is called: 

No Mousies Today!

Dad had been working in the bottom field so we thought we would go down there and see him. Suddenly we heard a noise so had to stop and listen.

Flynn: I'm not sure where the noise came from, you look left and I'll look right, then whatever it was, we're sure to see it.

Eric: Hmphh, well I don't see anything. There's nothing this way so you better look left instead and I will look right. I won't miss anything.

Flynn: Whatever it was seems to have gone. Let's check the long grass and have a nom.

Flynn: Come on Eric, that's enough nomming for now, we are supposed to be going to watch dad.

Eric: Okay, I'm coming but I think I need a rest.

Flynn: Oh all right but not too long or dad will be finished down here.

Flynn: There, what did I tell you, dad's gone back so we might as well too. Come on slow coach.

Eric: If I lie in this grass, no-one will see me and I won't get shut back in the garden. Better still, Flynn might come back to look for me and then I can pounce on him.
Flynn: Eriiiiiiiiiic! Mum's got the Greenies out.
Eric: Wait for me, I'm coming.

I am joining Athena, The Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

For this one I used K3 at 60%, then added Creepy at 40%.

For the second art I used an old favourite, Landscape at 55%, then added Scribble at 30%.

preview108pieceCaturday Art 1 6.05.23
preview108pieceCaturday Art 2 6.05.23
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