Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Flashback

This week the flashback comes from November 2011 and is called:
Helping Out.
We are helping mum.

We are checking the horses for her so she doesn't need to.

Eric: And then we checked in the hay shed to make sure there are no mousies in there chewing through the cords on the hay bales.

It looks all clear from up here.

It's a bit of a tight fit here, but that won't stop me being thorough.

Looks like no mousies down here either.

Yup, all clear. That's my check finished.

Flynn: I better make sure Eric hasn't missed anything.

Sniff sniff sniff. Smells like mousie to me, but I think he has long gone.......

and now I am going too.

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preview99 pieceEric the Cat

Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Flashback - Photographer Cats Pt.2

As promised, here is another flashback of the photos taken by the boys.

Flynn: Well Eric, I did try to tell you to keep your head up like this when you are taking photos. Most of what you took was blurry old grass and had to be deleted.

Eric: Well I got this photo of the grass and a bit of fence.

And what's wrong with this one of dad's tractor and trailer. I would even have got mum in it if she had kept still.

I am looking over the top of the grass and you can just see a bit of the river.

On the way back dad was just putting his small tractor away so I took his photo too.
Flynn: Yeah but you chopped his head off!

Flynn : Okay but why did you take a photo of the wire fence?
Eric: Because it was there and I wanted to.

I wanted to take another picture of dad on the little tractor, but he had gone. This is our purrison fence that keeps us in the garden.

Eric: Anyway, I don't think I did too bad a job, and if you don't think it was good enough Flynn, you do it yourself next time.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Flashback - The New Box, and Caturday Art.

This week the flashback comes from September 2011 and is called:
The New Box.
Eric: Mum and dad came home with this very interesting box. It needs a good sniffing.

Hmm, I've sniffed it all over, now what should I do?

What any self respecting cat would do of course. See if it fits.

Umphhh! Nearly in there. You would have thought they would bring home a bigger size one for a big mancat.

Flynn: I thought you were never getting out Eric. It's my turn to have a look in there.

It will fit me better than Eric, that's for sure.

Eric: Huh! I leave the box for two minutes and Flynn takes it.

I used the last photo for Caturday Art.
I started with Scribble at 35%, then Tuscany at 70% and finished with Landscape at 35%.
You can see more Caturday Art by visiting Athena the Cat Goddess, but not until Saturday.

I also made a puzzle from the art. Click on the picture to visit Jigsaw Planet.

preview99 pieceEric and Flynn Caturday Art 29.06.18

Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Flashback - Photographer Cats and Caturday Art.

After last week's flashback with Flynn bossing Eric around when he was wearing the camera, several of you asked to see some posts with photos they took themselves.
This one is from September 2011. I will post more of these flashbacks in the future.
Mum charged our camera up so we can go out and take some more photos.

Wait for us mum!

Eric: It was my turn to wear the camera first but I was a bit tired, so I laid down and had a roll. The silly camera rolled with me.

This is our favourite climbing tree. Flynn goes right out on the tiny little branches right up the top. I only go up the big branches. Those are my whiskers you can see across the photo.

This is a close up of the tree. I am sharpening my claws on it.

Flynn: It was my turn next and I wanted to do some nature shots so I took this close up of the grass and the hardhead weeds (plantain).

Then I took a shot of this clover. There are no 4 leaf ones here, but mum has found 2 at different times.

I wanted to get a close photo of Eric but he must have moved because I missed his head.

He marched off in disgust.

Eric: Mum put the camera back on me so I could show Flynn how to take a good photo.
We hope you have enjoyed your walk with us.

My Caturday Art this week is one I found in Dreamscope. I don't know when I did it but it must have been a while back because it was before they started rendering the free versions so small. I think I used Winter Solstice because I was trying that one quite often 4 or 5 months ago.

You can find more Caturday Art at Athena the Cat Goddess.

I have also made a puzzle from it. Click the picture below to go to Jigsaw Planet.
preview99 pieceDreamscope render

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Flashback, Caturday Art and a Puzzle.

This week the flashback comes from September 2011 and is soon after the boys started wearing the camera. I will probably do some of their photography posts in the coming weeks.

Flynn: I've been thinking that maybe it isn't fair if I lie around taking it easy while Eric is taking photos, So I decided to go with him.

Come on Eric, no slacking, you have work to do.

Eric: All right, don't nag. Walking is very tiring especially with a camera around your neck.

I will see if there are any badgers here for me to photograph.

Flynn: Come on Eric, they won't be around during daylight. Follow me and keep your head up or you will only get close ups of the grass.

Eric: Is that better?

Slow down Flynn, this grass is very thick to walk through.

Flynn: STOP!!!
Eric: Why, what's wrong?
Flynn: Nothing, but you need to stand still like this to get a good photo.

Flynn: Right that will do. We can go back home now. Hurry up and follow me.

Flynn: Come on Eric. Do I always have to get behind you to hurry you along?

Eric: That Flynn is such a slave driver that I am completely tired out now.

Here is my version of one of the photos from this post for the Caturday Art.
I started with Flames at 35%, then Landscape at 50%, Scribble at 30% then added Flames again at 20% to bring a bit of colour back.

You can see more art with Athena the Cat Goddess.

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preview99 pieceEric and Flynn