Friday, July 3, 2020

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

This week I have a selection of one photo posts.

Flynn 31.05.07     Look, Dad's brought me home a new bed. It's got a nice fleece lining, and when I don't want to sleep on it, it zips up. It's furry comfy. Thanks Dad.
Whaaaat???? It's not a bed? What do yoo mean it's furr yer gun. Well if it's not furr me, why did you put it here? Well I think I'm going to keep it, so there!!

Eric 28.05.07  This is our outdoor run. When the Beans go on their holly days, it is put onto the garij door so we can still get fresh air efun though we are prizziners. I am doing my mancat job and checking dad has fixed it safely. Only a mancat can do this as it is a furry impawtunt job.

Eric and Flynn 29.05.07 We like to sit on our scratching post and watch what goes on. We haf a furry good vyoo of the birdies furrom here too.

Stretch 2.06.07
Eric: There's nuffin like a nice bit of grass to lie on and reely stretch out.

Flynn: Well personally I prefer to git my back legs up on the arm of a chair, and my front legs on the seat. I find you git a much better kwality stretch that way.

Lazing in the Sun. 3.06.07
Well can you think of a better way to spend yer time?

The random photo this week was chosen by the Trout Towne Tabbies who asked for 16.02.09. The nearest I have is 17.02.09.
I don't know what they were doing, probably having a rest after a walk.

I have also used it for this week's Caturday Art with Athena the Cat Goddess.

There is also a puzzle.
preview108pieceTabbies Art 16.2.09
I am also joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for the Feline Friday blog hop.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

This week I have four short posts that are all connected. They are all from September 2007 when Eric had to have a dental.I haven't translated it as it would take me forever!

#1 Dad's trying to cheer me up. I'm not sure if I like this fing moving though.
Flynn still hates me but not quite as much. This morning he ate three mouffulls of Stinky Goodness befurr he hissed at me and ran away. Mum sez we all haf to totally ignore him when he hisses and then he mite git fed up wiv doing it. She makes a big fuss of him the rest of the time though.

#2 Even Mancats haf to take it easy and haf some time off furrom their Mancat dyooties. Dad is telling me that he's reely sorry the V E T torchered me. I haf asked him if we can sell Flynn if he duzn't stop hating me. He duzn't seem furry enthyoozyastik about it, and I know mum will say no. Duz anycat want to buy him? He's a furry good hunter and catches lots of mice. He duzn't eat them, but allus gives them to me. Wait a minnit!!!! If Flynn goes, NO MORE MICE!!!
All right, furrgit what yoo read, I'll give Flynn anuvver chance, but he better start liking me soon.

#3 I haf had a furry trying few days. Last week Eric disappeared and I don't know where he went. In the evening, the Beans brought this strange poodin home wiv them. It looked just like Eric but he can't fool me cuz he duzn't smell like Eric. I haf tried my hardest to warn the Beans that he's an introoder and I want the real Eric back. I hiss at him and run away, but no-one seems to unnerstand. I'm sure it's an alien that's taken ofurr Eric's body.
Today the alien smelled a bit more like Eric, and I only hissed at him four times, and didn't run away. I efun let him get within three feet of me. I hope the alien turns back into Eric cuz I miss snuggling wiv my brofurr.
The vishus deer is safe. I sleep on it efurry night and it hasn't attacked me. In fact it is me who duz the attacking. I like to sharpen my claws on it and put the bitey on it. Mum sez I shouldn't do that cuz it's furrs are coming out, but I got to let him know who's the boss.

#4 When Flynn kept hissing at me I wuz so sad I didn't know what to do. I kept telling him to sniff my butt but he just sed more bad werds to me. Then I had a branewave. If I slept on Flynn's vishus deer bed I would smell like him and he would snuggle wiv me. He wuzn't happy about me sleeping on his bed at furrst, but he didn't hiss at me. He went and slept on the Bean's bed.

I must haf smelled like him the next day cuz when we went furr a walk wiv mum, he came ofurr and smelled my breffs and he nefurr hissed.

When we got back indoors we ate some Stinky Goodness togevver. He efun ate out of my dish wiv me, but mum wuzn't kwik enuff wiv the flashy box to git us eeting out of the same bowl.
I'm glad we're furrends again cuz I love my brofurr. I'm a bit wurreed though cuz I haf to go back to the V E T on Monday furr a checkup. Mum sez she's going to put one of Flynn's smelly blankies in the PTU when I go so I come back smelling like him. I hope it werks.

Toby Tomcat chose the photo this week and asked for 27.06.07 as his birthday is on 27th June.
It was actually taken on the 28th but is the closest I have to his date.

I am joining Athena the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

I started with Landscape at 70% then added Flow at 45%
Two bonus art this week. I was playing around with Deep Dream Generator. I don't know what effect this is because you tick the likeness you want. I chose thin style because some of the others are really weird.

I haven't found how to adjust it so I put it in Lunapic and added Scribble at 40% to tone it down.
Let me know in the comments which you prefer.

There is a puzzle of course.

preview108pieceCaturday Art 27.06.20

I am joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for the Feline Friday blog hop.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

This week the flashback comes from August 2007 and is called:

Strange Smells
Once again I have translated it from catspeak, but if you want to see the original version you can see it here.

Mmmm what's this? I smell something unusual. There must have been an introoder around in the night.

Go away Eric, I got here first, and I'm going to put my smell on the wall, not you.

Well all right you can stay, but don't get in my way. Smelling strange smells is very important.

That's ok Flynn, you keep sniffing up there, it smells much better down here.

You're looking all silly Eric, you look like you've been on the nip.

Whoaaaa here's the best bit. Wonder who it was that's been introoding.

At last!! Eric's gone and now I have the smells all to myself.

This smells so good I would get right in the wall if I could. It's nearly as good as nip. Not quite, but nearly.

The random photo this week was chosen by the Trout Towne Tabbies and is from 10.10.10

I am joining Athena the Cat Goddess for the blog hop.
I have used this photo and one from the post for my Caturday Art this week.

For this one I started with Lily at 50% then added Futuristic at 40%.

For the next one I started with Nebula at 70% then Sadness at 40%.

Of course that means there are two puzzles.

preview108pieceCaturday Art 1 20.06.20
preview108pieceCaturday Art 2 20.06.20
I am also joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for Feline Friday.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

This week the flashback comes from August 2007 and was when the boys were nominated for a meme. I have translated it into English from Catspeak.
The Five Things Meme.

We were tagged by Luxor to tell about 5 things that changed our lives.

1.Well the biggest change was when the Girl where we were born took us and our brofurr and sisfurr indoors for two Beans to look at. Until then we lived in the barn with our kitty mum and all the cows, and we had never been in the indoors before. We were about 5 weeks old and loved our kitty mum, but a bad tomcat was keep coming around and the Girl was afraid that he would kill us. The Beans chose the two of us, and because we could eat proper food, they took us to our forever home the next day.We didn't know it then, but we were going to keep an old ladycat company. We really loved her right away, but she didn't like us at first. We made her love us though and she soon went everywhere with us. She was always a little girl who weighed 6lbs.

2. The second thing that changed our lives was when Kitty Yumbum had to go to the Bridge. Her kidneys were not very good, and mum had to keep giving her injections. The time between injections was getting  shorter and shorter, and the Beans knew she wouldn't be with us much longer. One day when she finished eating, she went outdoors and couldn't stop yacking, and kept falling over. Mum knew it was time and rang the V E T. He was a very nice man for a V E T, and he came to our house so's not to stress Kitty YB, and gave her an injection to make her tired while mum cuddled her. Then he gave her another one to send her to the Bridge. We knew her for two years and we really really loved that old lady. We were about eighteen months old in the photo with her.

3. The third thing that changed our lives was the worst ever. We were allowed outdoors all on our own because it is safe here. When we were two, Eric kept going for longer walks on his own. Mum had to keep going out looking for him. One day dad saw him down the next farm where all the working woofies are, and he called him, but he wouldn't come back. The Beans walked across all the fields together calling him,but he still wouldn't come back. Mum said,"Right that's it, he could have been attacked by dawgs. Those boys aren't going out on their own again." So because of Eric we can only go for walks with mum now.

4.The fourth thing that changed our lives was when mum googled "Ginger Cats" and found Fat Eric's blog. She helped us to email him, and he suggested we get our own blog. We're so glad we did because just look at all the friends we have made. We love you all!

5. Fifth but certainly not least was meeting our girlcat furrends Grr and Rosie. Life has been even better for us since then.
We have been a long time getting around to putting up this Post so we don't know who has and hasn't been tagged. If you haven't been, consider yourself tagged now.

My Random Photo this week was chosen by Pipo, Dalton and Benji who asked for 13.11.06. This was taken on 15.11.06 and is the nearest I have to their chosen date.

Mousies live in this tree!

I am joining Athena the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art and have used the same photo for it.
I started with Ceremony at 50% followed by Flow at 40%.

And the puzzle
preview108pieceCaturday Art 13.06.20
I am joining Sandee for the Feline Friday blog hop.