Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Mousies Today.

Dad had been working in the bottom field so we thought we would go down there and see him. Suddenly we heard a noise so had to stop and listen.

Flynn: I'm not sure where the noise came from, you look left and I'll look right, then whatever it was, we're sure to see it.

Eric: Hmphh, well I don't see anything. There's nothing this way so you better look left instead and I will look right. I won't miss anything.

Flynn: Whatever it was seems to have gone. Let's check the long grass and have a nom.

Flynn: Come on Eric, that's enough nomming for now, we are supposed to be going to watch dad.

Eric: Okay, I'm coming but I think I need a rest.

Flynn: Oh all right but not too long or dad will be finished down here.

Flynn: There, what did I tell you, dad's gone back so we might as well too. Come on slow coach.

Eric: If I lie in this grass, no-one will see me and I won't get shut back in the garden. Better still, Flynn might come back to look for me and then I can pounce on him.
Flynn: Eriiiiiiiiiic! Mum's got the Greenies out.
Eric: Wait for me, I'm coming.


  1. oh that was a LOVELY story today!!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. You got lots od sunshine today. What a lovely walk.

  3. We just love to visit with you boys. You always put a big smile on our faces!

  4. Oh you guys always have such wonderful outside adventures!

  5. I think being ginger doesn't make for good camouflage in the grass!

  6. Ohh, the last shot! what good camouflage, we didn't see a thing!!

    Ok, maybe an ear. or two.

  7. We enjoyed the scenery! And you both are so handsome!

  8. I'd like to have a big field like that to play in too!

    Huffle Mawson

  9. Well, y'know, everything changes when treats are involved!
    We luff seeing the two of you outside in the tall grass. It looks so much fun. We very much enjoy our porch but.. not nearly the same as being out in one's very own field!

  10. We love your adventures and we love you! You handsome boys sure know how to brighten our day.
    When you're in the green grass, your lovely fur looks like it actually glows. Excellent, beautiful photos.

  11. Ha! We knew Bugsy and Sassy's synchronized viewing on Tuesday was like something you boys would do. :D Y'all have a much better playing field to do it in, though...

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  12. Eric, you never want to miss out on greenies or any other treat! Smart boy to run home.

  13. It never ceases to amaze me, the idyllic life these two kitties live! All those fields to roam, and loving parents back at the house, waiting with treats! Could it get any better?

  14. Ah, life is good for you boys!

  15. What a lovely day you had. We really enjoyed the photos :)

  16. That sure seemed like a fun adventure! Hope you gots LOTS of greenies!!! mmmmm, they're yummy

  17. The shortest way to get a Mancat's full attention is through his stomach!

  18. That is so good today.. as usual you two tell a real good tail..He He..

    Did you find dad..

    Hugs GJ x

  19. Oh, Eric... I have the impression that you're getting way too lazy and not helping your dad as you should. But well, I'm in no position to point my paw to you, as I'm mostly lazy as well and I really enjoy having my humans doing everything for me... :)
    purrs and love

  20. Eric, you gotta go back for greenies!! Too bad you didn't find what made that noise...

  21. Eric and Flynn
    Yoo too boyz have such a fine fun place to play and romp around in. We always enjoy all of yur adventchures.


  22. You are a great team. We always end up losing each other because we fall asleep. And then every adventure of ours ends up in hide and seek.


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