Friday, November 20, 2009

The Friday Flashback.

This week the Friday Flashback is from October 2007 and it is called:


I am watching furry keerfully out of the window because I can see an introoder. Can yoo see it by the right side of my ear?

It's a squirrel and it's eating all the nuts and seeds that the birds haf dropped.

Oh no! look there's two of them now. I wish I could git at them.See that white blob in the middle of the pikchur? It's where a dirty birdie pooped on the window.

Goodbye Mr. Squirrel,I hope yoo come back when I'm outdoors.


  1. Eric, did he come back when you were outdoors? Did you keel him?
    I hope so.

  2. Wow! Major intruders... but sort of fun too, don't you think?

  3. WE know you would have had squirrel for lunch if you had been outside.

  4. Oh dear!! A squirrel! Too bad you were indoors!

  5. We never got to chase squirrels when we used to live at the other place. They wouldn't come to the back yard and we weren't allowed in the front yard. So we had to settle for lizards and froggies. Boy I sure do miss all that. Any how Mom had to laugh at the white spot on the window.

    We would like to thank you again for the purrs and prayers for our daughter bean. She is still doing well. She saw the surgeon today for a check up and he is happy with her progress. Thank you again.

    Casper and Mom

  6. Squirrels are fun to watch...we dream of catching them. Only our tag team of guardian angels Lewis and Colby were successful...may they still be chasing squirrels together at the Bridge.

  7. Friday Flashback. What a brilliant idea! Bless you.

  8. We wanna get those squirrel introoders too. They chatter at us all the time and walk on our fence!

  9. We larfed and larfed at the bird poop!

  10. Those evil squirrels always seem to travel in pairs...

  11. Darn evil squirrel introoders...they always seem to come along when they know you can't get at them, and then laff at you.

    (We had to laff at the bird poop too...MOL)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  12. Introoders! Always where they aren't wanted.

  13. Introoder squirrels ... they are fun to watch! There is a big old tree right outside our window that we see a lot of them in, but that is as close as we'll ever get, hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

    Pee Ess ... dirty birdie poop sucks!

  14. ohmigod, what a funny squirrel!The squirrel is fast, isn't it?
    You have a privileged view from this window.
    purrs and love

  15. Yeaaahhhh.....
    I can see the squirrel
    I wish you could caught him ;)
    You had a FANTASTIC view ....
    Kareltje =^.^=

    Have a lovely weekend

  16. I did see that white bloop on the window and wondered what it was!
    I'm sure those squirrels came back to taunt you some more, and seeing it was two years ago...maybe even some of their offspring. Oy!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  17. Thats a lovely flasback.. Squirels as close as that must have been so tempting.. As for the bird poop well thats lucky.. HUgs GJ x

  18. So luck to get to squirrel watch. Did they ever come back?

  19. Those squirrels were way too close for us!! That bird must have been pretty close too.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  20. Introoders are to be chased off and I bet yoo did that too. Haven't seen em since I betcha!


  21. Did the squirrel come back? Did you catch him or make him afraid and he ran away never to return. Hope that dirty birdie didn't mess up the windows too many times.

  22. You have some mighty nasty and vishus introoders living over there on the other side of the pond! But we know you do an excellent job of protecting your mum and dad from them.

  23. We like when the squirrels come close...LOVE your photos! LUNCH!

  24. Mr Squirrel knows better than to come aroung when you're outdoors, Eric!

  25. :twitch: All we can do is sit on the windowsills now and watch Evil Squirrel gobbling up all our Pecans since we are Not Allowed Outside anymore. It is just awful!


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