Sunday, December 20, 2009

Easy Like Sunday and Snow.

We went to go outdoors this morning and this is what we saw!

Okay, we know it's not much compared with what a lot of you get, but we rarely get any. We ended up with half an inch which is enough to give you cold toesies.

Flynn: I wasn't hanging about, I went under the hedge for shelter.

Eric: I checked our outdoor water bowl with the tasty rain water in it but somebody had turned it into solid water so I went under the table to shelter.

I sat here for a while just watching the white stuff fall out of the sky.

Then I checked behind our holiday run to see if any mousies were sheltering there.

They weren't. I'm not impressed with this stuff.

Do not disturb.
While Eric was checking outdoors I caught up with our reader. Now I think I deserve a nap.


  1. Hi Eric & Flynn!!! We know what you mean 'bout the snow. We never ever git snows but today...we gotted 14 inches!!! YIKES! We snuggled up with mommy and purred all day long!

    We are so sorry but we were very late in getting your Christmas card mailed. We mailed it yesterday so you probably won't git it until well after the holidays. Just know that we are wishin' you nothin' but a happy holiday! We got your card and LOVED it!

    Take care and stay warms!

    The Whiskers and Purrs Gang

  2. That looks like a chilly outside adventure. We don't get any of that stuff here, but when I was a kitten we lived where we did. Mom and Dad put me on a leash and put me in it. I did not like it one bit. I think Flynn has the right idea.

  3. We have never seen that white stuff. Looks pretty cold to us.

  4. That looks cold on the toes. I am glad you have a warm place to check out your reader and stay warmer!!!

  5. So lovely to see that you can walk in the snow,
    I can only look at all that with stuff ....
    Kareltje =^.^=

    Here is also snow but its freezing now -15grC (Its to cold :(
    Have a nice sunday
    Anya :-)

  6. It is a winter wonderland at your place.

    Ours never gets snow, so we think it looks pretty but a bit chilly.


  7. Looks chilly. We've had more snow, not alot, but enough to cover the very icy slippy stuff from Friday. Mum would like to snow to go away now!

  8. Busy friends!
    wow it's snowing a lot outside!
    I don't know if I would like to go there with the cold temperature to check the did a great job!
    It's beautiful, isn't it?
    purrs and love
    and stay warm dear friends!

  9. WOW! We popped over to see your snow! It must be really cold for yoo to get snow and us to get frost! It's quite exciting isn't it! But we think we'll curl up in the warm for the rest of the day and thaw owt!

  10. Oh yeah, we had that layer of powdered sugar in our garden for the past days. Not much fun. But today: a real blanket of snow. And that is fun! We played snow plough for hours.

  11. BRRRRR - that looks too cold for us. We think Eric was furry brave to go check the outdoors, but we would be inside with you!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. Whitey haz never seen snow! But Whitey haz been very cold.

    Mom sez snow iz "nasty bizness" and hibernatio iz a gud plan!

  13. You were very brave to walk about in it.. Now keep warm indoors.. HUgs GJ xx

  14. It sure looks cold by you. Stay where it's nice and warm. HAve a great Sunday!

  15. We got some of the white stuff too...but we never go out in it! Too cold for us!!!

  16. WOW Eric--you were so brave and got your cold!! That deserves lots of treats plus a longer than normal nap!!

  17. Yes, I hear it's unusual amounts of snow just about everywhere! Europe and N.A., too!

    Eric was really brave to go out in it and test it out. He actually didn't look too bothered by it -- except for his water, that is.

    Meanwhile, Flynn is completely oblivious! Way to go on an easy Sunday!

  18. Seems like it was snowing everywhere the past few days! You are very smart to keep those toesies warm. Last December we got hit with snowstorm after snowstorm!

  19. Looks much better from the inside.

  20. Brrrrr! The snow looks pretty, but much prettier when viewed from the toasty warm indoors.

  21. Wow! White Crhistmas! Muahahahaha! We are having a hot autumn here.

    Purrrs and enjoy the snow!

  22. Happy, Happy, Happy Sunday Eric and Flynn.

  23. I hope your paws got all warm and toasty once you came inside. It isn't fun going out in that white stuff. But you can say you got a bit of snow this winter.

  24. It's fun to see snow every now and then. We don't get it where we live. Keep your pawsies warm, dear boys.

  25. Your water was turned into solid water? We think that there must be a powerful wizard lurking about.

  26. That white stuff just makes your feets cold and wet then you have to do extra grooming on them. Way too much work.

  27. We don't get much snow either so understand how exciting it is. Stay inside and stay warm!


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