Friday, June 22, 2012

The Friday Flashback.

The Friday Flashback this week comes from July 2010 and tells of when we had an unexpected visitor.

Flynn: Hey what are you doing here? This is my sunbathing spot.

You're supposed to be afraid of me, why aren't you flying away?

You do realise I could have you for my supper don't you.

Hmphh, if you are going to ignore me, I will turn my back on you too.

Oh good, mum's fattening him up for us.

Eric: If I watch him from behind this wire mesh he won't be able to see me.

He has come closer, do I dare pounce with mum watching me?

Huh! The cheek of it. He is drinking our rain water now.

Note from mum:
We had heavy rain and very strong wind the night before these photos were taken. The pigeon is a ringed homing pigeon and was probably exhausted from the bad weather. He was looking very sorry for himself and let me catch him. His ring had this year's date on it so this is probably his first year of racing. The boys were very interested but couldn't understand why he wouldn't fly which is most likely what saved him as there is no point in catching something that just sits and looks at you. He is now looking much better and flying as soon as I or Eric and Flynn approach and should very soon fly back to his own loft.


  1. My husband raised pigeons so we are happy you saved this one!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  2. Oh that was fascinating Eric and Flynn. We would have loved to sniffed that fev-ver too.


  3. Wow, we had heard that pidgens were DUMB, but we dint know HOW dumb!

  4. That was a silly birdie, but smart to find your place to hang out!

  5. Wowww!!
    You were so nice to that birdy!!

  6. No Pidegon Noms? Wow, you two are very good at resisting temptations.

  7. No fun to attack if he's just gonna sit there. He looks pretty roughed up too. Best to wait on the next one.

  8. I agree, prey is no fun unless it is moving!

  9. Guys ?!?!?! What's going on ? You joined the RSPB or summat?

  10. Hope he finds his way safely back home again, perhaps the wind blew him off course.

    Thanks for your comment about the commenting problem, I'll mention it when I next give feedback to Google. Glad you have managed to find it OK eventually.

  11. We remember when this fevver came to visit you!

  12. Oh, oh, we remember this one! We're impressed that we (read our mom) did. LOL.

    We certainly hope he made it home after that adventure.

  13. We are so glad you helped the poor tired boy and got him on his way again!!!

  14. Hooray for a nice bit of seed and fresh water at Casa de Orinch Cats for the weary traveler!

  15. We thought it was unusual for the pigeon not to fly off especially as Flynn was so close. He'd have been the same today if he'd have been in our garden as we've just had the heaviest rain - the front garden is under 2-3 inches of water!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. How nice of you to be so hospitable to the fev-ver!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  17. How great you got to visit a pigeon up close! (Ever greater the bird lived to tell about it :)

    We hope he made his way home safely after some rest.

  18. We missed this post the first time around, so we're glad you ran it again. You're right, the pigeon not flying or trying to get away was the best thing all around. What kind of sport is that when your "food" just wants to have a conversation (or not.)

    Tom xx

    By the way, guys, I have something for you on my bloggie..

  19. I'm sure this was an exciting mission, but I'm glad the pigeon still is alive:-)
    Hugs from Pernille

  20. What a great flashback! Me loves a happy ending!

  21. That is too funny. Neither Flynn nor Mr. Pigeon had a clue what the other was.
    What wonderful shots you got.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  22. What a great flashback! We sure are glad everything turned out okay in the end!

  23. It was so nice of you two not to nom the little fellow. We're glad your mum helped him through his ordeal.
    We remember feeing these photos and thinking "how extraordinary"!

  24. WOW! Now, those are pictures you don't see everyday! Hope he didn't leave lots of pigeon poop!

  25. I actually remember seeing these photos before=they are really awesome!...So glad Mr. Pigeon was cared for by your sweet Mum!...Hope you handsome boys have a fun weekend...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  26. Me and mom missed this post the first time , so we are very glad to see it and my mom is really glad that you boy´s didn´t catch it :)


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