Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Flashback

The Friday Flashback this week is from February 2008 and it is a Mancat Monday post.


One of our furry impawtunt mancat jobs is to check that the straw in the barn is good quality.
We check that there is nuffin there that shouldn't be there.
Sometimes we just sit quietly at the top of the ladder to make sure no introoders come in.
And on the way down, we smell the straw in case there are any mice hiding in there. It's impawtunt to check furr mice cuz sometimes they chew the string that holds the straw bales together, then when dad picks them up they break. That yooshully makes him say bad words.
When we go back down the ladder, we haf to be keerful cuz it's easier to go up than down.
If you try to go down to quick, you end up down the bottom quicker than you'd want to.
An Announcement:
The Beans are going on their holly days tomorrow so that means we will be purrizenners for two weeks. We have told mum she has to schedule two Friday Flashbacks for us so you don't forget who we are. She said if she has time she will try and schedule a couple more posts for us as well. We won't be able to visit unless we can get the compooter switched on, but don't forget to check in to see if we have got a post up.


  1. Ah Ha! We knew it! Mousies are even responsible for bad words!

    We could never forget you, you're in our reader! We hope you enjoy your vacation!

    -Gandalf and Grayson

  2. As if I would forget you. Mind your pawses on the ladder - or try coming down backwards??? Hope your leggededs have a good hollyday.

    Wiry wags, Eric xx

  3. You guys are such good straw inspectors!

    We are really gonna miss you both when your beans are on holly days! We will definitely check in on you and could never ever forget you!!!

    Hope they have a furry safe trip!

  4. We likes to see you going up and down ladders. You are very talented! We will miss you while you are purrizenners. Hope your folks have good holly days!

    See you when you gets back!

  5. We hope your beans have a nice holiday.we of course will check and see how you all are doing.

  6. Holey cowies! I do not think I would be able to climb or descend a ladder like that! Wow you guys are too cool! :)
    We hopes that your momma and dadda have an extra wonderful time and yours isn't too bad either :)
    Tell your moms and dadas to stay safe! :)

  7. We'll miss you! We hope your mum and dad have a wonderful holly day.

  8. Nice ladder climbing! Such talent!

  9. Hahahaha~~
    I remember this ladder flashback!!!
    Still very fresh to me!!

  10. Even I would look for mousies there, it smells so good in a barn and it reminds me of my childhood.
    Re the spams I've got, I changed my setting now too. Thank you for the tip !

  11. OH OH OH!!! I remember when you first posted this one!!! I liked the barn so much that I really liked seeing you in it!!!

    And I hope that you are not prisoners for too long and that you get out of jail really quickly. I hate it when the humans go away...

  12. Great to be on a ladder! That hay looks like lots of fun! Mom says the smell of hay is delicious!

  13. Great, you even have a barn with hay! We wish your humans a very good and relaxing holiday!!!
    Purrs, Siena

    P.S.: Thank you for doing 'you know what I mean'!

  14. Oh we will miss you! But we hope your beans haffa great holly day, and we will keep popping by to see if you've posted.

    You do a grand job checking that straw for mousies - it's a poortant job for any mancat!

    Thanks for wishing me happy birthday!


  15. We love how you climb that ladder! Very good!

    Hope your beans have a nice holiday...we'll check up on you to make sure you're okay!!

  16. hey, dear! you makes a great job, hã!? congrats, your a great guy!
    tell to Flynn that I said hello to him!
    have a great day!

    all the best for you both, dear!

  17. Mouses are responsible for EVERYTHING! You know what's funny? I've been around long enough to remember the FIRST time you post those pictures! I remember wishing I had such a cool place as your barn to hang out in. I hope your parents have a great holiday and I'll miss you while they're gone! Oh, and, you're right-no catnip in the garden. What is my mom THINKING?

  18. Your place is the coolest. We're sure the mousies don't stand a chance.

    It's not fair that you're going to prison, but we wish your humans a nice tour anyway.

    We're so excited about the award. We can't wait for tomorrow.

  19. What a lovely clever cat you are. I think climbing ladders looks so hard.

    Hope your beans have a lovely holiday.

    Hugs Ginger Jasper x

  20. Your beans are really lucky to have such conscientious mancats around. You guys make sure everything is safe. We hope your mom and dad have a great vacation. We'll check back on you. Mama finally got our blogroll/reader thingy taken care of so we'll be around to visit more often.


  21. What a talented kitty! Those are some good skills on that ladder.

    Fluffy and Bonkers

  22. I bet there are all kinds of creepy crawly's in there.

    Hope your mum & dad have a great holiday!

  23. That hay looks like fun!! You guys live in a VERY interesting place.

    We'll keep checking on you -- to see if the scheduler works while your beans are away!


    Marilynn, Grace & Company

  24. Wow! You really have some great adventures. AND such purdy boys too.