Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's our Purrfday

It's our purrfday and we want to welcome everyone to our party. Come in and help yourselves to the food and drinks. Don't worry if the plates get a bit low, mum is keeping everything topped up for us.

We have got Niptinis and Meowgaritas. There is milk for the younger ones.

There is fresh salmon.......
......and shrimp cocktail,
We have yummy spare ribs.....
Deelish ham on the bone,
We also have ready sliced ham for those who prefer it.
Lots and lots of roast chick-hen,

Roast Beast
This is something a lot of you won't have tried before. It is genuine Devonshire clotted cream. It is so lishus you can see we have already started on it. Don't worry, there is plenty more.
We mustn't forget the treats. Derby sent us lots of Greenies a little while ago and we are sure he won't mind us sharing with all of you.
We also have Temtayshuns. You will notice they are packaged differently in the Yookay but they taste just as good.
And last but not least, our purrfday cake!
After we have finished stuffing our faces eating, we will take any one who is brave enough, on a tour to look for vishus deer. When we come back we can play THoE. Enjoy yourselves everybody.
Yikes! We nearly forgot, woofies and bunnies and all our furrends are welcome. We have bones and dog treats and greens and fruit. If there is something you like and it's not here, don't worry, we'll send mum to get it.


  1. Happiest Birthday, Eric and Flynn!
    Primo stuff you got there... but we're actually most interested in having a walk in your lovely field. Please show us around, will you? And afterwards we wouldn't mind at all dipping our paws in to that clotted cream - that sound delicious!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!
    The food looks great, and the cake is wonderful!
    We'd love to go on a tour of your yard, barn & vishus deer areas!!!

  3. Oah, Eric & Flynn,

    Happy HAPPY Birthday to you!
    Another magical year, 9 years old, that is perfect!!!!
    Seeing your adventures everyday makes us feel so alive and happy, hold our time is the most important thing~!!!!

    Thank you for taught us that more, and please more and more 9 more years adventures~!!!!
    I wish you both always happy and healthy!!!! And, what a great nice touching party!!!


  4. Happy Purrthday!!! You two deserve a giant party! Afterall, who else would keep your humans safe from those deer? I think I'll have myself some ham and sip on a milk and then I'd like to go on the tour!! I hope you guys have a great day!!!

  5. HAPPIEST PURRTHDAY to you both!! I would love to play THoE

  6. Happy Purrthday Flynn and Eric! This is a great party, lots of yummy foods. Yes I am up for a tour for the vishus deers.

    Plus mum says yum on the clotted cream.


    Wow you really know how to lay out a spread. If I taste everything I want, I'll esplode!'s a risk, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

  8. Happy Birthday Eric and Flynn! It looks like you have a great party going on! we would love to take a tour! You have lovely country!

  9. We are wishing you both the Happiest of Purrthdays, Eric and Flynn!
    Wow, you gots put out a great spread, we can't wait to get our eat on!
    The tour for vishus deer sound like quite the adventure!!

  10. Happy birthday, boys! I'm just a few months older than you are, so we're all 9-ers!

    Salmon and meowgaritas, don't mind if I do...

  11. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, my friends! What a great party! That roast chicken caught my eye!


  12. Oh my goodness! You have a bit of everything. Happy 9th birthday! What a spread. I brought some extra ham just to be sure we don't run out...

  13. Happy Purrfday to you bof!!! And here's to many more!! We's on owr way ofur to help cellybrate! Woohooo!!!!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  14. well happy birthday you cute boys!!! and i'll have some cake please!

    smiles, auntie bee

  15. Happy Birthday guys, we'd love to celebrate with you. Your Mom sure threw you a big party. Thank you for inviting us, I think we are brave enough to look for the deer on the vishous deer tour.

  16. Happy, happy birthday, Eric and Flynn! Have one big celebration!!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! What an awesome party! We're definitely in for the vishus deer tour.

  18. Happy Birthday Eric and Flynn! I have been known to put the bitey on a chick-hen and run off with it...but I'll try and keep myself under control. I'm definitely up for THoE!

  19. Oh my goodness, I hope that I am not too late to wish you boys the happiest of birthdays! I would love to look for vishus deer with you!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  20. Hello and Happy Birthday to you both, Eric and Flynn! You are looking mighty handsome, as always, and I can't wait to taste your roasted chick-hen! Hope that you have a wonderful day!

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  21. Happy Purrthday guys! As long as we'z going in a group we'z up fur da vishus deer tour.

  22. Happy Birthday Eric and Flynn! Wow, what a party and what a spread you have! The roast chick-hen is one of our favorites, but we would like to try some of your Devonshire clotted cream! We hope you both have the most special day, filled with lotsa love, in addition to all of your wonderful foods ... hee hee!
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  23. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 9th Birthday Eric & Flynn and many, many, many mooooore!! Whoo! Hoo! What a lot of cool food!! And we love the cake!!
    Your FL furiends,
    and Maverick

  24. OpppppS!!! That was us up above!! Samantha forgot to sign out!!
    and Mav

  25. Happy Birthday Eric and Flynn, It looks like a great party. We love your cake. We hope that all of your birthday wishes come true.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  26. Happy Purrthday Eric and Flynn, so since I turns 1 years old yesterday does that means I am old enough for the Niptinis and Meowgaritas? Momma thinks it would be okay so thanks for the yom yom yommy goodness. I hopes you has a wonderfur day.

  27. Oh Boys! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope your day is just purrfect in every way.

    We love your cake so much that I've already asked Mom if I can have one exactly the same for my birthday. I'm gonna be ONE on the 24th April 2009(I'll be a mancat at long last!)

    Love Milo, and littl pip-squeak Alfie. xx

  28. Happy 9th Birthday Eric & Flynn!! What yummy noms you have, we're ready to dig in now!! We're kind of scared of the vishus deer, so maybe we'll stay in & *guard* all the food, OK?

  29. Dear Eric and Flynn,
    I am gonna come to your party. I don't eat the people food, but I am gonna pop over and give you each a big smooch.

    Happy b'day to you both my ginger friends.

    Poppy Q

  30. Ooh Many Happy Returns to you !We is sending yous both scritches, rubs, and purrs. And all that delicious foods - NOM NOM NOM !
    Love from Mr Woo xx

  31. Oh happy birfday!

    What great foods, we sampled them all. The ham was great, salmon (yummo), our first time wif "ribs", WOW!

    Now, lets see about that "vishus deer". We all been wantin ta get at one of those. We bet a few of us tagether could take one down...

    We jump on them from a fence top, right?

  32. Happy Birthday, Eric and Flynn! With all this great food I don't know where to start, but I will definitely save room for some clotted cream. I would like to come along on the vishus deer tour.

  33. Happy Birthday Boys and what a birthday spread! I can't believe you are 9 years old, I will have to be much more respectful in future. Big hugs from us.

  34. Happy Birthday Eric and Flynn.

    Joanne, Jane, Jill, Johnny, Jay boy, Jasmine & Capu from Singapore

  35. What a great party! Happy Happy Birthday to two lovely and handsome boys!
    I'll go get started on some HAM!!!

  36. Happy, happy Birthday guys. We hope you enjoy your special day.

  37. Happy Purrthday, Eric and Flynn! This pawty is fabulous! Thanks for inviting us! Now let us at that chick-hen!!!

    And we wanna go on tour of your fields and look for vishus deer!!! Of course, after hearing what they've been doing to woofies, we'll just look at them!

  38. Happy Purrfday to u 2!

    I sneak out when my secretary is in the toilet.. I teleport! Like u said!

    That food makes me burb!

    Thank u! Here is your gift, 2 catfishes!

    May all the bless be with u 2!

    Alright I need to go now!


  39. HAPPY PURRFDAY ERIC AND FLYNN!!!! WOOO HOOO!!! what a great party!!!

  40. Clotted cream and an awesome cake, sounds good to us.
    Happy Birthday Guys...

  41. Happy birthday to the two of you! You have really outdown yourselves with this party and the food. I look forward to a walk in your wonderful yard.

  42. Happy, happy birthday to both of you! How exciting!! And that's quite a spread your mum has put out, too -- something for everyone, it seems!! And your cake just takes the prize -- magnificent!


    Marilynn, Grace & Company

  43. Happiest Birthday to Eric and Flynn!!! We hope you have the bestest time ever. Health and happiness to you for many years to come!!

    Boots & Brenda

  44. Happy Purrthday Eric n Flynn! I'll be 9 in August. It's a good age, isn't it? Yall really have a spread here. There goes Mini, nomming already. Figures. I think I'll try some of that salmon myself.
    Anyways, we hope you have the bestest purrthday ever! (Til next year hahaha!)
    your bud Pepi and the rest of the Hotties

  45. Happy, Happy Berfday to Eric and Flynn! I wanna try sum of that clotted cream. And the salmon. And I gotta haff sum Tem-tay-shuns! *burp*

  46. Happy Purrthday, Eric and Flynn! Wow! What a great party! I wanna try that clotted cream, is it anything like our whipped cream?

    I want to go look for those vishus deer too!

  47. Happy Birthday, boys! What a wonderful party! We've never seen such a magnificent spread:) Purr...Purr...Purr

  48. Happy birthday to both of you man cats! We wish you many more happy years to come, and thanks for inviting us to such a great party!

  49. Yay!!!! Happy purrfday!! We are so happy to have such wonderful friends as you two. Thanks for the wonderful party. We would like to try the clotted cream and then can we go on a vishus deer hunt?
    -Stryder, Scotchy, Sugar & Kellykat

  50. Happy Birthday, Eric & Flynn! This is a wonderful feast you have here. I have been wanting to try the clotted cream for a real long time.....
    Mmmmm! It's delicious!

    Thank you for sharing your special day with us!

  51. Happy, Happy Purthday Eric and Flynn!
    What a great party!
    ~ Sara and Malachi and The Bunch

  52. may you fellers haf the happiest of purrthdays, and many, many, MANY more!! we is proud to be yer furriends!!

    we's sorry we're taggin' in a little (!) late . . . that whole time/space thing, y'know;-)

    this is a most excellent adventure, both foodwise an' excitement-wise. there is fev-vers around here the like of which we hasn't seen, an' yer robins are a trifle differnt to ours! we enjoyed our hike, an' are gonna nap inna flowers fur a while, if yer mum don't mind. an' please thank her for the lovely spread!

    yer furriends, the meowers

    peeyes: please furrgive ed for rollin' inna sammon; you know how he gets when he has a few meowgaritas in him. but our mom allus sez, there's no meal that can't be improved by a little cat hair.

  53. Happpyyyyyyyy Birfdayyyyyyy Eric & Flynn!!!

    Wow, what a grate partee! I nefur seen so much food. It all looks yummy.

    We can't wate to go for a run in yore feelds and Buddy wants to eet some of the grass, is that ok?

    Finny Buddy & Jazzy

  54. Happy Birthday Eric and Flynn! We'll be right over for the party. Count us in for the walk to hunt for the vishus deer.

  55. Hey, happy purrthday guys!!!

    Gosh, I don't know if we'll be up to playing thundering herd of elephants after we're done stuffing our faces. Maybe a small nap will be in order first.

    George & The Crew

  56. Happy birthday! That Devonshire clotted cream looks very enticing.

  57. Wishing two of our most favoritest Gingers in the whole wide world a furry happy, happy Birthday! We hope you both have a great day!

    Purrs and hugs,
    Pearl, Bert and Jake

  58. Why boys, you don't look a day over 5! Happy Birthday, Eric and Flynn! You just get more handsome by the day!

  59. Happee Happee Bifrday Eric!
    Happee Happee Birfday Flynn!

    We hopes you have a super fabulous day!


  60. Happy Birthday, Guys! I hope you're having a great day. You're sure throwin' a bang-up party. Hopefully, I won't find out later that Tallulah's been left behind like she was yesterday at Ayla, Iza and LC's house after Iza's pawty!

  61. Happy Happy Purrthday, guys!!!! Whut a spred!!!

    I'm having Rocky bring a case of Vishus Deer Repelunt over --- I think I'll pass on going on the vishus deer tour, tho, cuz I am still tender yung and joosy.

  62. Happy Birthday. All those treats look great.

  63. Happy Birthday Eric and Flynn.Wow look at all the delicious food.I just gonna go get some Ham and after I'll go on the tour cause you two are great protectors.

  64. happy happy birthday eric & flynn! we hope you are having a wonderful wonderful wonderful day! :-)

  65. Happy Birthday Eric & Flynn! What a wonderful party your mommy made for you. How about a few Meowgaritas and plates of ham? I'll get them!

  66. Happy Birthday, Eric and Flynn :-D

  67. Happy Birthday, E&F ! We'll be right over bringing some lovely New England seafood.
    Mum says Devon cream is heavenly and she's jealous of us kitties.
    Toby and Cupcake

  68. oH Happy Purrday to two of the best lookin ginger boyz around!


  69. OH wow!!! Boys MEGA MEGA HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!
    WE hopes that we gets to celebrate many many more with you both!!!
    Now... you said chicky??? ...
    Make sure you both have a wonderful day and get everything you want!! :))

  70. Happy Birfday you hansome two! So much good stuff to eat! Your mum is a really nice ladybean! (I am partial to hamm, ya know).

  71. happee birfday to u both.
    i'm stuffed. thankz fer da grate spred.
    ok ... let'z go lookin fer vishus deer!

  72. Oh, no, we missed the party! We're so sorry we're late. We rushed as fast as we could. We hope you had a nice day. And we're going to sing for you anyway.

    Happy birthday to you-ooo.
    Happy birthday to you-ooo.
    Happy birthday, Eric & Flynn-ooo.
    Happy birthday to you-ooo.

    Sorry about the howling but Buddy is a hound.

  73. Happy Belated Purrthday Eric & Flynn.

  74. happy purrfday guys! we wish you many many more!


  75. Gosh all that delicious food makes me jealous! You guys must've had a great day Eric and Flynn!! Happy purrrrrthday!!!

  76. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And we are NOT late because here in Arizona it is still Wednesday, April 8!!!!
    Hopefully there is some fo this delicious food left...? What a party we missed.....

  77. I am sorry I missed your birthday but what a feast you had, hope no one ended up with a tummy ache, so Happy belated wishes.

  78. Doodz! We missed your purrfday! Happy 9th Purrfday!!!!

    Luf and Hugs!