Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Flashback

We are up to August of last year already with our Flashbacks. We have decided to go to December 2008, and then we will look back at some others from the older months. Some months we didn't really have a favourite so we just picked the post we thought was the best. Other months, we sometimes had a job to decide which post we wanted to use so we will go back and pick some others that we liked. We hope you aren't getting bored of our Flashbacks.
This one is called:


Flynn: Me and Eric are supposed to be walking around the fields together, but I can't see him.

Come on Eric, where are you?

I keep looking but there's no sign of him yet.

Have you seen him mum? Why must he always keep me waiting?

Oh well, I might as well lie down and wait. I could be here all day.

Eric: Come on Lazy Bones Flynn. What are you doing lying down there. We're supposed to be going for a walk.

Come on, let's have a look on the hedge.

I can see sheep in our neighbour's field. I'd like to go in there and say hello, but we are not allowed to.

See that wire in front of me? Well, it is electric to stop the horsies trying to escape from the field. Mum has to turn it off when we go out because if we touched it, we might turn into curly cats.

Flynn: Shhh, I think I can hear something.

Eric: Hang on, I'm coming. You may need back up.

Eric: Oops, I think I made too much noise. There were fev-vers in there and they flew away when they heard me.

Flynn: Oh well, that put paid to that. We might as well sit in the grass and wait for something else to come along.
Eric: Okay, good idea. You know what Flynn, those horsies don't half leave a lot of poop lying around.


  1. We wouldn't want you boys turning into curly cats!!

  2. You ARE a perfect team~!!
    It's so so great~!

  3. You saw sheep? That is so cool.

  4. hehehe fabulous post Guys! What an adventure ! Nice to see Flynn look for Eric ! Great pictures!
    purrs and love

  5. ewww you think the horsies could cover the poop!hahha eewwing mucho!
    And I am glad that your momma turns the fence off, I mean curly kitties are pretty but I like you guys just the way you is :)
    ps: personally I love the flashbacks :)

  6. You sure gots plenty of walking space!

  7. That wire's making me nervous.

  8. We love your flash backs! Keep them coming!

  9. I think flash back would take on a whole new meaning if you touch that fence!!!

  10. Haha, we're laughing at Cory's comment but please don't try it!

    Have a great weekend, you two!

  11. We love your flashbacks cuz we didn't see a lot of them the first time!

    Be careful that you don't step in any horsie poop!

  12. Yikes! I'd hate the thought of you two getting curled!

  13. Poops, grass, sunshine and my two fave ginger boys - what a great post.

  14. Well, I certainly enjoyed your flashback, Eric and Flynn! Of course, I have just met you recently, so this is my furst time seeing it.

    What an idyllic life you lead! Do you mancats have an idea how lucky you are! Both of you are gorgeous in your green environment.

  15. When we travel through life, it's always good to have another paw to hang on to and a fur-end to share the ex-purr-ience!

  16. The way you two work together is astounding. It boggles the mind!

  17. We'd never get bored looking at you two handsome Mancats.

  18. We laffed at your horsies poop... we bet our geese poops could rival your pile o-horsie poop!

  19. We love your flashbacks! We never get bored! Keep 'em coming.

    The horse poop made us larf!

  20. Your flashbacks are always interesting! Plesae don't turn into curly cats!

  21. The flash backs ae good, we are not at all bored. Glad your mum turned the fence off, it would be too awful if you touched it.

    You two are a brilliant team.

    Hugs GJ xx

  22. You guys must be great friends. My sister never really explores with me....

  23. Ah ha ha ha ha ha(rolling on the floor) that was a good one Cory!!!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz