Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meow Like A Pirate Day

Arrr we be very late fer the rendezvous. We got the good ship Scurvy Rat ready to sail last night, but just one bad move by the wench and her lost the lot. Arr, no ship, no pirates. Us be proper mad at her. We worked all day to get the ship ready again and set sail on the main following our map to the buried treasure. Well darn me if another ship didn't dare to cross our bow and try to steal the map. It were a proper hard battle I'm telling ye, but it's a brave man who dares to cross swords with the Ginger Marauders. Aye it were a good fight and we lost two crew, but that were naught to the state of ye other ship.

We got to land and followed the map. Pekalot the parrot helped us through the jungle and soon we found a big X marked on the ground. We set Pekalot to work with his beak and he soon dug up the buried treasure. Arr he be a good un I tell ye.

Arrrr and while my brother and the scurvy knave were digging, I sat on the shore and kept lookout for any more marauders. If they be having any sense they be keeping well clear of us or they be having a meeting with Davey Jones.
Arr and it's off to make the rendezvous now.
Avast me hearties.
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  1. Avast me hearties ~ yoo make fine ginger scoundrels! Yo ho ho!

  2. Arrr mateys! A fine pirate crew ye make, we hope ye found much treasure from yer map.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Pirate Krew

  3. Ahoy, Mateys, you ginger scoundrels seems to be doing good.
    Keeping ours paws crossed fur lots of treasure.
    Love & Purrs,

  4. Avast mateys! Yer fine pirates! And we come to join yer crew to help ye with thar treasuar!! Arrrr!

  5. Yo Ho, Yo Ho a pirates life for me! Now pass the nip rum!

    xoxo Thiefin' Cory Baddy Paws

  6. You have a scurvy rat?! Cool. Did you catch him?

  7. Oh, you Ginger Boys are real askeery purrates, er... pirates!

  8. ARR! Me hearties that ther' be bein'a mighty fine pirate day post. Savvy? Arr!

  9. Well worth waiting waiting for.. Ahoy my hearies.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. Arrrrr! A furry happy Meow Like A Pirate Day to ye, me hearties! Wi' a yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

  11. Ahoy Mateys!!! We sure hope you Ginger Scoundrels found the B~I~G "X"! Maybe there is some Chips Ahoy's in there!!!

  12. Avast ye mates! Not sure what that means...

  13. Being a pirate seems to suit you better than being a model. No surprise, really.

  14. avast thar matey! yee be fine pirates indeed; we be off ta plunder fish & nip! wilst ye come along?

  15. meyarrrrr! what excitin' adventure ye had in true pirate style, me ginger hearties--we'd hate t'see what's left o' the other crew! th' scurvy rat must be a staltwart ship an' true.

    (yer wench did a sterlin' job o' resurrectin' an' recreatin' fur ye. we tell ye, OURS woulda just turned on th' waterworks an' gone snivelin' off t'her berth! ye'd best keep yers, she be worth a pretty penny!)

    we hopes ye found a fine treasure 'neath th' "X". this were a hexcellent MLAPD all 'round, an' we looks for'rard t'yer company again next year!

    wif best regards,
    yer obt. sarvint,
    mao fang
    *poke* *poke* *poke*(oh, all right, "an' all th' ship's company"--but ye three swabs realize this ain't no seagoin' democracy, don't ye? ::mumble:: cats; so demmed independent!)

  16. Aye Mateys the poop deck on the Scury Rat was filling up fast, so it's a good thing you made land to search for the treasure!
    Pekalot the parrot looks like a tasty, errr,,,,,nice little helpful bird.
    Thank you for leaving purrs and kind words for our dad this week!!! We love all our inner-web friends!

  17. Don't be shooting at the Good Ship Sassycat! We be furiends, not foes!

  18. Arrrrrrr yall are some pawsome pirates. Need a little help wif dat rum?

  19. "Oh My"please don't make me walk the plank.


    Ye be not the only ones late t' th' party! Me wench, the lazy sort, din't remember 'bout Meow Like a Pirate day 'til she finished turnin' off th' computer this mornin'. And she was too lazy ta turn it back on 'til she got up this evenin' to get us our treasure and pirate togs on and all!

    And she wondered why I'd do sumthin' so strange as nap on her face this mornin', which I nivver do!

    Ye had a right fierce adventure! Pekalot seems like a, um....handy sort o' crew!

    ~One-Eyed Jack and Persephone the Pirate Queen

  21. That is one amazing pirate type adventure me heartys. FAZ

  22. I'll be staying well clear of ye, I'm havin' no desire to be meetin' with Davy Jones.

    Huffle Mawson

  23. Goodness sake sounds like you had quite the adventure with the other pirate ship. I would stay clear of you too. Hope you found a whole lot of treasure with the help of Pekalot.

    By the way you two sure look good in your fev-ers.



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