Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Flashback

The Friday Flashback has returned after a break cuz of our purrison sentence. This one is from August 2007 and is called:


Mmmm what's this? I smell sumfing unyooshull. There must haf been an introoder around in the night.

Go away Eric, I got here furrst, and I'm going to put my smell on the wall, not yoo.

Well all rite yoo can stay, but don't git in my way. Smelling strange smells is furry impawtunt.

That's ok Flynn, yoo keep sniffing up there, it smells much better down here.

Yer looking all silly Eric, yoo look like yoo've been on the nip.

Whoaaaa here's the best bit. Wonder who it wuz that's been introoding.

At last!! Eric's gone and now I haf the smells all to myself.

This smells so good I would git rite in the wall if I could. It's neerly as good as nip. Not quite, but neerly.
Note: That wall has gone now. Dad took it down when he put our purrison fence up. We weren't very happy about the fence at first, but now we like it cuz it means we can stay out in the garden all the time if we want to.


  1. Yoo too have the bestest of times!

    purrs for peace

  2. Another great adventure by Eric and Flynn, cat detectives.

  3. It is important to get those smells just right!

  4. You boys have such a great time together. Make me wish I have a sibling.

  5. You're the best detectives ever.

  6. We just love your Friday Flashbacks!!

  7. Now that's going to bother me. What the heck was it out there???


  8. We wanna know what smelled so good so we can get some!

  9. Wow! Did you ever find out what made those smells?

  10. What made those great smells? We want to know too!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Those musta been some very good smells!

  12. Yoo too are so lucky ~ wot wiv interesting smells and getting to stay outside so much ... :sigh:

  13. We love your blog and really enjoy your adventures. We think the Friday Flashbacks are great because we get to see some of your adventures before we knew you. :) :)


  14. Wow, it was certainly something very compelling! Flynn doesn't want to give up! I'm sure since that was an old wall that there must have been an accumulation of smells from years and years -- all very interesting!

  15. We have not smelled any good smells in forever! Well, not since July when Mom stopped allowing us Outside because of the big neighbor dogs and that Menace Cat.

  16. You two have the best adventures, It looks as though you found something realy iteresting there.. Hugs GJ xx

  17. Such an fun story with great pictures! We love you!

  18. I love your adventures
    I wish I had a brother or sisfur ;(
    I play only with my Mommy or Daddy or human sisters !!!!!
    You are very sportive
    I love you to see streching ;)
    Kareltje =^.^=