Monday, November 2, 2009

Mancat Monday

If I want to sit on your shoulder to read the newspaper, then I will. After all, I am a Mancat.

We are having a guest on our blog today. It is Rascal, the brother of Grr, Midnight and Cocoa. The beans met him when they were in LA. Look out for more guests coming soon.

Hey! Who do you think you are coming in my room like that? I'll give you the laser eye.

I'm not coming out!

Well, maybe a little further. Are you friend or foe?

Ah, playtime. I'm not worried about you now.


  1. That's on heck of a laser eye, does it run on a 9 volt?

  2. Oooh, Flynn - I sit on shoulders too! But today I got all the way up on the Lady's head and dug all my claws into her scalp and started chewing her hair.

    Looky - it's me! Sorry I was so shy at first. Hope my Laser Eye of Doom didn't burn into your camera lens. It really was nice meeting you two!

  3. I think you should caption that first photo with something like...

    "I see you're holding a lot of tension right here.."

  4. Flynn, that's very clever of you!

  5. Do you charge a lot for a paw massage?

  6. Rascal has got a powerful laser eye. I am glad that he came out to play. Reading the paper over your Dad's shoulder like that is a real art.

  7. Wow that was the biggest laser eye ever.

    Looks like you are massaging your dads shoulders there.

  8. Are you giving your dad a massage there? Hi Rascal!

  9. Wot a fantastic laser ~ he must be super-charged!

  10. I love it also to sit on my Dads shoulder :)))))
    Its a UNIQUE laser EyE :)))
    hugs from
    Kareltje =^.^=

  11. Haha! Flynn, we like how you read the paper! Sure your dad does too!

    And thanks for introducing us to Rascal...he looks like a little rascal!!

  12. It almost looks like Flynn is giving his daddy a shoulder massage! LOL!

    That Rascal has such a sweet little face! He still looks like a kitten, too! How cute!

    By the way, after such a long absence, Eric is on the LOLSpot again today. I think you're going to like the very last one of the day where he's with his daddy. So sweet!

  13. Flynn is doing a great job balancing on your Dad! We notice your Dad is smart enough to move so you can be comfortable! Well done!!

    Rascal is cute but those lasers are skeery!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  14. And what a handsome mancat you are!
    Mind your balance. We don't want you to fall off.
    Rascal is such a sweet faced kitty.
    And what laser eyes!
    Kisses to our ginger boys (and Rascal too).

  15. You have a great spot for reading the paper!

    Your friend has incredible laser eyes!

  16. Hello Rascal, you are so beautiful!
    Great post dear Eric and Flynn!
    love you guys

  17. I am glad that I am not the only one that get the laser eye when the photo flash thing goes off. How nice of your folks to get to visit some of your friends while they were on vacation.
    That sure looks like a nice spot to sit and read the newspaper. Plus that makes you taller than your dad so you are superior. Don't tell him that though.

  18. Oh, I have a question. Where did you get the list of your friends in the sidebar that tells when they visited? Do you like that better than the name links? What store would I have to go to find one?

  19. Your guest is very cute! We hope he enjoys his stay.

  20. What a cute mancat and mandad picture!

    Now that is some lazer eye!

  21. My goodness ... look how big Rascal has gotten! Looks like he was living up to his name during the visit.

  22. Sitting on the shoulder is one way...
    Sitting on the newspaper is Paddy's.
    And shredding the newspaper Dushi's.

    What a kind and friendly cat you are.

  23. WOW!!! That's one pawsome laser eye!!!!

  24. Hope that was a good article you guys were reading! And your special guest is SO cute!

  25. Hi Rascal....hmmmm, you sure look like Tuck, minus the clipped ear. We went back to see your past posts and though those vacation pic were very cool....those photos with You and your Dad in the field Eric are priceless!!!!!=^Y^=

  26. Crikey that is some laser eye.. But oh what a cutey.. Hugs GJ x

  27. Hello Eric and Flynn. Wanted to wag over and see how you are. Wagging glad you are out of Purr is on and your leggeds are back. Read any good gossip in the paper Flynn?

    Wiry wag n kisses Eric xxxx

  28. Rascal knows a kindred spirit when he sees one! Hope your beans had fun playing with the other cats!
    What a lazer eye!!!
    Flynn, you & Eric sure love to spend time with your dad!

  29. We'd have to say you got a Krypton bulb in that laser eye! and you look like you give a mean massage! Our mewmie says we practice acuPuncture on her when we try to give a massage!

  30. Today (Tuesday), Flynn is on the LOLSpot.