Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Flashback

This week the Friday Flashback comes from July 2008 and it was a


Today we are showing you how we spend our Mancat Mondays.

If you biggify the first pikchur you can see the worm I wuz playing with in the video.

When I have finished playing with the worm, I like to go in the fields hunting furr mousies.

They hide in the long grass.

You have to be sure to check the hedges as well. They often hide in there.

Eric likes to spend his time relaxing under the little table............

and relaxing.........................

And while I was hunting mousies in the field, he relaxed in the barn.

And when he found the cases were out when our Beans were going on their Holly Days, he relaxed on them too.

After all Eric's relaxing and my hunting, now I need to relax too.

Don't worry, the sootcase wuz furr the Beans last holly days.


  1. You are a good hunter and Eric know how to relax.

  2. You two have great days I wish I had fields that big with the long grasses....oh how I long of being a country cat

  3. Worms are okay, slugs are not okay (to bite). What a wonderful day you had. We hope you get lots more.

  4. Flynn
    YOU are one fantastic mancat hunter! And we think Eric excels in resting!

    purry purrs

  5. Ah it is always so good to be reminded of how you spend your days.

  6. Your adventures are really something!

  7. Worms, mousies...such fun! But it is good to get your relaxations in too.

  8. There are just all kinds of fun things to play with and catch in your yard!

  9. You guys complement each other very well...Flynn, you are a great hunter and Eric, you are great at relaxing=the best of both worlds!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. So Eric, Jonesie is looking forward to you coming over and helping with the septic stuff! She hears you are an expert at that sort of thing!

    purrs, Cory

  11. Great flash back! Love the photo with the suitcase! That's the BEST to not have the humans go anywhere!!!


  12. PHEW! We thort they waz going on holly-days again, furr a moment.

  13. Flynn, you're a terrific hunter, but our mom didn't biggify the worm picture. She gets grossed out by worms (and spiders!).

    Eric is excellent at relaxing!

    Great flashback, guys. :-)

  14. Relax, Hunt, Relax, Hunt... Your schedule is hectic, boys!

  15. Oh, we did a Flashback Finallay Friday, but Mom completely ruined it with a stress-venting episode in front of it. We'll try to do better next time.

  16. We just love, love, love that shot of you on the edge of the field!! Gorgeous!!!!

  17. I love hunting for mousies - thanks for showing me your hunting ground!

  18. Ahhhhh....sunshine, green grass, the boys outside. We miss spring.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  19. I love these pictures!
    You guys really know how to have fun.I specially like that picture with the bag of your beans, so cute!
    Have a great Friday
    purrs and love

  20. ooh such handsome boys! thanks for coming by my bloggie. i am verreh glad that you were gotted out of the barn. who needs that aggravation! hahaha, come back again soon - you can never have too many handsome mancats.

  21. Its always so funny to see you both
    Always walking on the grass ....
    I never feel it on my toes :(

    Have a nice weekend

    Kareltje =^.^=

  22. Great flashbacks!!!!!!!!! You are such handsome dudes. xxxxxxxx

  23. Well, it's kind of disturbing to think about Monday on Friday the hunting pictures are great!

  24. A hunter mancat's work is never done Flynn. You should earn lots of treats fur the work you does!
    Eric, him a rest in the event of something big happens later.
    You makes a good team!

  25. What a great flashback! It is very fun to see older posts - we think it is a fun idea!

  26. This was a great postie. You were a great mancat then as you are now!

    bonkies for a happy Friday and a bonkie week-end

  27. Ooooh, my handsome Flynn! I want to come hunt worms too - I biggify'd that pic even though the Lady really didn't wanna. Nice one!

  28. I guess, contrary to popular opinion, it's the early CAT that gets the worm! They're a good source of protein, I hear!

    And I think Eric should just shred that suitcase. That's teach them to leave you alone again!

  29. one hunts good and one sleeps good.