Friday, April 16, 2010

The Friday Flashback.

This Friday Flashback is from November 2008 and I waqs getting fed up with waiting for mum to help me blog.

Right come on and hurry up. I'm here waiting to blog.

I hope I don't have to tell you again. I'm waiting.

Might as well have a wash while I'm waiting.

That's what I think of you for keeping me hanging around.

I will give you one last chance. Are you going to get your backside on that chair and help me blog?

That's it. You've had your chance. You will have to do it on your own now. I'm going to sleep.

This will be our last flashback for a while. Can you believe the Beans are deserting us again next week? We will hopefully be able to post until next Wednesday and then we get locked up for four whole weeks. Yup, you heard it right, purrisoners for a month! Not fair!

To make up for having to leave you all for so long, here is a bonus flashback.


  1. TK mom:OH-MY that last picshur is just tooooo kyoot!

    TK: My idol mancats was never kittens. I not believe it!

    How comes you is getting locked up? Four weeks is a long time, it's like FURREVER!

  2. Awww, how sweet! How could she not help you blog?

  3. ooooh! Mommy is bouncing up & down in her seat! You were SUCH sweetie little things! It's too cute to stand!

    Yep, The parents love Hawaii and would move there in a second IF it wasn't 4000 miles from the mainland and there were jobs to be had...Waimanalo beach (on Oahu) is where they best like to be lazy and go sandcombing.

    We will miss your posts...CC especially since he looks a lot like you two.

    xx Lounge Kats

  4. Holy carp! To hear mom skweeling yoo'd think she'd neffur seen a kitten afore...tho, yoo two are really cute. Guess we can't blame her. Four weeks? Isn't dat an awful long time? Dey is not leaving yoo alone are dey? Man, we would prolly urget who da beans were in dat amount of time.

  5. Yup. It's official. You've killed the Rumblemummy with all the cute. Now who will feed us??

  6. Baby pictures are the greatest! You Two were so tiny and cute. WE will miss you big guys!

  7. That was a great flashback Friday! And we love the bonus picture too! But we can't believe you won't be blogging for 4 whole weeks! We will miss you, but we hope the beans have fun!

  8. Such cute kittens you were!! Way too sweet.

  9. OAH MY GOD!!
    The last photo!!!
    So so so cute!!!!!!!!!
    That is very very cute of you Eric and Flynn!

  10. Your baby picture is so adorable, you tiny boys were just precious!!...And now, you big handsome mancats can't leave for 4 weeks; whatever will we do without you??...We miss you guys already...Kisses and hugs...xoxoxoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Mom is still squeeeeeeeing over your baby picture.

  12. Oh no, locked up for a MONTH!!! We'll miss you. And thos ebaby pictures are tooo cute.

  13. Awww, look at that, tiny Eric & Flynn.......priceless! Locked up....can we send you a key that might work???=^Y^=

  14. 4 weeks in purrizon? It's owtrageous. We're gonna miss yoo so much.

    We love the flasbacks ~ and the last photo sent mom all silly 'cos she wanted to smoochie yoo both.

  15. Oh, that last photo is just too precious!

    What is it with your humans deserting you for 4 weeks? First Huffle's humans, now yours. What's so magical about "4" weeks?!

    This *is* outrageous! We're very crabilated now, at this news.

  16. I love your flashbacks!Great pictures dear friends, my favourite is the CUTE last one!
    Have a nice Friday!
    hugs and purrs

  17. You two were such sweet kittens! Oh the cuteness!!!

    We hope your beans have a nice trip!

  18. I love you kitten pictures!!! Oh no, 4 weeks, we're missing you already!


    WHAT....You are leaving uSSSSS for FOUR WEEKS.....NOOOOOOO...whatever will we do??? Where are your Beans going? Do you want to teleport over and stay with uSSSSS?

    Oh....Eric & Flynn's Mum: Sam says that you can come and snorgle his belleh anytime! :)

    Safe travels!

    Love, uSSSSS

  20. Great flashback! But that last picture??? Totally adorable!! Mom is still squeeeee'ing!!

    We can't believe you're gonna be locked up for 4 weeks!! We're gonna miss you guys!

  21. Hi Eric and Flynn
    Mom was LOL at your post. I told her you guys hit the nail on the head because that is exactly how I feel when you are slow. We hope your beans have a fantastic vacation.
    Are you guys going to a kitty hotel or will your have in house care?
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  22. What a lovely kitten picture - and just think how big and manly you are now you're grown up and into driving tractors.

  23. OMC! That bebeeh photo almost made Momma faint! What orinchy goodness

    We will miss you but we wish your Mum and Dad a glorious vacation and look forward to seeing some great photos!

  24. That last picture is just too cute for words!

    We have posted about our prize today with lots of pictures, come and see!

  25. Awww. What a lovely baby picture. But wasn't there something you said? We have forgotten all after seeing that picture.
    Oh, yes, lockup. Oh no! Not you!

  26. Oh my Ceiling Cat. That bebeh kitteh pic is utterly priceless.

  27. OMG
    The last picture is so S_W_E_E_T_ :)

    Hugs Love Kareltje =^.^=

  28. Bummer that they will be leaving you for so long....we can understand.....our mama left us once for a whole year, and we began to think she was never coming back. We will miss your flashbacks, cuz we have come to think of y'all as the "Flashback Furkids"!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  29. Yoo was da kyootest of kittens!

    Locked up for weeks? OMC dat is jus so wrong! Yoo is goin to has a thrashin party fer dat isnt yoo? If not at least yoo will gets gud treats?

    I is Jake!

  30. Great flashback! Ooooooh, I will miss you guys so much for four whole weeks!

  31. great flashback...especially the kittens!!

  32. You two are just two of the most handsomest brofurkits ever!

  33. Very good flashback! She still keeps you waiting too!
    Sorry to hear your people are going away. That's awful to do to you! You'll be deprived of your green pastures.
    Just remember, they haven't deserted you...they'll be back for you!

  34. You were such cutie pie babies we can hardly stand it!!!!

  35. Oh my goodness, bby Eric and Flynn photos! Love it!! What cutie kittens they are!

    My mommy says if you take the Staten Island Ferry on your visit to NYC, if you board the ferry from Manhattan, Take the stairs up to the top level and sit on the right. That is the absolute best view of Statue of Liberty. Then, after you pass Liberty, go to the right side and get an awesome view of the Verrazano bridge!

  36. I noticed I made a typo.
    It should say the left side for Verrazano bridge, if you are boarding from Manhattan.
    Statue of Liberty will be on the right side.