Friday, June 25, 2010

The Friday Flashback.

The Friday Flashback comes from April 2009 and is called:


We have been very worried about the vishus deer ever since we heard about the woofie that got attacked. We know they hang out in the little wood at the bottom of our fields, so we thought we had better check them out and see if they were there. We don't want them attacking our Beans.

We had a good look from higher up and we couldn't see them. We decided it would be safe to go down there.

This is one of their favourite places amongst the trees.

We can't see any sign of them.

We thought it would be safe to stop and look at the primroses. This is where the vishus deer jump over the fence to come into the field. They knock the electric fence down and dad has to keep checking it so the horses don't get out.

On nice sunny days they like to lie in the sunspot behind the two trees.

Eric: Well we haven't seen any sign of them but all this walking has made me hot, so I had a paddle in the stream to cool my feet down.

That feels much better.

Hmm, there are some smells here. We think they have been this way.

Flynn: I will go up this tree so I can see further. You keep checking for their smell down there Eric.

Eric: Okay Flynn, I'm pretty sure they have been here recently.

Flynn: I'll go up higher so I can have a really good look.

Eric: I think it is all clear Flynn. The scent is getting weaker. I think they have gone for today.

After all that hard work we went on to the earth and enjoyed a nice refreshing roll.


  1. You two are such great protectors and you both really deserved that nice fresh roll!

  2. We would feel completely safe with you on patrol!

    Good works boys!


  3. Jake wanted to know if dere was sum mud or even sum pooh he cud roll in. He is so silly! Yoo bof do a gud job lookin after yer beans, vishus deer is sooo dangerous fer us kittehs alone.


  4. Well done, both of you! It's so important to be vigilant in the face of the threat from vishus deer.

  5. Wow, there really are vicious deer. We never heard of Chinese water deer before. Good job keeping watch for them to protect your family.

  6. Your place looks heavenly. What state do you live in? Do you have a university near you? Planning ahead a few years and scouting out places.

    You two are excellent on deer patrol, and brilliant rollers.

  7. Wow - we're very impressed with your bravery looking for those vishus deer!! We're not very brave at all - but we would've enjoyed rolling with you both in the dirt!!!

    Our Mom has given you an award - we hope you haven't gotten it yet (or you haven't gotten it in a long time!!)

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  8. We love the flashback Friday!...You guys are such great patrol cats and we're glad you are making sure your parents are safe...We're very impressed with Flynn's tree climbing skills and Eric's ability to sniff out the bad guys...We love the roll at the end=too cute!!...kisses handsome boys..Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Oh dear. That last photo? The Eric tummy? Seriously, Rumblemum CANNOT see that or... well... the WORLD would end she'd be soooooo in love with him.

  10. If I ever encounter any vishus deer I am going to call you two.

  11. That was fun! You got all the best in that walkabout...fields, smells, trees, dirt and water! Awesome, guys!

  12. Wow. You boys really looked hard for those deer. (PS. The Mom says she had no idea deer really could be vishus!)

  13. Chinese water deer! Tiny little vishus deer! Goodness! Please be careful. We know you are great adventurers but we love you lots and don't want you to end up like the poor little doggie.
    Your photo story is just exquisite! And it ends with kitty bellehs! What could be better!
    (We still think there should be a lovely book, filled with photo's of the boys and the gorgeous countryside. Or maybe a begining reading series for children.)

  14. We think you were both very brave checking out if these vishus deer were still about so your could protect your mum and dad.
    Eric - did your mum make you have a bath when you got home smelling of vishus deer?

  15. You ManCats are very brave to patrol the area and keep it safe for effurybuddy. You deserve that roll in the dirt!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  16. We're sure your 'rents feel very safe knowing you two handsome fellas are on patrol duty.

    Wonderful pix!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  17. oh guys, I'm your fan!You always find a good adventure there!
    wow this place is fantastic and beautiful and it's amazing you can climb those trees!
    purrs and love

  18. You have lots of beautiful land to patrol. It must take you all day to keep introoders out and at bay. Have a restful weekend!

  19. Eric you are too funny getting that stream!

    I'll bet your beans feel real safe with your boys on the lookout...great job protecting your family.

  20. We remember this post from ferst time round ~ and we fink yoo two were VERY brave!

  21. This was a great post! We envy your rambles around the farm, and especially the dirt rolling.

    Has your Mom ever had to bathe you? We think bathing 16 & 23 pound cats deserves some sort of award for bravery.

  22. We had a vishus deer walking through the yards in our neighborhood this morning.
    It was a young one and he looked pretty hungry. We hope he got back to where he needed to be without getting hit by a car.

  23. Eric and Flynn what a great flashback!!! Oh my CATS it is good to see that two vicious Lions were on patrol. You deserved a nice nap after that grueling trek through the forest.
    Madi and Mom

  24. You guys did a great job! Keep up the good work.

  25. I 'member when you guys were on that vishus deer patrol. I wanted you to catch them deers! I know you guys are very good patrollers and you protect your yard for sure!

  26. You had another great day. And we agree with Flynn of course, in the trees you can see everything that's going on. Besides those trees are just asking for a good climb up.

  27. Ah yes, a roll in the dirt is the perfect way to end a nice stroll.

  28. You two really hunted for that vishus deer -- up the creek, up in trees and efurrywhere!

    The least they could do is give you some butter to go with that roll!