Friday, July 16, 2010

The Friday Flashback.

The Friday Flashback comes from June 2009 and is called:


We were excited when we heard that Zoolatry were having International Box Day today cuz we both like boxes, duzn't everycat? We helped mum find all the photos on all her files so she could get our post ready in plenty of time. Then it nearly didn't happen when the compooter died, but mum looked through all her back up flash drives and we got the photos onto the laptop instead.
We've got a tattle tail about mum and the laptop before you look at our box photos. Mum usually uses the laptop on the sofa or at the table but because the PC isn't working, she put it on the compooter desk. She went to print something this morning and we heard her yell 'I DON'T BELIEVE IT!! NOW THE LAPTOP WON'T WORK!' Do you know what silly mum did? She pulled out the shelf with the PC keyboard and was typing on there, then she wondered why no words were coming up on the laptop. You would think she would learn after the first time wouldn't you, but oh no, she did it time and time again.
Anyway, that's enough of that. Here are our box pictures.

Flynn: Not long after we started blogging, Grr, Midnight and Cocoa had a competition and we won. Part of our purrize was this great box with shreddy paper in.

I love this box and I could smell my girlcat furrend Grr in it. It made the bestest bed.
I have even still got it now. When I sleep in it I dream of Grr.

Eric: I wanted to see what was so great about the box so I thought I would try it. I think it is a bit small for me.

Flynn: This is another good box but I don't have it any more.

It was very comfy though.

Eric: I seem to have a problem finding a box to fit me.

They all seem to have shrunk.

No, no success with this one either.

At last! A box I can move around in!

And another one. What do you mean, it's not a box? It's lovely and comfy with the washing in the bottom. If I close my eyes I can purrtend it is a box.

When I was younger and smaller I used to fit in all sorts of boxes.

Flynn: Bet you wouldn't fit in this box then.

This is a nice big box. It's where our Christmas tree lives when it's not Christmas.

Eric: You're right! It's big enough for two.


  1. That sure looks like fun, sorry I missed it. I guess since Zoolatry left blogging there won't be another one either.

  2. Zoolatry is still blogging!
    Oh You two reminded me of so much that has gone on over the years and like I posted in my THURSDAY post I wonder where so many of our cat blogging furfriends have gone. We know Grr post occassionally, but we miss The Girls from the Piney Woods, we really miss Oreo but we know he went to play at the Rainbow Bridge, there are so many....

    But, we love the boxes!


  3. In that last picture, would you please have your mum close it up and mail you two to our mum? We enjoyed seeing these pictures again. Cats and their to love it!

  4. I'd forgotten about Int Box Day! that was fun. You two look great all squished into boxes. We should run a box picture day again...

  5. It's a Box-Fest!!!
    That was a great post!

  6. Oh we remember Box Day! We didn't have any box pictures (we love them but somehow we had none - don't know how that happened). We love all your box pictures - you both look very cute in your boxes, and those look like super fun boxes for sleeping and playing in!

  7. that is just the CUTEST post ever!

    smiles, auntie bee

  8. Oh this post is so much fun! We laffed at how the boxes shrinked. They've done that here, too. Especially for Johnny. Maybe it's some sort of box conspiracy!

  9. Great post, we enjoyed your Flashback Friday...Love all the box photos, especially the last one with both of you guys hanging out in the one box-very adorable!...Happy Friday sweet, handsome boys...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. We thinks you look cute in the boxes! We especially like that last picture! Very good brothers!

  11. Baby particularly loves boxes. She is so tiny, she can fit into many, many boxes. You two look so cute together in the box in the last picture.

  12. Heehee!! We LOVE boxes here, the bigger the better!! Rumbles jumps on the box top when I'm inside and SQUISHES me tho...

  13. :sigh: International box day was awesome, wasn't it? Such happy days.

  14. WHAT?! Where is THIS year's International Box Day? That's what I want to know!

  15. We want to know when International Box Day is this year too! What a great idea!

    We really enjoyed seeing all those terrific box pictures, and we think the best box is the one with all the shredded paper. That paper would have been as much fun as the box itself! :-P

  16. We loved Box Day!! But then again we love boxes any day!! We need to have another International Box Day!! We love you two together in that last box!!!

  17. Oh my cats Eric and Flynn how did I miss hearing about International box Day? I love boxes I even have a box with windows in it.

    What great boxes you two have...maybe I'll come to see you very soon,

  18. Boxes are great fun for sure...maybe Zoolatry can have another International Box day, so we can all enjoy a good box :)

  19. Boxes are the best hidey spots too. Thank you for coming to my party. I have plenty of nip left over if you want some more.


  20. You seem to have many boxes - Eric it's a shame some of them have shrunk did your mum put them through the washing machine on a hot wash? We hope your ouchie is feeling much better.

  21. Woo Hoo! Dat's da bestest collection of boxes we efur seen! Da shredded paper looks like da most comfy stuff too. We would like to take dat an spread it all ofur da howse.
    Fanks for da warning bout da bitey shrew fing. We gonna see if we can find da ded one an get a closer look to see if him has fangs.
    Off to find some box pics. Owr Mom did da same fing as yurs with da puter! Dat's so funny.

  22. What a wonderful flashback.......YAY for boxes!!!!!!!!!


  23. Just look at how adorable you look in the boxes with the shredded paper. Just like you were two precious gifts (which, of course, you are). Or are you getting ready to send yourselves for a visit to us. Hurrah!

  24. We love boxes too. Looks like you have had lots to play with. Have a great weekend.

  25. You two seem to be quite the box exPURRts! You've certainly tried out enough of them to know what's good and what's not!

    I like the picture where only the tail is showing.

  26. You were not kidding, you do like boxes. :)

  27. you lads haff such a good time in so many diffrunt kinds of boxes--we are jellus. our dad usually smooshes boxes down right away an' puts 'em inna plastic box that he sez will make 'em into ofur boxes eventually--but we haff nefur seen that happen. usually they just disappear!!