Friday, August 13, 2010

The Friday Flashback.

The Friday Flashback is back again and this one is from July 2009 and is called:


Eric: While we were out for our walk it started to rain so we went in the barn to shelter. I thought I may as well check for any new smells while we were there.

Yup, this is a new one. It's very interesting

In fact it is so interesting that I need to rub my face on it to make it smell right. I would normally pee on it but mum says the horses wouldn't like it on their hay bales.

While I was doing that, Flynn had a baff.

Then it stopped raining so we sat outside the door and Flynn carried on baffing.

Right mum, are you ready to get walking again? The rain shower is all finished now.

Flynn: Yeah, come on mum, I'm ready to go.
So we carried on with our walks around the field and the sun kept shining again.

It was getting near dusk on the way back and mum thought the sunset looked pretty so she took a photo of it.


  1. Eric that must've been a good smell you found there to rub on it. I only rub on stuff I like and want to revisit, like momma. I love rubbin on Momma.

    Beautiful sunset!



  2. Looks like a whole lot of fun to me guys! Hey, that header pic is so cool!

  3. Wow, it must be cool to have a barn to explore!! And that sunset is really beautiful!!

  4. Eric, We're pretty sure Maui would have liked to pee on that hay bale, too! You guys have such great times out walking with your Mom...this was a wonderful one to remember.

  5. We remember this flashback. Mom remembers the sunset and we remember how neat it would be to explore a barn.


  6. We love your new header photo; it is really sweet...We enjoyed your Flashback Friday; it's really cool you have a barn and horses and the field=you guys have fun adventures every day!...Happy Friday, sweet, handsome boys...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. That must have been a great smell. We would have rolled in it we think. Nice header too!

  8. We so envy yoo having a barn. It's awesome. And that sunset ~ beautiful!

  9. wow a barn is a promise of lots of fun for sure!So wonderful moment!
    Great pictures guys, I would love to be there and play as well!

  10. Surprise! The ZH (whose senior moments come all too often these days)... well, she actually/catually remembered this!
    Great post, then and now.

    Welcome back; hope vacation was

  11. Oh beautiful boys! How good it is to have you back and being able to come along with you on your adventures. It must be so wonderful to be able to enjoy all of the sights and smells the farm has to offer. We are house kitties and our biggest thrill is our screened-in patio!
    We love the flashbacks!

  12. What great farm photos and a beautiful photo at the end.

    Welcome back boyz. Hope you get to go out walking with your mum soon.

  13. Fantastic pictures! We are so happy that you are back!

  14. Eric and Flynn thank you for the lovely flashback!!! They are new to us because we didn't know you back then. What a lovely sunset.

    Happy Friday,
    Madi and Mom

  15. How lovely to walk in the fields and find interesting smells that need rolling on. We love your mum's sunset photo.

  16. You guys have such fun!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. You guys has such a wonderful world to lives in. With hays and beautimous sunsets. We has missed you!
    (We leaves you a reward yesserday cause we loves you so much!)

  18. Great flashback! It looks like that was a super interesting smell! And that sunset picture was beautiful!!

  19. Lovely post and I love your expressions. You get to have realy cool walks.. That sunset is realy pretty. MUm just loves sunsets.. Mum says hope the trip was wonderful.. HUgs GJ x

  20. What great barn fun and smells and everything you had. Beautiful sunset.

    Welcome home to your Mom and Dad, and you boys too. Nice to see you back.