Saturday, August 21, 2010

Helping with the Holiday Photos.

Yup, we've let mum have the blog again today. I have been helping her post her photos but it is very tiring to make sure she doesn't post too many. Dad got very excited when they reached Norway because he met up with his long lost twin.

Dad and his twin.
Okay mum, it's over to you again.

After a day at sea we reached Norway and the very pretty town of Aalesund. We walked up the hill to the church which had lots of beautiful frescoes. This church was rebuilt after the fire that destroyed most of the town.

When we walked over the hill and down the other side, it brought us to the old harbour.

These old warehouses are amongst the few surviving buildings of the great fire of 1904. Being built of wood, most buildings were destroyed. The town centre was rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style.
Another view of the warehouses with the school on the skyline.

A view taken from the old harbour looking towards the rebuilt town.

All the buildings are post 1904 and built in the Art Nouveau style.

View of the town from the ship. The church is on the skyline on the left and the school in the centre.

We had a good send off by the tug boat.

Our last view of Aalesund as we headed towards Geiranger.
I have been asked several questions about the various photos and will try and answer them next week.


  1. Wow, your humans were ALL over the place! You must be working your paws to the bone, helping to get all these photos posted, Flynn.

  2. Wow, what beautiful photos. :)

  3. You enjoy your nap Flynn, You are doing a good job helping Mom post these beautiful pictures.

  4. WOW Norway sure looks nice.

    Your dads long lost twin is a bit short - isn't he? Obviously not an identical twin


  5. We LOVED the photos. The twin picture and comment was hilarious. Mom loved the Norwegian pictures too as she is supposedly "Norwegian."
    (Norwegian American.) Good job helping out!

  6. Your Dad's twin...we see a resemblance! hee hee!

    What a beautiful town. We think we wouldn't mind being Norway Cats, not one bit. Just think of the fish!

  7. Beautiful photos; we think you're Dad is much better looking than his twin!...Happy weekend, kisses handsome boys...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Ha! Dad and his twin was funny!

  9. Dad, you are definitely the better looking twin. Norway looks very beautiful. We enjoyed seeing all the old buildings. They were great pictures and thanks so much Flynn for helping out. Good job. Have a great week end.

  10. WOW!!! Amazing pictures...look at the rainbow in the tugboats spray...that is surely a sign of a wonderful trip.

    Eric and Flynn if you Mom and Dad ever want to adopt an older 'child' Mom volunteers...MOL
    She said they take the best vacations.
    Happy Weekend
    Madi and Mom

  11. Wow your Dad was so lucky to find his twin!!

    Those are beautiful pics. We love the last one.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. Wow! Those were really great photos. We must be related as that looks like our dad's twin too.

  13. Eric and Flynn, your beans take the best vacations! Norway looks very interesting! And we're glad your dad finally got to meet his long lost twin!

  14. You couldn't mistake your Dad's twin - like two peas in a pod!!!
    Norway looks a very beautiful place but we don't think we would like to visit in winter!!

  15. Your pictures today and yesterday too are fantastic!! You must have had a wonderful trip :-)

  16. Dad's twin! Goodness! What a cheeky boy ! You have such a nice handsome dad who is so good to you! Watch out, love, he may be planning a payback ! You may find your Christmas card photo is wearing a mustache, big fuzzy eyebrows and false nose.

  17. Eric and Flynn, thanks for stopping over at my blog with the birthday wishes. You two guys are sooooo handsome! Looks like some very special place to visit too! You can bet I will be back to see where else you have traveled to! Billy and Ms G

  18. They always have such nice photos to share with us!

  19. How beautiful! And I think your dad is more handsome than his twin :)

  20. My goodness, how lovely it is in Norway. The humans would love to go there themselves. FAZ

  21. OMG your dad and his twin look like... twins!

  22. Great photos of your folks's trip. Norway looks like a beautiful place to visit and the mom and dad here think that would be a great trip someday. Nice that you let them have the computer for a post though I miss hearing about you but I guess we all have to share huh? And about your dad's twin. I am hoping you dad isn't upset since his brother is soooooo much cuter than him. Please don't tell him I said this.

  23. I am just a tiny bit skerred of your dad's twin! But it sure looks like a lovely place to visit!

  24. Beautifurr pictures and beautifurr country.

    Welcome to home :)

  25. Bonjour dear friends!
    wow Norway!You beans were visiting there, I mean Oslo, last July!
    The pictures are wonderful, no doubt your beans are very talented with their camera, and thanks a lot for sharing!
    How cool!
    purrs and love