Friday, October 15, 2010

The Friday Flashback.

The Friday Flashback is once again from September 2009 and is called:


Dad had been working in the bottom field so we thought we would go down there and see him. Suddenly we heard a noise so had to stop and listen.

Flynn: I'm not sure where the noise came from, you look left and I'll look right, then whatever it was, we're sure to see it.

Eric: Hmphh, well I don't see anything. There's nothing this way so you better look left instead and I will look right. I won't miss anything.

Flynn: Whatever it was seems to have gone. Let's check the long grass and have a nom.

Flynn: Come on Eric, that's enough nomming for now, we are supposed to be going to watch dad.

Eric: Okay, I'm coming but I think I need a rest.

Flynn: Oh all right but not too long or dad will be finished down here.

Flynn: There, what did I tell you, dad's gone back so we might as well too. Come on slow coach.

Eric: If I lie in this grass, no-one will see me and I won't get shut back in the garden. Better still, Flynn might come back to look for me and then I can pounce on him.
Flynn: Eriiiiiiiiiic! Mum's got the Greenies out.
Eric: Wait for me, I'm coming.


  1. Flynn you'd better hurray of you'll miss your Greenies!


  2. Even if you never found the mousies, it looks like you two had a fine time!

  3. Oh yea, treats take priority fur sure!!!

  4. Shame - for you but not for the mousies. We see you're meeting GJ and Milo and Alfie's humans. Wow! Have a blast.

  5. Sorry no mousies for you! Happy weekend.

  6. Unfortunate outcome to the mouse hunt, but luckily your mum had the treats ready :-)

    Enjoy the weekend boys!

  7. We hope you have better luck tomorrow

  8. We loved this post! We agree, the greenies get us every time, too. Lately Daddy has had to use them to lure The Baby back down the "back wall highway"!

  9. We love Greenies, you can't miss those, you silly boys!...Happy Friday, handsome friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. We like all the photos, but we couldn't SEE Eric at ALL in the last one!! Watch out mousies!!

  11. Greenies win every time!! What fun you boys have!!

  12. You two are just the best.Eric, hope you made it in time to get some greenies. Don't want to miss those Noms, that is for sure. You two just have the best time in that tall grass.Take care and have a great week end.

  13. We reckon that the greenies will make up for the lack of mousie snacks.

  14. Oh well, sometimes the mousies are faster than you expect! But at least you have the greenies to enjoy, and you got to have some tasty grass too!

  15. What wonderful adventures you boys always have!!!!!!


  16. Ooohhh strange noises.. are there big monsters there? We know y'all are more than a match for any monster.

  17. Hi Eric and Flynn
    Hunting is very hard work and leaves one hungry and thirsty.
    Hugs Madi

  18. Think positive about next week okay!
    Love you boys

  19. You boys are always up to something fun.

    Just read you're having lunch with GJ's family. So cool, have fun!

  20. You guys have always been the best mousie hunters, but Greenies will divert you every time!!! Hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  21. Mum is just laughing her heart out over the dialogue between you two. You really are so hilarious. "The Eric and Flynn Comedy Hour".Now there you go. The post from Oct.7 where Eric asks Flynn if he peed on the grass reminds us of a silent skit on the old Benny Hill show. Can't you just see Benny nomming something tasty and then imagine the face he'd make when he tasted something unpleasant. Just like Eric.( We do not mean to insult or offend. Sorry if we did))