Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Photos - Rhodes.

We had already scheduled our post for today before we heard the sad news that two of our close friends had gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Inigo was such a handsome boy and fought his illness bravely. He was much too young to be called to the Bridge and we will miss him dearly.

Miss Patches from the Great Piney Woods was one of our very first friends and helped us out with our blogging problems when it was all new to us. Although she no longer blogged regularly we still had the occasional updates, and she also fought her battle valiantly. She will also be greatly missed.
Play free, healthy and happily at the Bridge dear friends. You will never be forgotten.

Can you believe mum is still taking over our blog? Well this is what I think of it!

Our next port of call was the beautiful island of Rhodes. We walked around the old walled medieval town which shares it's name with the island.

Hippocrates Square.

The mosque.

Street of the Knights.

Grand Master's Palace. (I think!)

View over the walled town from the ship.

Sunset over Rhodes.


  1. Great pictures. I hope you all have a great weekend. Hey, I know you are friends of Rumblebums, Inigo is leaving for the Bridge, info on their blog.

  2. It looks like another lovely vacation=your parents always visit beautiful, wonderful places!...Happy weekend, handsome boys, we love you both...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Terrific pics. We're so sad about Inigo. Dreadful.

  4. Very nice photos of the vacation. It's good of you to share your blog.

  5. Looks like they had a terrific time! And your face is GREAT!

  6. What a lovely sunset you captured!

  7. More fantastic photos! The shot of the town from the ship--boy the cruise ship is TALL!

  8. Eric & Flynn
    how sweet of you to share your blog with your Mom.
    Loved the holiday pictures the sunset is so beautiful.

  9. Very interesting about the walled city! Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your vacation.

  10. I am so glad my human does not go anywhere as interesting or pretty as your humans do. That way, I can keep my blog to myself. Hee-hee!

  11. What a cute face :) Lovely vacation photos too!

  12. Wow - Rhodes looks beautiful!

  13. Mummy wants to visit Rhodes, now she wants to go all the more. Humph, spose that suitecase will be coming down again then!

  14. What a lovely holiday mum and dad had, with such pretty sites to see.

  15. It's very sad about Inigo and Patches :( Your mum's photos are lovely!

  16. Beautiful pictures. And we are so very sad today too.

  17. Those are really lovely pictures. What a fun time you must have had.
    We are really really sad today also from losing two wonderful cats. Take care.

  18. We were so sorry to hear Inigo was going to the Bridge as we thought he was eating a little and was improving - it rather caught us unawares he was much worse again. We also left a message for Miss Patches family.
    Eric you cheered us rather with your cheeky picture - it's a good job you were alert cos Flynn looked as we was in the land of nod.
    We enjoyed looking at the holiday pictures though - but we expect you had already seen them!!

  19. Morning Eric and Flynn
    We were very sorry to read about Indigo and Miss Patches they were very special kitties and very handsome and pretty.

    Mom thank you for sharing these beautiful vacation pictures....
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  20. Purrty pictures of Rhodes.

    We are so sorry that Miss Patches and Inigo are gone. Another sad day on the CB.

    Luf, Us

  21. We feel great sadness at the loss of two more fluffy friends.

    Milo and Alfie xx

    Thanks for sharing the pics of Rhodes ~ P and I had a holiday there a few years ago, so it was a nice reminder.

    Jan x

  22. Amazing set of pictures from Rhodes, thanks so much for sharing! wow beautiful!
    **sad news about the friends, I'm purring and sending love for them.

  23. It's so sad about Inigo and Patches.

    Hmmm, maybe you could charge your mom when she takes over your blog. Extra treats or something.

  24. Such sad news again today. So much these past few months. We loved looking at your photo's again. Rhodes was another place the folks liked and would go back to. Hugs GJ x

  25. SO sad and in shock to hear about Inigo. Last I heard he was doing better.

    Very sorry to hear about your other pal as well.

    Beautiful photos. That water looks SO blue.

  26. We didn't know Patches, but we are sad for her family. We feel a big loss with Inigo going to the Bridge, because he was a special friend.

    You folks' pictures are very nice - Mom and Dad would love to take a trip like that.

  27. Rhodes looks like a beautiful place!!

    We also are very sad about Patches and Inigo going to the Bridge. We will miss them very much.

  28. Maybe Patches and Inigo met each other on the other side and are playing together.
    Wow, look, more cool photos of where your pawrents are having fun!!!!=^Y^=

  29. What an interesting city. One can definitely see a middle eastern/ Turkish influence. How was shipboard life? The views have to be amazing from the sea.

    A sad loss of two friends. We send our love and prayers.

  30. Yes, we will miss sweet Inigo's presence and Miss Patches purrty face...we have memories now.

    Lotsa travels for your humans (were you along?) and lovely of you to share the photos too

    Oh, we made an oops on our Sunday comment--you aren't orange--you are ginger...sorry! Orange sounds very 'un-British!