Monday, November 22, 2010

Mancat Monday and Ephesus, Turkey.

Mancats on lookout duty.

Our next visit was to Ephesus in Turkey. St. Paul wrote his letter to the Ephesians here, and it is also believed that St. John wrote his gospel here.

These were shops. The mosaic pavement outside would originally have been covered.

* The Magnesian Gate.

We went into the Terrace Houses which have not long been open for viewing. The walls were all lined with marble which was broken into millions of pieces during the great earthquake. Archeologists are trying to put them back together panel by panel like an immense jigsaw puzzle.

Wall paintings in one of the rooms of a terrace house.

All the rooms had paintings on the walls.

A mosaic centrepiece on the floor.

The Library of Celsus stands at the end of the main street.

The Odeon (theatre) which was used for public meetings and plays but not fights.

*I am hoping that I have the names right but we saw so many ancient sights that it is hard to remember all of them.


  1. What a fabulous holiday! Love seeing all the photos. :-)

  2. We like how you boys are covering each-others bums!

    Mommy says your Parents vacation is a trip of a lifetime; what fabulous things to see.

  3. That is really awesome trip!!!
    What a great history building !!!

  4. Wow. Such awesome pictures!!! We especially luff the first one, with touching tails.

  5. Sure looks like an incredible place!

  6. Very cool! They even had art on their floors way back then.

  7. What a great place to visit! My mom has read about a lot of this, but has never been there.

  8. Wow! I know there is so much history all overthe world, but i had no idea that there were so many historic sites in viewing condition over that way.
    What a wonderful experience you guys must ahve had!
    Historic sites over scenery any day! :)

  9. Tommy says she's jealous. How wonderful to go and witness such history (I google these things)


    PS. Personally I like the man cat picture up top!!

  10. WOW what a nice holiday you had. Thank you for sharing all these pretty pictures with us.


  11. I think it's wonderful of you to post pictures of all the amazing places your parents have gone. Now my mom can look at the pictures and enjoy them so she'll have no need to travel to these places because now she's seen them. She'll never have to leave me...ever.

  12. We love seeing all the photos. The rooms must have looked so elegant with their hand-painted walls.

  13. Your parents take such interesting trips!!

    You two make purrfect lookouts!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  14. So beautiful! I love all the wall paintings.

  15. Whoa. Momma is seriously jealous. Biblical ancient ruins... awesome.

  16. You two boys look like book ends. So very handsome.
    Those pictures are really good. It is so interesting to see all the art in the different rooms. Think how hard that was to do back in those days.
    Take care and have a great week. Guess you don't have turkey day over there.

  17. Those are really gorgeous photos! What a fabulous holiday!

  18. Morning Eric and Flynn!!!
    You two are looking very handsome today. What an amazing feeling Mom must have had to be standing in the very spot as St. Paul!!!

    Gorgeous pictures,
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  19. You are looking like a pair of book ends back to back!!
    Lovely pictures today - putting some of the marble pieces together must be like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle.

  20. Hi boys! Looks like you have all angles covered!! Good job!!

    And what an interesting place your beans visited!! Thanks for sharing those pictures!!

  21. Fantastic! How fun to try and imagine what the city would have been like during its prime! Eric and Flynn you boys are on the job today...keep up the good work!

  22. Our mama loved seeing the pics of Ephesus...she would love to visit all the places named in the Bible.

    We loved seeing the pic of you, Eric and are doing such a grand job of being lookouts.

    Happy Mancat Monday, and love to all of you from all of us.

  23. We are enjoying seeing your mum and dads pictures. Looks like a nice place that. I would like to exchange cards with you two. I think your mum has my address.. Hugs GJ x

  24. Those photos are so neat to see. I wish they made things like that today they are so beautiful.

  25. How fascinating those pictures are! We really enjoyed seeing all the ruins and the beauty.


  26. It looks like you two are joined at the hip.

    Minchie especially loved the pictures of Turkey. Being he's a Turkish Angora, that's where his relative are originally from, many, many years ago.

  27. If mom were to paint the walls in our house, it would look nothing like that!!!
    Love that picture of you guys!
    Those mousies don't stand a chance with each one of you looking out different directions.

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