Thursday, November 25, 2010

Watching and Waiting and Athens Photos.

Mum is showing more of her photos so I will sit here and watch this mouse hole. Wake me up when she's finished.

Our next stop was Athens, the Greek capital, and of course the Acropolis. We had always thought of the famous building at the top of the hill being the Acropolis, but Acropolis in fact means city.

When we got right to the top we could look down into the Theatre of Herodes Atticus which was built in 161AD and is still used for festivals and concerts.

We could look across and see the Temple of Hephaestus which was built in 449BC. It is the best preserved Ancient Greek temple in the world.

Then we got to the Parthenon which we had always thought of as the Acropolis. It is undergoing restoration to preserve it for future generations. If you look carefully you can see parts of the pillars are lighter than the rest, particularly at the top. This is done deliberately to show what is original and what is restored.

The ancient Agora. This was a very important gathering place for justice and commerce, and also for athletic and theatrical performances.

More of the Agora.

The old Royal Palace now known as the Presidential Mansion.

The Changing of the guards is held every hour.

Very different to the Buckingham Palace changing of the guards.

The Panathinaiko Olympic stadium built for the first modern Olympic Games of 1896. It is built entirely of white marble. (Even the toilets are all marble!!)

The Running Man built entirely from sheets of glass to represent the Marathon runners.


  1. You sure are patient watching that mouse hole! Athens looks so very pretty, amazing things to see!

  2. The archaeological sites are amazing. What a terrific trip!

    Oh, and we want to know if you got a mousie, after all that waiting!

  3. Flynn! Flynn! Did you see those cat toys on those guards' feet???

    Oh, and my mom says, Wonderful photos again!

  4. My human found the Athens photos interesting. I am waiting to find out if you got a mouse...

  5. I think if your humans are going to put all these travel photos on your blog, next time they need to take you two with them!

    OK, maybe that's not such a great idea...

  6. Did a mousie ever come out of that mouse hole?

    Greece looks like a real neat place, all those old buildings - I bet they had mousies there.

    Tomorrow is Turkey day - so I won't be on till late.
    You have a real good day.


  7. Are the Elgin Marbles going to have to go back?

  8. Loooove these pics. I hope you saw your mousie too.

  9. Wonderful pics. They so make me want a holiday!

    I know we don't officially celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK but:

    Happy Thanksgiving to yoo all anyway. We hope the year ahead is healthy, wealthy and very happy.

  10. Bonjour dear friends,
    Wow more fabulous pictures!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  11. Those are amazing pictures. It is like a little history lesson. We have enjoyed all the trip pictures.
    Hope the mousie came out while you were waiting. Good luck on getting that varmit.
    Take care and have a super day.

  12. Wow, great pictures. They make me feel warm. Love the running man and the changing of the guards (they look like they're doing a dance, hehe)

    Marble is beautiful, but it's cooold on tummies!

    Thanksgiving, furriends!


  13. We love the running man - the shape of it really gives the impression of speed. Mum loves everything about Athens (except the traffic!!) and has visited several times.
    We hope you aren't still waiting for that mousie.

  14. Athens is beautiful!! All that history! Mom says it would be really cool to see a concert or something in that theater.

    We hope that mouse comes out soon.

  15. Wow, the best pictures yet!!!

  16. Hope whatever was lurking in the tall grass came out and you were able to take care of things.
    The photos from Athens were beautiful!

  17. the changing of the guard must be something to see. Looks like work!

  18. Hi Eric and Flynn!!!
    What beautiful pictures and commentary. Looks like Mum and Dad had beautiful weather for their cruise.

    Hey Guys guess what...I got turkey last night and Mom promised me as long as there was turkey in the fridge I'd get a snack everytime she took out the container...Happy Days,
    Hugs Madi

  19. Great pictures! Thanks for letting your Mom share them with us.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  20. Such beautiful pictures but so not good since mom just sighs and thinks about abandoning us with a baby sitter....

    Hope you caught a mousie!

  21. Yea dat mousie hole is interestin. The mom loves da piccys of Greece.

    On this Thanksgiving we are thankful for having a good furever home. The mom has given the stray kittehs sum noms from the turkey.

    I is Jake!!

  22. Haf a great Thursday! Yoo want some leftover Turkey? Schmaybe not though, cuz it looks like yoo are gettin some fresh mousie today.

  23. Boy your Mum and Dad sure had one heck of a trip. Mom is so enjoying looking at their pictures. I think Mom is dreaming it was her that took the pictures. Me, I would rather be with you watching for that mouse.


  24. Mommy enjoyed the travel pictures! CC would like to know if you got a mousie?
    Happy Thanksgiving from your American pals!

  25. Those pictures of Athens are great! We hope a mousie came out of that hole after you guys were so patient!!!

  26. We are always amazed at the beauty and grace of the architecture and monuments created so long ago. And that a structure built so long ago is still used today just boggles the mind. We have to chuckle when we think that the town in which we live now was founded in 1963 (yes, 1963) and has an area designated as "old town".

    Catch a nice plump, juicy mouse and enjoy it for us.
    Our love to all.

  27. Our mama especially loved the photos of Athens.......she so wanted to visit there when she lived in Ireland, but it didn't happen. Thanks for sharing your pics with us.

    We love y'all bunches.

  28. Totally loving these photos. :)