Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

I have had lots of fun playing with our toys and now I am tired out. My tail is so tired it didn't even make it back out of the cube.

Can you see anything different about me?

How about now?


  1. Aww you must be tired when your tail is even tired!! hehe
    And we noticed!! You have a new colla! did you wear it long not being used to them? I want to put pretty collars on all my kitty babies but are scared that they won't wear them :)

  2. You have a collar! Why, it is so much nicer to be nekkid!

  3. A Collar! Do you like it? Why? Was it a gift? Did Eric get one?

    So many questions...inquiring Cats want to know!

  4. New Collar ! ...Join the club ! Flynn
    I got it too plus two tags. The tags are really annoy while I do eating. I hope you didn't have the tag : )

  5. You got a collar. I hope you like it.

  6. You know boys, I would love to be there and play with you!You have cool toys!
    And today we have some sunshine! yes...I'm happy, I will enjoy a sunbath!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  7. Oooh, new collar. I love my collar. Its pink and blingy and sparkley and it makes a lovely jingle sound when I run about :)

  8. A nice new collar. We don't wear collars for many reasons. One is that they might get caught on something outside and two, we just know we wouldn't like them. But yours looks really nice. Do you like your collar?? Have a super Sunday.

  9. So why are you wearing a collar??? Have a great Sunday you two!!!

  10. You got a new collar, Flynn. How do you like it?? Mom took our collars off for awhile, but she's gonna put them back on us today, so she says...

  11. Morning Flynn.
    I hate it when my tail gets is such a drag. MOL

    All I noticed about you was that you are gorgeous!!!
    Hugs Madi

  12. You've got a collar on - doesn't it bother you? We don't wear collars cos mum worries about them snagging on something. We don't know what it's like to wear one - do you like it Flynn?

  13. Wow! You have a new collar on. Lose it somewhere, first chance you get!

  14. You're wearing a collar! We've never worn collars, is it comfy?

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  15. Flynn, do you have a new collar?

  16. Oh, no!!!!!!!!!! The dreaded collar!!! We are so lucky cuz our mama won't put one on us. She's afraid we'll get hung up somewhere.

    We don't think she knows that most of them nowdays have a safety thing on it so if we got caught up, we'd be freed from the collar......we hope yours has that, Flynn.

    Love to all of you.

  17. It's a collar! We thought we saw a collar but then thought surely not! But it was a collar!
    Your mum and dad love you boys very much and must have a good reason to think you need one. Tell up more! Tell us more!

  18. so Why have you got a new collar?
    Especially in the house. - I only have to wear mine when I go outside.


  19. Looks like a good way to spend your Sunday. I like your collar, but I won't wear one. I pop it off in seconds flat.

  20. Hmmm! It must be the collar! Cool! Will you keep it? I won't lets my mom put one on me! I will bites her if she tries!!

  21. If the tail is tried--man oh man--everything is tired! You doin' a collar? WOW--if you can, maybe I'll let Tommy put one on me..maybe....


    PS. You look comfy on the perch!

  22. Nice to see you with a collar
    We have also one
    but there is also a big bell on it :(
    Mommy sad she can hear us with bells
    You are looking very cool with a collar :-)

    Cuddle from

    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<