Monday, February 28, 2011

Mancat Monday

Eric: Do you remember when I took the photo of the mousie I caught last week? This was me catching it.

Mum thinks this is probably when I took the photo of it. I wanted to eat it but she wouldn't let me because I ate one I caught two days before, then the next day I yakked up a black mousie hairball.

She took it away from me so I couldn't eat it, so I went back to see if I could find another one. I had a good look in his bed but it was empty.

Flynn was there keeping guard too. He was a little bit annoyed that I caught the mousie and not him.

I'll just have another look.

Maybe I will sit here and wait for his family to come home. I hope they aren't too long or I might miss my supper.

Has anybody noticed if their free storage for photos has changed? We were up to 94% and have been posting our photos at a lower resolution for the last year or so to make our storage space last longer. Today we see we are down to 87% and we don't know how we suddenly have an extra 7%. We haven't deleted any photos to make more room.


  1. I haven't noticed about maximum storage capacity, but anything that gives you more must be good!

  2. We love these mousie pictures but our mum gets a little squeemish. Keep up the good work boys!

  3. Well, that was rude, taking away the mousie. Hmpf. **We don't know about the storage space either. We'll take a look at it.

  4. ERic and Flynn you are both excellent mousers!

    Mom had to buy extra storage last year, but she hasn't noted anything different lately.


  5. I never look at those things with storage, so I hasve no idea :(

    Pictures like thes remind me why you boys are so rugged and handsome.
    Protecting your momma and dadda and property... and maybe getting a little snack when they aren't looking :)

  6. You are an excellent mouser! I hope that you find another one!

  7. Wow !!! You are the best Mousy Hunter !!!!
    I never see anyone catch so many mousies like you. You are my hero !!!!
    Where I live it's no mousies because we have so many cats around here. Just the birdy and the bugs.
    I didn't know if you eat mouse it can cause you yakked hairball as well. It's good your mom look after you.

    About the free storage. My mom worry about that too. We don't know how we make an extra storage.


  8. Oh we know all about the tossing of the mouse parts. It is gross. We don't do blogger but our assistant has to keep the resolution down on our pictures. Those are terrific pictures of Eric out hunting.

  9. Those really are great mousing pics fur sure!

  10. You guys are great mousers! We never get any practice here. My human is relieved about that, since we are indoor cats, but we are not thrilled.

  11. Yeah we are getting higher on the picture thing. We this with the movies it takes more. We have used 59% of what is allowed.

    Good job on the mousies.

  12. Mom is very glad you did not eat the mouse while you had the camera on!

  13. what?! hunt, stalk,, and then the mama took it AWAY! on the flip side, mousie hair YAK doesnt sound fun.

  14. We hit our photo limit last year so mom had to buy me more storage.

    You boys are fun to watch when you mouse hunt!

  15. Eric my friend, you are the king of mousers!!

  16. We are so in ENVY abowt yoo two having the opportunity to catch mousies. :sigh:

  17. Eric, we bet that mousie tasted better going down than coming up.

    We hope you can find another one!!

  18. What? Your mum took your mousie away from you and wouldn't let you eat it? What's wrong with yakking up a black mousie furball? You eat the good parts, the stuff that's not digestible gets yakked up. Purrfectly natural! :-P

    Re: storage -- the mom pays Google for extra storage, because she has thousands upon thousands (20,000+) in Picasa albums. So we haven't noticed anything about image storage.

  19. Dat sure looked like a furry tasty mouse! What great hunters you both are!

    Da Critters

  20. Mum says she's never noticed about the photo capacity - where does it show how much you're using?
    We're sorry that mousie you ate got you in trouble with your mum -it's a shame she saw you eating it so you couldn't point the paw at your brofur!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. Ohhh! Hunting for mousies outside! Me can't wait for the snow to be gone so me can do that too!
    Thanks for sharing, made me want summer to hurry up!

  22. You two get the best pictures. I would love to come and chase mousies with you. Hugs GJ x

  23. I don't think my boys would have any clue about catching mice...would be entertaining to watch though!

  24. MOL Eric and looks like any self respecting mouse would get a hair cut before venturing out into you yard. He must not realize that you cannot digest his furs..
    Hugs Madi

  25. we can't believe Mom lets you eat the mousies!

  26. We think it is smart of you to wait for the mouses family - that is a good time to catch them. We do think we wouldn't have eaten him though, especially after the mouse hairball.

    We haven't noticed about the storage because ours was getting full and so mom paid for some more - now we have a bunch. We think that some of the storage is shared with things like Gmail so maybe if you delete a bunch in there you got some for pictures, but we aren't really sure.

  27. Hai Eric and Flynn! Thanks you for stopping by my bloggie, so good to sees you two.

    I hopes you find out about blogger image storage, would be nice if it was unlimited, I mean everyone will always has lots of photos.

    Concats on catching da mousie, my momma would has taken it away too, bummer huh. You guys must have so much fun in da grasses there wif all dem mousies!


  28. So lovely to see you hunting :-)
    Fantastic action shots !!!!

    Hugs to all

    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´Anya

  29. EWWWW black mousie hairball!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  30. Those are some really great mousing pictures. Sorry to hear that you mum took it away from you.

    Glad I didn't have to look at what you hacked up.

    Don't know about your picture question though. Sorry.


  31. Mousies! Real live mousies! And you actually know where they live ! Awesome! We can almost feel the excitemenchef the hunt!! We think that it's probably better to eat the nice food mum and dad give you and leave the mousie munchies alone. We don't want you to get a sore tummy.

  32. That's very cool that you and your Mom were taking pictures of the mousie in your mouth at the same time -- and from such different PURRspectives!

    I'm sure glad I wasn't there to see the mousie hairball -- did it have eyes? Yak!

    Oh, and did you see yourself on the LOLSpot yet?

  33. We love that both you AND Mom got pictures of you with the mousie!

    We used to see something on Dashboard that said how much storage we used, but its been gone about a year. We thought mebbe they stopped keepin track...

  34. We had no idea there was a limit? Where do you see it?

  35. You sure are an excellent mouser, Eric!