Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flynn's Fotos

Flynn: It is my turn to take the photos this week so I took a photo of the patio table on the way out. Mum is hoping that it will soon be warm enough to sit out there with a nice bottle of wine.

Then I went out into the field and took a photo with the sun shining. My sun has got a black spot like Eric's did as well.

This is our favourite place to sit because behind that fence are big fat white fevvers that poop out things that mum calls eggs. We would like to go and visit them but mum won't let us.

After we had watched the fevvers for a while, I went to the top of the field and looked back down so I could take a photo of the hay barn.

Then I looked the other way and took a photo of the river.

I wasn't very pleased with the photo of the hay barn because it was a bit dark, so I took another one with the tractor shed next to it. This one came out much better. That's it for this week. Eric will be showing his photos next week.


  1. I think you are a fine photographer! I am sure I have talent like that but I am limited by what I do not get to do or where I do not get to go...

  2. Such wonderful photos, Flynn! I think it's so cool that you are a kitty photographer. The fence picture is my favorite!

  3. Flyn and Eric,
    You know my mom is a big fan of your photos. She is really nosy to know what 's cat world look like.

  4. Eric you did a great job! We *think* the white egg poopers are CHIKKUNS! You need to investigate further, maybe when your Mum isn't looking.

  5. THose are great photos! Love the ones of the hay barns!

  6. Very scenic pictures this week!
    You really are in quite a rural area!
    We'd like to get some close up pictures of the egg-pooping-fevvers!

  7. Best be careful - how good you get at taking all those neat pictures - your mum might put you to work - for real.


  8. These pictures are wonderful!
    You are very talented!

  9. Flynn, yoor photos are awesome. Mom is fascinated by the black spot sun ~ she wonders if ennybuddy can explain this strange phenommy ... erm .. fanonemem .. erm phenomenanny ... erm strange sight!

  10. Flynn, those are great photos. Love the part about the fevvers pooping out little fevvers. Glad Mom wouldn't let you chase them. Good job Flynn.

  11. Loving the photos the boys are taking. The idea of having them take pix is fantastic. You have started something I'm thinking will work in the SouthWoods too.

    Maybe .....

  12. Awesome photos, Flynn! They are very moody and atmospheric.

  13. Well done Flynn!!! We like that you and Eric take turns with the photo shots. We get to see lots of different things from a cat's eye view.
    We are not familiar with fevvers...are they like chickens?
    We'll have to Google them.
    Hugs Madi

  14. We love your pics, Flynn, and your comment about the big fat white fevvers cracked us up ... hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

    Pee Ess ... Our Momma hopes it warms up there too so your Mum can enjoy that wine on the patio :)

  15. Great photographs this week Flynn -although your mum was mean not to let you get close ups of the fevvers to show us - purely educational pictures of course!!
    It is furry windy here today again and the leaves are blowing round as if it was autumn!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. You do better than our Mom!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  17. Super photos Flynn!!! We think the black spot is a UFO - LOL!

  18. This is incredibly cool! We're gonna go back and see your other photos. We're really annoyed that we've been missing so much recently!

  19. Bravo Flynn, I think they are all excellent!!!

  20. Flynn
    We love seeing things from your point of view!


  21. Your photos are gettng better and better!! We love seeing them!!

  22. Flynn, we think that 4th one could hang in a museum as "A Matter of Perspective". Beins would be all enthused over the elimination of "Heightism"...

  23. Love all your photographs Flynn. :)