Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tummy Tuesday and Sweet Praline.

Have you missed my lovely white tummy?

Stop looking! You're making me shy.

Our Beans are deserting us for a few days, but we don't mind this time. They are going to see GJ and his mum and dad to get some rest and relaxation before mum has to go into hospital. We have told them that they have to tell GJ that we said he has to eat more. We worry about him and know his mum and dad are very worried.

We are very sad that our dear friend Sweet Praline has made her journey to The Bridge. We know it was the hardest decision for her mom Paula, but we know it was the right and kindest one. We will miss you Miss Praline, but we won't forget you.


  1. Oh Eric we just wanna snorgle your tum!!! What a great tummy!! We hope your Mom enjoys her trip with GJ family!! We miss you guys! Take good care.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  2. we are waiting for you here. We are so sad to hear about Sweet Praline and she will be so missed. Hugs GJ x

  3. We love your tummy, Eric! And we've missed it. We've been to see Praline's mum. So sad. Give our purrs to GJ and have a very relaxing time. You're all in our thoughts.

  4. You have the best snorglable tummy ever! We too will miss Praline

  5. Oh yes, your Mom and Dad need to take GJ something yummy! I am so very sad about our Sweet Praline, she really was a special gal.

  6. we DID miss your tummy, soooo much!!!
    I bet if anyone could make GJ eat your Mum and Dad can.
    We didn't know Sweet Praline but we are very sad to hear the news and feel so bad for her Mommy...we wish we had known her.

  7. Say hello to GJ for us. Nice that you have a chance to visit. We are going to keep you mum in our purrs for along time.

  8. Great tummy pictures!

    We are sorry to hear about Sweet Praline.

  9. Your tummy shots made us smile. We needed that on this sad day.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. Sorry Eric, we just HAD to stare! Your tummy is so yummy.

    We hope your Beans have a wonderful time with GJ's Beans! Perhaps he'll listen to you and eat with your orders.

    We are so sad for Praline's Mom.

  11. I got no blink here !! Wonderful Tummy... My mom is dying to rub, Eric !!!!

    Me and my mom glad to here your mommy is going to visit GJ. I hope she improved her eating because we are so worry about her too. I purrs for your mom and GJ.

    For Praline, This is heart broken news. Just hope mom Paula is o.k.

    Please Be Safe and Take Care

  12. Thank you for the lovely words for my Sweet Praline.

    Mom Paula

  13. Of course we missed your tummy.

    And we are so sad about Sweet Praline too.... the whole CB is upset.

    And please send good vibes to GJ and his family - we hope also that the visit is good for your mum - we are thinking of her too xx

  14. Make sure your humans tell GJ hello from me! I have been hoping he will start eating soon too - it has been very worrying for us all.

  15. Have we ever missed that soft white tummy! Mum feels a snorkel is definitely in order.
    We are happy to tears that your mum and dad are going to visit Ginger Jasper. Good for your mum to get away and good for GJ's mum and dad to have some loving friends at hand.
    You know boys, your dad is a master scritcher of kitties. He is the one by which all other scritchers are judged! Maybe your dad can work his magic with Jasper! He's got the touch, your dad does. He will do his magic scritch and GJ's dad, master cat feeder, will get Jasper to eat! Between the two of them, they may just get Jasper well
    We know you'll miss your mum and dad a lot, but we'll keep you company , we really will! Lobe from us

  16. Eric that beautiful white tummy was just the right start to a grey day. We hope your mum and dad have a great time with GJ and his mum and dad.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. Cuddle, cuddle, tum tum.
    Have a great visit with GJ, C & B.

  18. We love that tum!

    We hope yoor mom and dad have a lovely time wiv GJ and his beans. Purrs.

    We are so very sad about Sweet Praline. We will miss lots her too. We are sending love to her mommy Paula.

  19. Eric, we sure have missed that super tummeh.
    We are glad to hear that your beans are going to visit GH and his beans. Please give GJ a big hug for us and see if he will eat something. We hope that Mom and Dad have a nice relaxing time over at GJ's place. Take care. Have a great trip.

  20. Don't be shy showin off dat handsome tummy. Take care of your humans and gif dem licks from us. We wish dem a wonnerful time wif dare fambly.

  21. Don't be shy. We love your furry tummy!

    Nishiko xxx

  22. Oh Eric! Seeing your tummy makes us smile!!

    Please tell your humans to give GJ a headbutt from all of us and tell him to eat more!!

    We will miss Sweet Praline very much.

  23. that splendid tummy is nuffin' to be shy about. "if ya gots it, flaunt it" is OUR motto!

    we hopes your mum is bearing up well--and we knows youse is takin' good care of her. we is purrin' an' purrayin' fur her an' all yer fambly an' fur the surgeon's team!!

    the meowers

  24. Tummy Tummy Tummy!
    It's a great one, yes indeed!
    Hope your people enjoy their rest and please know your mom remains in our thoughts.
    Praline is missed by many. Her passing makes us all hold our kitties a little tighter today.

  25. Me LOVES your tummy! Mommy would nosh it though if it got displayed around here! Kisses to yous and GJ and Purrayer to your Mommy and Sweet Pralines Mommy

  26. Okay I admit it I was staring at your cute tummy.I am sad about Sweet Praline and I will miss her.

  27. Beautiful, manly tummy!!! And we think some rest and relaxation is just what your Mom needs right now.

  28. No cuter tummy! Hope your mum and dad have a wonderful visit with GJ and his fambly. Too bad you can't go too.

    We are so sad about Sweet Praline. It's always so hard on the mums left behind.

  29. We hope you have a nice time at GJ's house, please tell GJ to keep eating!!!

    Eric your tum tum is fantastic :-)

  30. You DO have a lovely tummy!

    We are a bit behind on the news and just got up to speed with your Mum. We're sorry to her she is sick and needs more surgery. We will all be purring for a complete cure and Momma will keep her in her prayers!

  31. Have your mum and dad left for their vacation?
    Now boys, no wild kitty parties or shredding cushions or mousie-fests. Time to relax and catch up on your sleep so you can take good care of your mum when she comes home. Our mum wishes she could be your kitty sitter.

  32. It is a very manly mancat tummy!
    We hopes your mum and da have a good bisit with GJ.
    We is very sad about sweet Miss Praline. We purrs fur Mom Paula.

    We purrs for your fambily too!

  33. We pray your 'rents have a grand time with GJ and his mum and dad.

    We are praying for your mum.

    We love all 4 of you very, very, very much.

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  35. Oh, what a floofy white tummy you have! Thanks for showing it to us! I don't have a white tummy but Willow does! We are sending purrs and prayers for your Mum. We're glad she gets to see Ginger Jasper and we hope that he eats more too. We are also sad that Sweet Praline has gone to the Bridge.

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  36. Sadie sed yoo haf a yummy tummy...we are sad dat Praline hadda go to da Bridge and are thinking of her mommy. We will be purring fur yoor mom and hope she can get GJ to eat more, we worry so about our CB frends and der beins...

  37. Handsome tummy. We are sad about Praline too.

    Hope your mom and dad have a great time with GJ's family.

  38. Thats a right handsome tummy there, Eric!

  39. Dear friends,
    I'm always thinking of you and sending lots of love to your mommy!
    So sad news about Sweet Praline, I'm purring for her!
    take care my friends,
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  40. Hello handsome boys...we had to come by for our E&F fix....including white tummies.
    We hope mom and day are having a good time and just maybe...GJ will eat for them.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  41. HI fellas,

    I'm really sorry to hear that your mummy has go go back to the hospital and we're all purring hard for her. I hope she has a good rest while she's away.

  42. We love your tummy shots, handsome Eric and your shyness only makes us want you more :)...We hope your parents have a safe, enjoyable trip; we are purring and praying for GJ and your Mum, sweet boys...We miss gorgeous Praline too=she was such a special, lovely sweetheart and we will never forget her...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  43. Hope your mum and dad are having a great time with Jasper's parents. Have the beans found a way to get GJ to eat yet?
    Wasn't the wedding beautiful! Lovely in every way! And the royals looked genuinely happy for the young couple.

    All of our love to you. We miss you so!

  44. Oh what a cute tummy Eric!! We are sending purrrrs and prayers to your Mum and to GJ to eat, too!!
    (((((((HUGGGGSSSSSS))))))) from your TX furiends,

  45. Such a sweet tum!!! We are just getting caught up with everything and just visited with Paula. So sad to lose another friend.

    Hope your folks have a good visit with GJ and his crew, what fun! We also want to say best wishes to your Mum!! She will be in our thoughts and we hope she makes a speedy recovery!

    Hugs and purrs!

  46. That's a great tummy shot!

  47. we missed you two sweethearts!
    we hope everything goes well for your mom when she hasta got to the hospital. tell he to get some good rest before she goes. we wil send good thoughts and rumbling purrs too to help hers get well soon!

    Kashim, Othello and Salome

  48. You have the cutest tummy ever! We hope your mum and dad have a nice relaxing time. We're sending purrs and prayers for your mum.

  49. Boys, I am sending my best purrs for your mum.

  50. hello, darlings! we wantsta let you an' yer mum (an' dad) know that we is still purrin' an' sendin' big loves to you all!!

    purrs an' kisses--
    ed, nitro, xing, igmu an' the meower mom & dad

    (ohhhhhh, all right; an' slobbers from the dbd)

  51. Loved seeing the tummy photos! Really cute. So sad about Sweet Praline. Oh how she will be missed. Someday we will be with her and can once again play together.
    Sending good thoughts and purrs your way.

  52. I left a comment but don't know where it went. Anyway, love the tummy photos. You are such cuties.
    So sad about Sweet Praline. She will certainly be missed.
    Sending good thoughts your way along with purrs.