Monday, May 16, 2011

Mancat Monday

We were taking our mum and dad for a walk in the fields and I thought I heard something, so I sat down to listen.

Yup, there is certainly something there.

Look out here I come!

Don't think you will escape from me Mr. Mousie.


Eric: Huh! I came over to have a look and Flynn never even saved me a little taste.


  1. Flynn
    You are the most excellent hunter!
    But you didn't even save Eric a taste?

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  2. That was quite the leap and catch!!!

  3. Wow - that's really impressive!!

    That loud, rumbly noise you hear is us purring for your Mom!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. Oh nooos Flynn didn't even save you anything. Maybe it was a tiny mouse. He sure did a good job catching that mouse. Love that leap
    Please tell Mom we will thinking about her on Tues. and will send tons of prayers. We will check in with GH to see how she is doing. Love ya.

  5. Love your action,Flynn : )
    Mom said you have really cute butt.
    I hope you two enjoy the yummy mousy : ) Have a lovely day

  6. Oh, we're sorry you didn't get a taste!

  7. Well snatched. Now can you find another for your brother?

  8. Great catch, Flynn! But that was a little rude of you not to share with either Eric or your humans.

  9. that was little bit selfish not to save you any Eric, but then again none of us would save any for each other MOL.

    We is purrring for your mom!

  10. Flynn! That was great!! That mousie didn't stand a chance!!

  11. Hi E & F!
    We are catching up with our blogging friends after mom got called away to go help gramma! She was gone 8 days and missed us alot!
    You had some excellent adventures while we were away. Lazy Sunday in the cube, playing in that l-o-n-g grass and capturing that mousie!!!
    But we see the best news of all is of your Mum!!!! We are so excited all will be well!!!

  12. WOWIE! Hunting action shots!
    Terrific style! I give you a 9.9!

  13. Oh Flynn, we are too impressed!!! Great job ;)
    Purrs for your Mom and good luck!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  14. Awesome action shot!

    Sending big purrs to your mom!

  15. Very impressive pounce and final paw-scrabble, Flynn! Eric jus has ta catch his own...

  16. Very impressive! We are sending lots of healing thoughts for you Mum!!!

  17. We will purring for your mum when she has her surgery and for a successful and healing recovery. (((HUGS))) to her!

  18. Oh what fun, catching a mouse. Been a long time since I was able to do that. What grand news about your Mum, so glad the cancer will be all gone after her surgery. Purrs and prayers still going up for her for a complete recovery.


  19. Good job, but you should share the mouse

  20. Flynn! Eric will have to smell your breath for a bit o'mousie! I'm all fluttery seeing your mighty prowess...
    ::flutters eyelashes::

    xx Sweet Pea XX

    We are all purring for an easy surgery for your Mum, {{hugs}} from Mommy and headbutts from us!

  21. You are the mighty hunter! I wish I could do that!

  22. You are truly a mighty hunter, Flynn. Eric, you have eaten enough mousies. We are purring hard for your Mom.

    Herman and Emma

  23. Yoo boys have such fun!

    We are sending HUGE purrs for yoor mommy for her hospital visit this week. We will all be thinking of her and purring for everything to go well. xxxx

  24. my sweet are delightful on your walkabout....the cozy cottage wishes your mum a speedy recovery to best health real are in our thoughts!

  25. Both of you are great adventurers~

  26. Dear friends!
    These pictures are adorable, I would love to be there and play with you.
    Love and lights to your mommy, everything will be okay!

  27. You're a very talented mousie hunter, Flynn!

    Eric, we think there are probably a lot more mousies out there to catch!

    Good luck, purrs and positive thoughts to your Mum for tomorrow! We all love her very much!

  28. That was a great hunting trip Flynn but we do think you ought to have saved Eric a leg to nibble on!
    We will be purring hard for your mum to have a quick recovery from her surgery perhaps your dad could smuggle you in to visit her.
    Mum sends her love and we do too.
    Luv Hannah & Lucy xx xx

  29. A mousie doesn't have a chance when you two around. If they were smart, which we know they are not, they would not be on your property.
    Sending purrs and good thoughts to your mommie. Hope she have a quick recovery after the surgery. I know you two and your daddie will take great are of her.

  30. Purrs to your Mom guys, she will be constantly in our prayers!

  31. You are both great and mighty hunters...we can't believe how many mousies you boys catch and EAT...yuck! We don't think we'd like mousie for dinner.

    We are sending purrs to your's to a speedy recovery and complete healing!

  32. Flynn, You are indeed a great hunter.
    But must you eat them - I hear mouse hairballs are terrible to cough up later.


  33. Flynn you are a mighty hunter!!!

    Good luck to your mum this week, we wish her a successful surgery and speedy recovery!!!

  34. Flynn what a great action shot!!
    The mousies will never learn to stay out of your territory.
    Hugs to you all,
    Madi and Mom

  35. Well done, Flynn! Though we kinda think it would have been nice to save at least a nibble or two for Eric!

  36. That's a great piece of mousing in action there! Well done. We just dropped by to wish your Mum all the best of luck for tomorrow and her op. We hope she recoveres swiftly and easily. We are sending you all lots of love and many rumbly purrs

    & The Apes

  37. Oh Flynnie Flynn! Brilliant leap! What a great hunter!
    You nommed the whole mousie before Eric could get there? You didn't even save him the feeties? Must have been a small one. Next time Eric, next time.

    Here at the little house we are praying and purring extra hard for your wonderful mum and wishing her a comfortable and uneventful hospital stay and a quick recovery. We love her lots! Give your dad lots of extra love too during this difficult time.

  38. You silly poodins!

    We dropped by to wish your Mum the best of luck and quick recovery after her operation! Many hugs and purrs and purrayers to her!

    Luf, Us and Maw

  39. You are a great hunter my friend and your mum got some great action shots there. In our thoughts for tomorrow and mum will be ringing your mum tonight.. Hugs GJ xx

  40. Huh, Flynn must haf been hungry. We'z purring fur yoor mum to haf a kwick and good recovery...let us know if she needs extra purrs or anything.

  41. Dear great mouse hunter,
    Please tell your Mum that we are thinking good thoughts for her.
    Please give her a smooch from me as well.

  42. Oh Flynn, you are a greedy one -- you could have saved a leg or a tail for Eric, surely! Well, maybe next time.

    We're purring real hard for your Mom to have a successful operation and to recover quickly and completely.

    Give your Mom lots of kisses before she leaves for the hospital. She could use them.

  43. That was like a scene from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom!

    We're keeping your mom in our thoughts and purrs.

  44. ewwwwww Flynn! Did you eat that whole mousie????? Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!