Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We have removed our bloglists from our sidebar as we have been told that we were showing as having malaware by one of our visitors. We know a lot of people have been having the same trouble, so rather than find which link is causing the problem we have removed all of them. This will make no difference to our visiting as we do not use the blogroll and do all our visiting via Google Reader and the CB.


  1. How did you manage to post this on September 30th? I knew you two cats were good at blogging but doing it from more than two weeks in the future?

  2. I think it works well now : )

  3. LOL @Bellen's comment. You must have your own Tardis! :-)

    No warning now! That seems to have done taken care of it! YAY!

  4. We did not get the warning on your blog, but thanks for telling us!

  5. We removed ours about two weeks ago because of all the stuff going on around Blogger. We felt it was kinda obsolete anyway as we go by what's in our Reader anyway. We just went to Caroline's blog and got the malware alert.

  6. Okay, you guys are really amazing! Can you tell Mom what happens in her meeting with her boss tomorrow? Obviously, you are able to live in the future!!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

    pee ess - we've removed a few blogs and it seems to be better now but we might just remove the whole thing soon.

  7. I feel dumb...I am not sure what you guys are talking about? Wonder if we have problems with ours as well.

  8. I just ran into that with another blog I follow. I can't tell her because I can't read her blog because the warning pops up.

    It is the Greyhound blog w/Bunny, can't think of the name...if anyone knows their email addy I could email them and tell them.

  9. Yeah, this bloglist thing has been a pain for so many blogs. We took our list off when it started and now we're glad we did. We too visit from Google Reader or from our bookmarks.

  10. How can you tell if you haves malware?


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