Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Walk in the Dark.

We have at last had some good sunny and hot weather the last 3 days. It has been too hot to go for walks in the afternoon, so mum has been waiting until the evening to take us out.

She took this photo of me with the flash which made me show up well, but it made the background look even darker than it really was, so she turned the flash off and used a slower exposure. The rest of the photos are dark, but they show more of the true light.

Haha! look at my tail. I was only gently swishing it, but it looks like I have got a powder puff on the end of it.

Eric joined me and we hoped we were going to go down to the badger sett, but mum said no way as they would soon be coming out.

I am nearly hidden under the hedge here.

I was listening because I could hear noises. It was the pheasants roosting in the trees. That light patch above me is Eric.

See how my white shines in the dark. Mum said she is glad we both have white markings or she wouldn't be able to see us. It was fun to go out in the dark.


  1. That's a really exciting adventure guys, but you need little flashlight collars!

  2. What wonderful pictures. Looks like your night walk was realy good. I bet you will be wanting to do that again. I loved seeing those pictures.. Hugs GJ x

  3. Those are some great pictures of both of you!!

  4. Looks like you boys had a good walk out in the evening. We heard you have had nice temperatures this week, and hope we have a nice warm summer too.

  5. What an adventure! We agree about those badgers, though. Skeery! Haf a pawsome weekend, kittehz. xoxo

  6. Going "OUT" is great, but going out in the DARK? Amazing...

  7. It looks like you had a great evening stroll. I agree with your Mom about staying away from the badger sett, though. Those guys are mean!

  8. LOved your walk outside
    looks mysterious when its dark :)

  9. You guys look very mysterious at night!

  10. Love your powder puff tail Flynn, the dark does magical things!! Sookie and Darcy only get to go out in the garden after we get home from work so they've been enjoying some dusky strolls too now that the nights are drawing in =^..^=

  11. Those pictures really are great. What fun to go out in the dark. I bet there were all kinds of different animals out at that time. It really is a good thing you have some white on you. Hope you have a great day and it gets a little cooler for ya. Take care.

  12. Hi Eric & Flyn,

    This is Yong...Thank you on your well wishes. Yes, we had a good holiday but sad though had to leave Mika.Tomorrow I will fetch Mika and hope he will be fine. Wait our story ya...

    Anyway, great both of you had a good outing time in the dark.


  13. MOL Eric and Flynn..
    We love the sunset picture. Your assistant gets and A+ for creativity today. Mom said it made her think of the phrase "things that go bump in the dark"!!
    Very very cool here today and it might be a bit blustery too.
    Happy October

  14. Great pictures - it gets dark so early now and we hate it when it's dark early. You're right Flynn you tail does look puffy in one picture. It's a good job your mum stopped you going to say hello to the badgers - they have bigger claws than you!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. It seems you wonderful boys had another fun adventure and of course, you are both looking handsome as ever!!...Happy weekend, sweet friends=we are crushing on you both as always :)...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. It's fun to go out in the dark. The world is so different at night, and the bugs are different too!
    Wise move staying away form the badgers. They are quite vishus and might really give you a good fight.
    Pheasants in the trees. We didn't know they did that.

  17. What an exciting adventure going out in the dark! We can only imagine all the creatures that come out then! Good thing your mum was with you!

  18. Thank´s for taking us with you on your evening walk !

  19. That is soo cool to see yous guys in the dark! A month ago it would have been light at this time of night!

  20. Amazing pictures dear friends, thanks for sharing!
    The first one is outstanding!


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