Monday, November 21, 2011

NutriCat Reviewed.

Just before our Beans went on holiday and before we got locked up we had an email. That's right, WE had an email, not our mum, but us! It was from a nice lady who asked us if we would like to review a new dry cat food called NutriCat. We told her we would be unavailable for a month but she said that was no problem she would get in touch with us again when we had been released from purrison. She contacted us again and a couple of days later a package arrived addressed to us.

There was a yummy looking bag of food for us and a tote bag for our mum.

Eric: Hmm this smells good.

Oh come on mum, never mind about getting pictures, food is more important.

At last!

Mmm, this is very yummy. We like it very much.
Flynn: Mum laughed when she saw this photo. She said my mouth looks like an excavator shoveling in the food.
We tried the NutriCat Light which is Tuna flavour. Mum said that the Light would be best for us as Eric still needs to lose another pound or so.
I, Flynn, can be quite a picky eater, but I am enjoying it as much as Eric does, and he is a walking dustbin!

Often with new food we love it for the first day, then mum goes out and buys a good supply and we decide we don't like it any more. We have been eating this for 4 days now and we are enjoying it just as much as the first day.

Here is some information about NutriCat:

New Veterinarian Approved Advanced Nutrition for Cats

NutriCat is a veterinarian approved, scientifically formulated advanced nutrition food for cats which offers pet owners high quality, complete food developed with cats’ specific dietary requirements in mind.

Nutritionally balanced

NutriCat is approved by veterinarian, David Helliwell and provides a balance of high quality ingredients tailored to meet cats’ nutritional needs. Ingredients include proteins, minerals and natural fibre, controlled magnesium and phosphorus, omega-3 and 6 and antioxidants - everything a cat needs for healthy skin and fur as well as strong bones and teeth, good digestion and a healthy heart.

For different ages and stages

From Kitten right through to Adult and Mature, the range consists of a number of recipes that include specific ingredients to keep cats fit and healthy at each different stage of their life. NutriCat also includes Sensitive, Indoor and Light variants to provide cat owners with the perfect choice to meet their cats’ diverse needs.

For fussy felines

NutriCat meals come in a range of flavours including salmon, chicken, tuna and chicken and rice to meet even the fussiest of felines.

Veterinarian David Helliwell BSc BVM+S MRCVS says,

"The NutriCat system has been created to support the active, healthy life of cats by targeting specific needs throughout each life stage. Drawing on more than 40 years of research, we believe NutriCat is a breakthrough in nutrition, taste and palatability.

NutriCat is a complete food for cats which has drawn on over 40 years of research and been scientifically formulated to contain a careful balance of proteins, minerals and natural fibre, controlled magnesium and phosphorus, omega-3 and 6 and antioxidants to support the active, healthy life of cats throughout each life stage

  • The NutriCat range consists of:
    • Adult Salmon, 400g, 1kg, 2.5kg
    • Adult Chicken, 400g, 1kg, 2.5kg
    • Indoor Chicken, 1kg, 2.5kg
    • Kitten Chicken, 400g, 1kg
    • Sensitive Chicken and rice, 1kg, 2.5kg
    • Mature Chicken, 1kg, 2.5kg
    • Light Tuna, 400g, 1kg, 2.5kg

About the veterinarian

  • David Helliwell BSc BVM+S MRCVS studied biochemistry and physiology before training to become a vet at Edinburgh University. After graduating in 1978, he moved to Yorkshire, where he now focuses on small animal medicine and surgery

NutriCat is available to buy at Tesco stores. For full information on NutriCat please visit

We have received no payment for endorsing NutriCat apart from the sample bag of food and this is our honest and unbiased opinion of it.


  1. We luf cat food reviews! Thanks fur sharing your thoughts and opinions. Luf those pics!

  2. it looks yummy and if you have been eating it 4 days, does that mean that Mom has bought a second bag?

  3. Its goos stuff isnt it. I reviewed it too while you were away and like it too. Hugs GJ xx

  4. Flynn, if your mouth is any indication, that must really be yummy food!!

  5. Good for you for liking it just long enough to get her to spend money on it!

  6. Now we are HUNGRY. And your Mum is unkind about the excavator remark...what about when she eats something tasty? hmmmmm.

  7. That looks like really tasty food! You guys seemed to really enjoy it!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. Flynn! Your mouth does look like s shovel! It must be really good food. We likes our foods rotated. Mommy buys different flavors and that way we gets the same thing, but don't gets bored.

  9. Wow ! that's great review Eric and Fylnn ! I like your style. Made me drooling and lafing badly : )
    But sadly, It was no this brand in Australia.
    Enjoy it for me , friends

  10. Free food is good....Could we come over and have some of that kibble, seeing as how our own human is very stingy with our kibble ration?

  11. WOW! Free noms ~ and delishus at that! xx

    PS: we were sorry to hear about Sunny going to the Bridge. xx

  12. Boys,that was a great review boys. Our Mom would have done the same thing, gone out and bought lots of the food and then we don't touch it.We might have to try that food. Thanks for telling us about it.

  13. That looks as though it was very tasty food. Flynn you looked as though you'd been starved for days how you we tucking in!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. Great review guys, it must be yummy to get your recommendation!

  15. I love the "shovel mouth" look. I can see it as a company slogan:

    "So good it will turn your mouth into a steam shovel!"

  16. That food looks tasty...great review guys!

    ~Four Crazy Cats

  17. Yummy that looks quite delish!!!
    I love that first photo Flynn!!
    Mom will have to look for this at our pet store. Speaking of Mom she is back among the living...thank goodness!! Not a fun weekend and she hopes never to have another like that.
    Hugs Madi

  18. You two should be on tv. That yummy stuff would fly off the shelves!

    big bonks

  19. That food sure must be yummy by the look at the pictures :)
    I shall beg my mom to check out if you can buy this food in Sweden ??

  20. That last picture is worth a 1000 words! Great review.

  21. A food that is good for us and that we really like is difficult to find. Our mum is very impressed that you two like it and that Ginger Jasper actually likes it too!
    The three of you should star in a television ad. Bet they couldn't make the food fast enough if people saw 3 such magnificent mancats nomming it up.

  22. Sounds like a good food. That's great you 2 were chosen to try it out! We do the same thing. Go crazy for a new food only to turn up our noses on it a few days later.