Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crinkle Ball Fun.

It keeps raining every day and I am getting bored because it means no walks.

Mum had put our crinkle ball in the valerian root to marinate the other day, so she got it out to keep me occupied.

I try to bunny kick it...

and I chew very hard on it.

I am trying to dead it.

Sometimes the valerian makes me want to have a bath, but I don't know which bit to wash first. It makes me confused.

Arghhh! The crinkle ball is trying to escape!

Dad threw it back up for me. Thanks dad!

I'll have another chew.

Oh look! It's stopped raining and.....

bird TV channel has started. Hello Mr Woodpecker.


  1. I am so jealous of your bird TV. We live in the city, we only have weird over smogged sparrow TV.

  2. It sounds like it wasn't such a bad day after all, Flynn!

  3. Yes indeed, that looks like lots of fun, and your Bird-TV is the best!

  4. That is some seriously gud Bird TV! Hopes you had a great day, Flynn!

  5. Our bird Tv happens every day for us.

  6. Beins are great fer tossin lost stuff back up to us! An TBT marinates some of our mousies in crushed Nip leaves...

  7. Bird TV is one of our favorite channels too! That valerian root must be a lot like nip!!

  8. Flynn you did a great job of entertaining yourself and your reward was "Bird TV!!!"

    Please thank your Mom for all of her help this week when Cody was ill. You know what happened while Mom was reading your blog post from 2008 that your Mom had sent?


    Not only did he poop but they were THREE HUGE ONES!!
    You brought us good luck!
    We love you and your Mom and we THANK YOU!

  9. We love crinkle balls too! We're glad the Bird-Tv station came back.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. Valerian root and birdie tv! You kittehz haf a great life!

  11. That looks such blissed out kitty-drug fun!
    Thank you for the Christmas card guys - your should be snailing it's way across the English Channel right now.

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  13. We think Valerian must be more potent than even nip! We want to try some of that! :-)

  14. That is one pretty woodpecker. We cannot have bird feeders because all the kitties that live outside would have extra meals.That crinkle ball looks like fun. We will have to try to soak ours in the valerian. Take care and have a terrific week end.

  15. ooooooh, Flynn! I love seeing you go all googly-eyed! You know, I can always come over if you're bored; I love to play CHASE and Run Around the House at a Million Miles an Hour. Interested?

    XX Sweet Pea

  16. Do you sing the Woody Woodpecker song to him Flynn? Those crinkle balls take some deading too don't they?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. Same boring weather in Sweden too :(
    Great Birds you have on your Bird-TV !!

  18. Wow - a woodpecker! We haven't seen one of those! And trust me, I've been looking! Ruby x

  19. Oh Flynnie Flynn! Aren't you so adorable! And look at all those cute pawsies and feeties shots! (Mum loves kitty pawsies and feeties!)
    Crinkle balls steeped in valerian! Sounds delightful! We will ask Santa if he could leave some in our stockings. Do you think it might affect the reindeer? We don't want Santa to get lost!

  20. We gotta get us some Valerian Root!!
    Looks like it turned out to be a pretty interesting day after all.

  21. Flynn I see lots of raindrops on your windowpanes. Thank goodness you have Dad trained as a retriever so you don't have to interrupt your bath.

    What kind of woodpecker is that? I don't think I've seen one like that before.
    Hugs Madi

  22. Flynn
    That valerian root is a winner!
    We are glad your Mom let you have that to while away the hours. OH and then to have birdie tv -- fab.

  23. Oh, watching Bird TV is a good way to pass the day!

  24. Vallarian Crinkle balls and Bird TV! What more could a cat want!

  25. You two boys have such fun when you can't go out. Nice bird TV and valerian root too. I'm gonna tell Mom to get me some.
    xoxo Kassey

  26. That valerian root must be some powerful stuff.