Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Secret Paw Package.

Christmas morning arrived and at last we were allowed to open our Secret Paw present. It was from Tia and Millie at Cuddles and Catnip. We had never met them before so it was lovely to meet some new friends as well as get a wonderful package from them. They put this letter in for us, and there is a picture of Tia on the back which you will see in a minute.

Come on mum, hurry up and get our package open.

Eric: Look, lovely paper to play with.

Flynn: Yes, some for me too.

Get the box open mum, we want to see what is in it.

Eric: sniff sniff, smells interesting.

Flynn: Look! We've got a cube. I'm first in.

Eric: I'm right behind you.

Flynn: I'm back in again while Eric is checking presents.

I like it in here.

We have got a huge fish and it smells very interesting. Can you take it out of the package mum. It is full of very soft stuffing which smells nippy. One side is soft for napping on and the other side is hessian and very good for bunny kicking.

Eric: While you are giving the fish a good bunny kicking, I am going to check out all these other lovely gifts.

Look, an Eric sized box!! Usually they are too small for me so Flynn has them, but this one looks just right.

Oh yes, I think I am going to like this box.

I will be very comfy in here.

We got a wand too with a ball on the end with flashy lights and fevvers. I really like this toy.

Flynn: I have found more nip! It is like red felty ribbons with a ball full of nip in the middle.

Eric: While Flynn is getting all nipped up I am going to keep playing with the wand toy.

Hehe! I pulled it out of dad's hand.

See Flynn behind me. He is getting googly eyed.

We had two little sparkly mousies too. I am having a chew on the red one.

I like this mousie. Flynn can have the gold one.

Flynn: I am going to bunny kick the big fishie again. It looks like Eric has tired himself out.

I have found more fevvers! They are on a rope ball.

My turn to play with the wand toy now.

Hehe! Eric has got out of the box so I am taking it over.

And I am going to play with his red mousie too.

Just look at all the presents we got. That is a picture of Tia in front of the cube. As well as the toys we shown you, we got a nippy mouse and two rattly balls. We got lots of treats too. We got Dreamies and a cracker with turkey chewy treats in it. We got a stocking which had the sparkly mousies and the rattly balls in it as well an catnip treats and milk drops. There was a carton of turkey gravy in it as well. We have never had that before so we are going to try it tomorrow.

There is a present for our Beans too.

Isn't that the prettiest little Christmas cake! Tia and Millie said it was to make sure the Beans didn't eat our treats!
Thank you Tia and Millie and your mum for sending us such a wonderful Secret Paw package.


  1. Oh wow thats the most amazing santa Paws present ever, You two are going to have so much fun with it all. Love all the pictures.Enjoy . Hugs GJ xx

  2. How terrific And we so loved how your beans documented every step of the way, and narrated everything. Just like us being there with you!!

    Happy Christmas/Boxing day!!!!!

  3. Wow that was a great box with gift´s from Santa Paw Tia !

  4. Look at all that great stuff you got! I'd say y'all had yourselves a Merry little Christmas!

  5. Wow! So many wonderful presents. But we think the box is the best of all!

  6. Wow, look at all that cool stuff!

    Merry Krismouse to you and your family!

    The Crew

  7. Wow! You guys really did get a great Secret Paws present. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    Truffle and Brulee

  8. Wow! That's a great Secret Paws package! You guys are gonna have so much fun!!

  9. Rumblemum says she wished for a box of Eric, but she wasn't very good this year.

  10. What a great cake! And what fun toys you have!

  11. Wow! That is a TON of loot! I can't wait to come over and play! Can I bring the rest of the gang?
    Tia and Millie are fun kitties for sure.
    xx Sweet Pea
    pee ess: Did we wish you a Merry Christmas already? Mommy is getting a little fuzzy after a 12 hour day!

  12. Wow, you guys sure got a lot a great prezzies! We loved seeing the wand toys an other stuff, the cube, and are MOST impressed with the fishie. Hes HUGE!

  13. Merry Christmas, you got a lot of goodies.

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  15. Wow, what great Secret Paws gifts you received! Willow and I especially loved looking at the Huge Fishy Toy! Merry Christmas to both of you, Eric and Flynn, and to your Mum and Dad, and all of your family!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  16. I love the awesome presents Tia and Millie sent you! I've never seen some of the stuff they sent you - and what a great idea, sending along a cake for your humans so that they aren't tempted to dip into your treats!

  17. What a great package from Tia and Millie - we did their Secret Paws this year!!
    That was a great box too and that giant fish looks wonderful.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Merry Christmas for yesterday. That secret paws present looks amazing! You are both so lucky!

  19. What a great package you got! Those presents look fantastic.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  20. What a great Christmas gift box! You can work off some of the extra food from Christmas! We think the human treat was a great idea, too!

  21. WOW! That is one pawsome box full of wonderful toys and goodies!!! Enjoy!

  22. Hi Eric & Flynn,

    Merry Christmas.....lovely gifts you got there! Enjoy!



  23. OMC Eric and Flynn
    I wasn't even at your house and I had a ton of fun watching you exam each and every wonderful gift.
    Tia and Millie know just how to buy very nice mancat gifts.

    Mom's mouth is watering over the beautiful cake too.
    We missed you a ton but we are BACK!!

    Hugs Madi and Mom

  24. Looks like you guys had the best Christmas ever!!
    Your card arrived a couple of weeks ago and we LOVE it!
    Maggie May and The Creek Cats

  25. Tia is a beauty!
    We love to see all the catmas pictures from all our friends enjoying their presents and wrappings and boxes! It's the highlight of the year seeing how it's just not Christmas unless there's a kitty in the house!

  26. Wow! That is an awesome Secret Paws Prezzies! What a ton of stuff! You guys did great!

    Luf, Us

  27. What a most amazing secret paws present! Me thinks yous and your pawrents struck the jackpot!

  28. You really got some fun stuff this year. Wow, even your parents got pressies!!
    It got mommy thinking... She's never been to Oxford. Prolly never, but she can dream, right? So glad you two had such a good time!

  29. Goodness gracious! What a wonderful package! And the Christmas cake for the beans was such a lovely gesture.
    No doubt about how much fun you will have with all the toys and treats! Lots of love comming your way.

  30. Meowlo guys! I'm following your blog now! Man, ya'll made out like BANDITS with all those cool pressies! We enjoyed the photos!!

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  31. WOW!! Fantastic gifts!!



  32. you sure it the Mother Lode of cat prezzies!!! WOW!!!!!

    I love how the cube is the same color as you both!

  33. Wow, Tia and Millie sure gave you lots and lots of neat toys. It looks like you had a very merry Christmas.

    Cody and Gracie

  34. My boys sure hit the jackpot, look at all those goodies! Love that the cube is orange as well, it matches you guys.

    That cake is SO cute!