Saturday, December 31, 2011

Playing Around.

We are so short on photos now that mum has taken to playing around with the photos she does have of us to try and make them look different. We told her she's not fooling anybody.


  1. Well you know, it is the last day of the year--isn't that the time to re-hash and re-do? You guys look great no matter what she did to you!

  2. You two look way cool, no matter what! Great photo work though!

  3. Mom says she needs to spend time playing around with our if there's a way to improve on us kitties!

    That last photo looks like a beautiful watercolor!

  4. They still look nice, even if they are reruns!

  5. I love the third picture. I am going to ask Mommie to play with our pictures.

  6. Well, we think those are some pretty cool effects!!

  7. We love your festive header, too! And cool with the photos! Teri especially likes the last one. Tell your mum she could earn lotsa green papers to buy you stinky goodness by making cute cards out of those fancified photos! Happurry Mew Yeowl to you, too!

  8. Wow, the photos look so neat, but the last one is definitely my favourite...a tender moment :-)

    We hope 2012 is a wonderful year for all of you!!!

  9. We love the last picture! Its so artsy and the colors are fabulous. We laughed at the pictures of you two as tigers and loved the New Years photo. Our mom wishes she could do cool stuff like that too, but we have a hard enough time just getting her to take a decent photo. Happy New Years!

  10. Your Mummy is very talented! Mommy really likes the last one. Me likes the one of yous dressed for New Years Eve!
    | New |
    __||__ Nellie & Kozmo

  11. Those are beautiful! ...especially the last one.
    Happy Happy New Year friends!
    Thanks for visiting us.
    Til next year...
    Katie & Glogirly

  12. We luf your plant pot pictures efurry time! Adorable. Happy New Year! xoxo

  13. Ooooh, that last picture is absolutely beautiful. We would like to wish you all a wonderful new year too and hope that 2012 brings you lots of joy and happiness :)xx

  14. We love your bad boy tiget images, hehehe.

  15. I love the one of you two in the plant pots, in fact all of them are great! Maybe your mum could make some cool christmas cards from these next year!

  16. We love how your mum's playing around with the pics. And hey, our mom's short on pics too, so maybe she ought to do the same thing. LOL.

    Happy new year to you! We hope 2012 brings an abundance of love, Light, laughter and good health.

    Universal Peace and Blessings to you all. :-)

  17. That is pretty darn good, changing the pictures like that. That is fun to do.
    We sure wish all of you a very Happy and Healthy New year. Have a great week end.

  18. I love them! I love the original photos of Eric and Flynn just being cats and I love the artsification, too!!

    Happy New Year to all hoomans and kittehs!!

  19. You don´t fool me , but my mommy bought it ;-)
    Wish you all a HAPPY NEW 2012 !!!

  20. We loved the last picture your Mum did best - we think it would make a great painting.
    We hope you have a great New Years Eve and wish you all a very Happy New Year.
    Luv Hannah, Lucy xx xx and Sue

  21. OMC these are gorgeous!!
    Your Mum has a keen eye.
    We love #2 you look like leopards on the prowl.
    Hugs and Happy New Year to you two,
    Mum and Dad
    Madi and Mom

  22. Very artistic!
    e love your New Year banner. May 2012 bring only good health and happiness to your family.
    Purrs and pawhugs,
    Simba, Audrey and humans.

  23. Oh my! Those pictures look like paintings of you! Hoping you and your family have a very Happy New Year!

  24. Love all the photos of you handsome boys, especially your fun Happy New Year card!!...Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with great health, much love and tremendous and hugs, precious friends...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. Love your Happy New fun card. Have a good Happy New Year 2012. Stay cool & handsome! Ha..ha...


  26. Love your fun New year card and love what your mum has done to the pictures.. Happy New Year to you all and glad we became friends... Hugs GJ xx

  27. Happy New Year's Eve, Eric & Flynn! We hope 2012 is the best year yet for you and your beans! We want very much to send you a Happy New Year's Card. Could you email us your mailing address? Just send us an email at Elsie AT Whiskersandpurrs DOT com

    Very truly yours,
    Elsie Fallulah Graves
    Top Cat
    Whiskers & Purrs Gang

  28. You guys look al covered in dirt in the first photo...The Baby approves!
    Happy New Year! Sweet Pea will be there at midnight for a smooch, Flynn.

    xx The Katnip Lounge Kitties

  29. We all wish you a Happy New Year
    hugs and love
    from your Dutch friends

    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

  30. Any photo of you, any photo at all, is just fine for us! We couldn't imagine a day without our darling boys. Why, we consider you our brothers. Mum always says Eric in One arm and Flynn in the other has to be a bit of heaven on earth! Happy New Years Eve to you and your wonderful mum and dad. All of our love, Kari, Gran and the Cats.

  31. Wishing you the very best for 2012; good food, treats, toys, soft beds, warmth, and attention!

    Ayla, Iza, and Marley

  32. Buddy Bear says: "Da Large One be done tolt Da Small One he gonna makes us look diferunt in da olde piktures dis nex years. We jus hopes he don decide to uploades no program to da PC thingie what makes us looks diferunt in da reellifes. I tink I laks myselves just lak I is.

    Has a happy New Jears everbodies. Dis from Me, MikiCato, Ms Princess, Ms Smokey, Tegar, Rodwy, and da Beans - dey is LadyBug (Lisa), and da KnightOwl (RoySr), and we all wishes you be safes, stay warms and drys, takes care of da outsides critters, and mostes of all, Everbodyies be HAPPYIES".

    Y'all come see us when you can. ~R~

  33. We think you both are adorable with or without special effects!
    Is that the new Picasa???
    Happy new year

  34. Love the last one and the header! Hope you have a very Happy New Year, filled with joy. It's great to count you as friends.

    Meg & Fin

  35. Happy New Year sweet friends, we love you two boyz. Best wishes for 2012.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  36. Love the photos, they are very creative, artsy and cool! Good job Mum!

  37. Those are some neat effects on your pics. :)