Friday, March 2, 2012

The Friday Flashback.

This is another Flashback to February 2010 and it is called:


Dad keeps the straw for the horses beds in a shed behind our garden hedge. In the winter the mousies and sometimes ratsies try to get in to eat any corn left in the straw. When they do that, they chew through the cords that hold the straw bales together, then when dad tries to lift them up, they break. That makes him say words on the Bad Werd List.

We help him by sitting on the straw bales and keeping a lookout for ratsies and mousies.

You have to sniff the straw to see if they have been around lately.

To make sure we don't miss them, we take it in turns with one of us looking up and the other looking down. We think dad is very glad of our help.


  1. We know he must be most grateful for your quick action and alertness!

  2. We don't has any straw bales in barns, but we has Mice and Voles and because we lives in the country, we has lots to kill so they don't gets into the house or the garage.
    We does a great job, well, Kozmo does.

  3. You boys work so well together. Now if it was Sassy and I, she would probably be pushing me off the bale of hay!

  4. You boys are worth your weight in gold with all your help!

  5. I bet he loves your help! You guys are GREAT!

  6. You guys are a great pair, and we are sure your do a wonderful job with those mousies. You both are indeed mighty hunters!

  7. A kitteh's work is never done! As fur us, well, we hunt the food dish! MOL!

  8. Hi there !
    Good luck with the hunting !
    Have a great friday :)

  9. You are so good to helps out your dad!! That sure looks like and interesting and important job! I haves never seen a live mousie or ratsie!

    PS our Monty keeps my mom amused with his smile! He even laughs at her... especially whiles she eats!

  10. Lets hope they stay away when they see you two.

  11. Hey! Thanks for the visit on our Blog.

    Love the pix in today's installment. So good to be back among our Blogging friends and catching up on the happenings from everyone all over the world.

    Here's to a great day and a even better weekend for everyone at your house. Y'all come see us when you can.


  12. Extra nips for you both for your hard work from dad! I think straw is pretty cool, anyway.

    Just wanted to say mom Julie always wants to reach into your photos and scratch you both behind the ears..!

    Tom, Mom Julie & Mittens

  13. What a formidable team you two make - we bet those rats and mice are wishing you would go over the fields and let them have a rest!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. You are wonderful cat patrols!
    Very well done dear boys!

  15. You bouys are always on top of things!

  16. Nice job Boys. You has such advenchurs. Me wants a job on a farm like you has!

  17. You two should received extra compensation for your diligent sentry duties.
    Hugs Madi

  18. I love your flashbacks and I think your dad should be really glad of your help.Hugs GJ xx

  19. What helpful boys you are! I'm sure no sane mousie or ratsy will stay around with the two of you on duty!

  20. Oh yes, indeed, we bet your dad is ral thankful for great helpers like you! :)


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