Friday, March 16, 2012

The Friday Flashback.

This week's Friday Flashback is from March 2010 and is called:


Eric: The weather stayed dry so we took mum for another walk. Flynn was listening to mousies so I crept up on him.

He jumped into the hedge after it, but this one got away. He will be back looking for it again tomorrow.

Then we sat in the grass for a while and did a bit of nomming.

Flynn was still listening for mousies, but I kept nomming.

Then Flynn decided it was time to walk again, so I had to follow him. That boy can't sit still for two minutes!

I climbed on the hedge to look at the sheep but couldn't see them.

I looked the other way but still couldn't see them. They must have moved into another field.

Then bliss! I found some pheasant poop and was going to have a good roll in it, but mum saw me and shouted at me. I ignored her so she pushed me away from it, so I bit her. It wasn't a hard bite, just a warning bite to leave me alone because I wanted the poop. Do you know what she did? She smacked my bottom. How dare she! I may report her for cruelty.

All the time this was happening, Mr.Goody Twoshoes Flynn was sat posing in the sun so she would tell him what a good handsome boy he is. BLECH!


  1. A smacky for a bitey!? Hardly seems fair! xox

  2. But did she leave you outside after giving your behind a smack? If this had been the cat before me (who was allowed outside, unlike me), my human wouldn't have smacked her behind, but she WOULD have picked her up and hauled her sorry self back inside... and she would have been growling all the way. So if you did not get hauled inside, maybe you got the better deal, Eric.

  3. We're sorry you didn't get to roll in the pheasant poop, Eric.

  4. Ah well, you can't win them all. You tried your best, Eric. Looks like it was a great walk, otherwise.

  5. Eric, Rumblemum knows you would never bite... (I know you totally can!!)

  6. What's it like rolling in pheasant poop? What does it smell like? Better than foxy poop I hope :)xx

  7. Fancy your Mum not letting you roll in that pheasant poop Eric - we think that was jealousy cos it wasn't big enough for her to roll in!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. A perfect day to enjoy so beautiful field, exploring holes and smelling flowers! Hmmm dream day!

  9. Happy Friday flashback... we do so enjoy Fridays with you two.

    Mom showed my Dad your beautiful sun picture last night...they both said that needs to be submitted to a Best of picture.

    Hugs Madi and Mom

  10. You must not roll in poop! That means the humans will clean you up or worse, give you a bath!

    Humans deserve a bitey once in a while, though.

  11. That was a good post! You have good memories to look back on with your walks and pheasent poop really adds to the plaasure!

  12. Oh! Pheasant Poop! We has Quail Poop! And its all over our yard. Yous should come for a visit!

  13. OMC !
    She gave you a smackey on your but ??!!
    Must be reported to the animalcruelty organisation !
    The fact that you bit her prior the smack , has NOTHING to do with it :)

  14. Poop and pee, what a famous walk that was!

  15. Eric, perhaps your Mum could mail us some pheasant poop? Our Mommy only gets us pheasant fevvers, she is that mean.

  16. Based on your horrifying account, I think that mom of yours just might wake up to a little present on her pillow.
    ; ) Katie

  17. Hello, sweet boys! We can see you enjoyed another nice walk in your wonderful place to explore. We hope you all have a great weekend ahead. Hugs and nose kisses

  18. Ouch, Eric, you really wanted to roll in that, didn't you!

    Wouldn't that be Mr. Goody Twopaws? :) Not that we're calling you that, Flynn.

  19. My mom sure wishes you were here to help with a certain "mouse" in our garage. Boy is he getting into EVERYTHING and driving mom crazy.

  20. Drats no pheasant poop.
    That would have been a delicacy.
    We always love your walks.