Friday, June 15, 2012

The Friday Flashback- Snakes.

This week the Friday Flashback is from July 2010. It actually comes from consecutive days and we thought it best to show both days together.

Mum saw me intently watching under the bushes in the garden last week and thought I was waiting for mousies. When she saw me playing with something, she thought I had caught one. When she went outdoors, this is what she saw.

It was okay though because I had deaded it for her, not like the one I brought home for her before. That one was bigger than this one, but it looked the same and is probably a baby grass snake and not a poisonous viper.
It was fun to play with though.

Do you remember..................

.............yesterday that I told you I caught a baby snake last week?

Well today I caught his big brother!
Mum is getting a bit worried now because I am not catching them in the fields, but in the garden. She said she won't be going out there in sandals or slippers any more.


  1. WOW Flynn that was some snake.

    *you know I believe that they know when a snake is venomous because the one that got in my house they all stayed back from*


  2. Good job, Flynn! That is SOME snake!

  3. My goodness, those are some fun snakes!

  4. Ooooh, snakes. We haven't had those around here. A little rain would be nice, but mum says if no rain, the grass grows slow and she has to mow less often.

  5. Wow! That was a big old snake the second time wasn't it?!

  6. My human loves snakes. If the cat before me (who was a big game hunter) had ever come home with one (providing it was non-poisonous), she probably would have made a pet of it!

  7. I grabbed a little snake once. It smelled AWFUL! ~ Iza

  8. **thud** Our Mommy has fainted dead away.... She's like that around snakes.

  9. Oh! Oh! Yous guys made my Daddy shriek like a little girl! Daddy HATES Snakes! they don't bug Mommy though. She was wondering exactly how big it was.

  10. Our mom loves snakes cause she hates mice and rats! She can't stand worms though. She's hoping you will dead the worms and leave the snakes alive. She knows that is asking a lot!

  11. Shudder.

    Ă„iti says - are you sure they were grass snakes?!

  12. I don't care HOW big or how small the snake is... Off with its head! is my motto!

  13. Hope those snakes are all gone now. Good for you boys for making those snakes all deaded. Out person does not like snakes. Hope all of you have a super week end.

  14. Mum is scared of snakes so it's as well we haven't found any (yet!!) Your Mum is much braver than ours.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. My Mommie HATES snakes! She is an crazy animal lover for everything but them. Mommie says that if she saw a snake in the road, she not only would run it over, but she would then back the car up and run over it again just to make sure it was deaded!

  16. Oh my word...have you seen any this year? Hopefully your Mum is able to go in the garden wit her sandals.
    Hugs Madi

  17. Take care friends! Snakes can be dangerous!

  18. Our Mom is going EWWWWWWW!!!!! We're going - we wanna play! Can we teleport over?

  19. Wow, amazing. To bad, we have no snakes here, so I can play with, but mom says she don't like snakes, so you know, it will never be a snake-experience for me;-)
    Have a great weekend:-)
    Love from Pernille


  20. Thanks for visiting us. That snake photo would have been great for my article today on predatory sequence!

  21. We surfed the link back to the story of "the one you brought home for her before" We see you guys have improved with your spelling!!!!
    The image of Mum bashing its head in with a 14 pound sledgehammer was totally funny!

    The big one in the last picture here...that's a real trophy snake. you should have it on your wall!


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