Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Windy Day.

Eric:  It was a windy day but we decided to go and check out the barn.
Dad's tractor was in there. I like to sit on the seat but the door was shut.
Flynn was sniffing to see if there were any mousies about.
There weren't any so we walked up beside the barn where it was sheltered from the wind.
It was nice and sunny though so we didn't really mind our fur being blown inside out.
I had a sniff around the bottom of the purrison hedge because an introoder comes under here at night. Mum thinks it may be a rat but we aren't going to tell her.
Nothing to see there so we are moving on again.
Flynn:  Wait! I thought I heard a mousie!
Eric:  Yes, I heard a noise too but I think it is only the wind blowing through the grass.
That Pandora is watching me again. She wants to chase me. You can't see it in this picture, but there is an electric fence between her and us.
Oh listen! I think I hear dad on the little tractor.
He's bringing back more wood to store for the winter. There is a big wood pile in the barn.
Oh well, nothing more to see now. May as well go back and get some food.
Good idea Eric. Let's go!
Mum is tearing her hair out and saying bad words! We have been changed to new blogger and the photos are not publishing in the order they should. The words are all coming up in small print and she keeps making it bigger, but it goes back to small each time. She has deleted this post 4 times trying to get it right. She has been using new blogger on her photo blog and it turns out right there so she doesn't know why it is being so difficult here. All we know is that she is spitting feathers!


  1. They look okay to us I think! Or maybe she said more words and blogger listened? Hard to say...

  2. We want to see a pic of your mum spitting feathers. :-D

  3. Your walks are so pawsome! We're a bit jealous.

  4. Your mum's spitting feathers? Really? Did she deaded a bird or something???

  5. Your blog looks fine to us! We'd love to see what the wind feels like blowing through our floof.

  6. Don't yous just loves it when mommy's gets upset! Me loves how red our mommy's face gets

  7. You guys have the coolest adventures...
    This city girl is a little bit jealous!

    ...sorry your Mom is booing Blogger. We switched over a few months ago. Fortunately it didn't take too long to get used to it. We found it helped to go into the template and adjust widths. That's what got all messed up on us. : )

    xo Katie

  8. What color of feathers? Another great adventure!

  9. I'm glad your human persisted with the blog post because I enjoyed watching you boys on your patrol today! I hope it gets easier for her!

  10. Howdy guys, that is a fun romp! Hey, Mom spitting feathers? What happened to the birdie?

  11. I switched to the new blogger as soon as it came out - I don't even remember what old blogger was like - so I'm afraid I am no help. Bugger.

    Stay safe from the weather, boys!

  12. We thought we heard some naughty words blowing round our garden in the wind but not to worry it's nothing Mum hasn't used!! We loved your pictures today and we must say you look as though you are enjoying the sun but don't get caught the wrong side of that fence boys as we think Pandora might catch you as she has longer legs!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. You two have such great catventures! I'd like to see your mom spitting feathers, too :)

  14. Looks like you both got a good airing out!

    Hope your mum didn't choke on those feathers!

  15. Good thing you boys didn't get blown away! Will you get a tractor ride??

  16. Oh man!! We would take a good windy day adventure any day over trying to figure out stupid blog stuff... grrrr... sometimes blogging can really be annoying when one day you know to do something, and the next day it is one big GLITCH!!

  17. We've had some very windy days too You wind adventure was great. Too bad you couldn't get on the tractor seat, we know you love it.

  18. You boys sure had fun today. Sorry you caught no mousies.
    My Mom gets really upset at Blogger too. She's been on the new blogger a long time, but switches back sometimes, when she can. They don't put our photos up right either, taking much longer.
    xoxo Kassey

  19. Oh! Thank you for taking us along on your excellent adventure! Isn't it wonderful when the winds are warm; it feels like a massage all over! We so envy you your green fields. Can you imagine, some of us have never felt soft grass on our feeties? Enjoy your lovely day.

  20. Mowzers, looks like you had LOADS more fun than the mom, stuck figuring out blogger!

    You has a BARN wif MOUSIES?!?! We're truly envious. *sigh*

  21. You are so lucky, a barn with mousies is all one could ask for

  22. everything looks fine to me! We were changed over too (kicking and screaming) after I was changed over the first time I changed back...they caught up with me lol.

    About the photos. If you upload them at once the will load in the order you uploaded them. You can undo that by selected one photo at a time (even after you have uploaded all of them) Hope that makes sense!

  23. What lovely weather you have had today !
    Here has the rain poored down for almost 2 day´s :(
    Have a great weekend boy´s and your humans too :)

  24. I hope you got plenty of good food with the good job you did!


  25. Eric and Flynn Mom and I like how you two divide the territory so as to have more conquests.

    Hugs madi and mom

  26. Oh man!! You guys get to have all the fun outdoors!! I loved the grass under my feet, but Mom won't let me out in it anymore!! (Samantha)
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  27. Looks like there is a lot of exploring to do in the barn! :)

  28. Hello to you Eric and Flynn, I love these photos, and dream of all this space you have on your farm:-)
    Hugs from Pernille