Monday, January 7, 2013

A Review and Win a Year's Supply of Cat Litter.

*UK bloggers only. There will be a gift voucher for non UK bloggers. See end of review for competition details.

Mum has said it is probably better if she does this post for us, so it is over to her.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Hollie asking if I would like a sample bag of Verdo wood pellet cat litter and do a review of it. Eric and Flynn have always used clay clumping litter but I decided to give them a try with this. They have two litter boxes at night but none by day as they have unlimited daytime access to the garden.

The first thing that surprised me was how light it is, and how little is needed to be put into the litterbox. The instructions recommend 3 cms which is a fraction more than an inch which makes it much more economical than I first thought it would be. Many years ago I had tried pine wood pellets and the smell was very overpowering. I was expecting the same with these, but the smell is very subtle.

I know how much Flynn dislikes change, so to start I put one litterbox of each for them, just in case Flynn decided the wall was the better option.

Next morning there was a patch of expanded pellets which was almost certainly Eric due to the size of the patch. The instructions say to remove only solid waste. Not being used to wood pellets I was not sure how much of the "pee patch" to remove so just took the largest expanded pellets then gave it a shake and it looked good as new again. All the pellets should be discarded once a week and the box washed and thoroughly dried before putting in new.
On the third night I removed the box with the clay litter and replaced it with a second box of wood pellets. I have to say though that Flynn was not happy about this and kept asking to go out, but a few days later was using it as freely as Eric.
In conclusion:
The bag has lasted me just over four weeks using it in two large size litterboxes so is very economical.
I love the fact that there are no messy granules being tracked around the floor.
Once I got used to not having to clean out the pee patch it was so quick and easy to keep clean and no urine smell whatsoever, and no dust either.
Eric took to it immediately, Flynn did not but used it when he had no alternative.
Will I change to it? Probably not as Flynn has not accepted it as readily as Eric, and as they are both nearly 13 now I don't want to push Flynn into change, but I would definitely recommend starting a cat/ kitten on it.

Now for the competition.
 Verdo have very kindly offered a year's supply of their litter to the winner of our competition. As they only distribute in the UK the prize is only available to UK bloggers. We don't want our non UK friends to be excluded so we will give a $25 gift voucher for Nip and Bones for them.
Cute Cats!
To try and win this great prize just send us your cutest cat photos to ericandflynn1ATgmailDOTcom by next Monday the 14th and we will publish them all on our blog where we will have a vote for a UK and a non UK winner. Good luck everyone!


  1. What a great review. Bet it isn't as dusty either.

  2. I would like to enter this giveaway, but if my name is picked, I would like to donate the litter to a U.K. cat rescue of your or Verdo's choice. Is that okay with Verdo? I hope so! I would totally write about it on my blog!

  3. OK, we will have to go check our pictures to enter.

    We like Sparkle's idea of donating to a UK rescue group. We will do the same thing.

  4. I would love to try that...but alas, I cannot. The pine smelled too much for me here and tracked horribly all over the house and beds. Regular litter is too dusty. AND too perfumed. I have managed to find some unscented however but still dusty. :-(

  5. Since we don't live in the UK, we aren't able to participate in the cat litter, but would be interested in the Nip and Bones gift certificate. We'll search for a cute picture to send.

  6. We'll trust you love the stuff. We like our scoopable Tidy Cats. MOL!

  7. Wow. And as Eric and Flynn said their person was kind of in a funk, we hope that she feels better soon.

  8. Wow, that sounds like a great alternative to dusty old cat litter!

  9. We never thought about using wood, but probably some kitties would really like it. We'd glad to see a competition for kitties in the UK as most of them seem to be for us USA'ers only.

    Happy New Year friends! Thanks also for your kind words when our mom was feeling so badly from her surgery.

  10. We have tried the corn, but it gots everywhere (me is a real digger!) So we uses the clay.

  11. That's great product, but sadly I live in Australia. but I love Sparkle's idea. So I would love to enter for kitty shelter in UK. !

  12. At the vet hospital I am at they use something very similar. Mum was looking at it today and wondering what it was, thanks for answering her questions!!

    Mum was also looking, as I have not had a pooh for four days. Oh oh!!

    We will enter to win for a kitty shelter too.

  13. That is very interesting. We use corn-based litter, and we like it a lot, but it is very dusty.

    It's wonderful that the UK kitties have a contest. We know that you often get left out of chances for other prizes due to pesky geography!

  14. With all of the issues I've had with Gandalf there is no way I would ever consider changing litter now. Oy. He still prefers outside but will use the box if push comes to shove! It is clumping and odorless, but weighs a TON!

    Good luck to all of the entrants!

    Have a lovely day!

  15. That does look like some good litter but I am glad you aren't forcing Flynn to change. But it does sound like a good deal. We will find a picture to send to you. That sounds like fun. Take care.

  16. Wow, this sounds like interesting litter. Good review! We'll get our picture sent to you.

  17. Just shared this on Google+

    You need share buttons on your blog!!!

    Good luck to all who enter!

  18. Mum has always had cats that "went outside" until we came. Lucy likes to go outside and we have a sand latrine. Hannah will not go in the sand so we have litter boxes inside as well - we aren't allowed out after dark since Lucy went walkabouts one evening so she does have to use the boxes at night. Mum's quite interested in these pellets as the litter is so dusty after a good scratch in it!! She wonders how you dispose of the "used" pellets. The only thing is where we would keep a year's supply if we were lucky enough to win!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  19. best fishes two everee one enterin de contest...way awesum oh ewe eric N flynn ta offer yur pals two opt shuns !!

    N we noe whatcha meen bout change flynn....we dont like it either...


  20. Hiya Eric & Flynn!
    What a pawsome giveaway!
    We might just have to try and find a similar litter here in the US to try out. : )
    We'd love to be entered in the US contest and will send you a photo in short order!
    : ) Katie & Glogirly

  21. We have used a similar type here in the US for years and highly recommend it. Mum likes it because it is very lightweight- she finds it much easier to lift and clean the box.
    Good luck to all the UK kitties who enter!

  22. We came back to say that we would like to do the same as Sparkle on the Litter winner. If we win, give it to a cat rescue over in the UK. We will get our picture to you.

  23. hmm very interesting and thanks for all details and great review!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  24. Brilliant review boys. Mum will share it on my blog today and will sort out a cutie picture of me. Great givaway.. Good luck eveyone.. Hugs GJ xx

  25. Mom really worries that the dust from the clay clumping litter is bad for our lungs and for thesis. Wish this stuff was available in the uSA.

  26. Should have been THEIRS, not thesis.

  27. Pawsome review , boy´s !
    But I say no thank´s anyway , I would like to keep my old type of catlitter :)
    But I don´t say no to a gift voucher for Nip and Bones :)
    Will see to that mom send you a really pretty picture of me.

  28. What a great contest...Eric and Flynn!! We wish a lot of luck to everyone who enters. Mom will send a photo but since I'm extremely
    PE-CU-LIAR about my litter we do not need to enter the contest.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  29. We would love to enter the giveaway. We'll get a picture out to you asap!

    The Florida Furkids

  30. We of course aren't in the UK but that sounds like a very good product.

  31. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to be cute, I'll make sure mom digs up some photos.

  32. That is very nice of Verdo.
    It sounds like an interesting litter choice.

  33. cool, just like Sparkle, I will send a photo, but as I am USA, I would donate if I win to your choice of a UK rescue for, preferably, adult cats or a sanctuary for unwanted adults/special needs cats. Thanks guys, Savannah

  34. We'll do our best to send one. FYI, some Blogger blog comments are not showing up at our Wordpress blog. Our tech guy will fix it soon I hope.


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