Friday, August 28, 2015

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day and Eric's Day Flashback.

Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day created by Deb Barnes at The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey in honour of the memory of Mr Jazz.
Everyone has been invited to take part to honour the memory of our own loved ones who wait at the Rainbow Bridge for us.

We remember and miss Eric every day and have made Fridays Eric's Day on our blog, and will have his flashback post at the end.

Eric April 8th 2000 - March 19th 2013 age 12 years 11 months

Today we also remember our other cats who came before and are fondly remembered and loved by us.
We don't have photos of all of them and some photos are very poor quality.

Kitty Yumbum 3rd April 1987 - 23rd July 2002 age 15 years

l to r  Mother Puss 1974 - 3rd November 1997 age 23 years
         Auntie Puss  1974 - 12th August 1998    age 24 years
         Mr Toesies   1981 - 18th March 2000    age 19 years
         Mr Pig         1981 - 13th June   1999    age 18 years
Mother Puss and Auntie Puss were sisters and Mr Pig, Mr Toesies and Desmond were the sons of Mother Puss

Desmond  1981 - 7th June 1995 age 14 years (with Kit)

Tiddler Died 11th April 1993 age unknown thought to be 15 - 16 years.

Snowy (on top of Mother Puss and her 3 sons) Died April 8th 1993. age unknown, thought to be 20+

Smokey (Jelly Bean) 16th March 1986 - 5th May 1987 age 13 1/2 months

Marmi 1972 - 28th November 1982 age 10 years.

Spot died 1972 age unknown. Our first cat together who belonged to Ivor's parents but decided to adopt us so he could be an only cat.

From 4 paws I now remember those with 4 hooves.

Mr Who, my beautiful Irish TB. An ex racehorse, he had a hard start and had been neglected when I got him. He was the perfect gentleman and gave me many years of pleasure galloping across the moors.
Born 1964 - 6th December 1998 age 34 years

Harvester, a Cleveland Bay (with Mr Who)  1975 - 7th November 2003 age 28 years.
We remember them all with love, and also all our friends from the blogging world.
Thank you Deb for creating this day of remembrance.

Now for Eric's Day flashback, this was originally an
Easy on Sunday which comes from May 2009.

I'm not sleeping I'm just resting my eyes. I have to keep guard in case any slugs or caterpillars eat mum's plants.

After my lookout duties for bugs and slugs, there's nothing quite like a good stretch.


  1. It's always good to remember Those Who Came Before. We know all kittehs are special, but we think Eric was extra special. PS: he did know how to stretch, didn't he ?

  2. Beautiful post. We enjoyed seeing those who have crossed over the Bridge before we knew you. Of course, we loved and miss Eric.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Goodness, you've had some long-lived (and beautiful) kitties. I see a tortie/ginger theme. Gorgeous horses. And Eric. What a lovely way to remember them all. Thanks for introducing them...

    Lizzie, Max and Tuck

  4. What wonderful remembrances!
    We are impressed you had kitties into their 20's :)
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful souls with us.
    We still miss Eric too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. What gorgeous kittehs. You come from good stock, Flynn. We’ve been busy working on a sponsored post but hope to put something up on FB.

  6. Lets see iffin I can get my comment on the correct post. I didn't know Eric long, so he and Derby must be having fun at The Bridge together.

    But you had lots of kitties and horsies too.

  7. Rather lost for words...This is all so lovely!
    Sad! But! lovely! Bless them all!x

    And! Flynn!x Your doing a grand job there!
    But! Look! Look! a slug has just run past, and
    you missed it! Bless!x

  8. Beautiful post are carrying on in fine tradition here and in spite of the loss of your beloved brother Eric, you are a happy boy loving life. We like having a special day to reflect on all the ones who have come and gone.....they are in our hearts always.

    Love, Sammy

  9. What great memories...'specially Eric...we still miss him. They may be gone, but they will never be forgotten...and they are always loved.

  10. We miss Eric, too. What a pillar of the blogging community he was! (and handsome, too!)

  11. I miss Eric as well. Purring for you as you remember your special babies today.

  12. We all do miss Eric too and know that Flynn misses him. Love the pictures of your horses that you had. I had a thoroughbred for 25 years and also enjoyed many many days of riding cross country. Nothing better. You all have a great day.

  13. OMCs your peeps have had lots of beautiful furbabes to love....we didn't know about Mr. Who what a majestic boy.
    hugs madi and mom

  14. eric...manee thanx two mum & dad for sharin yur fotoz & yur cuzinz looks enuff like ewe ta be yur gram paw ♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Most of your cats were very long-lived indeed!

    Mr. Who was so handsome, and he lived to a good old age too. It's unbearably hard to lose our companions, but oh, the love and joy they bring into our lives!

    Lots of hugs and purrs to you today as you remember them all, especially Eric.


  16. What a wonderful post! We got all leaky eyed reading it! Such a wonderful life you have shared with these wonderful fur furrends. Your heart is full of love!
    We send you hugs and kisses (and purrs and neighs)
    Nellie and Mommy

  17. We miss Eric very much, too.

    So many beautiful memories, and so many loved ones waiting for you at the Bridge. Hugs to you as you remember them today and always.

  18. So beautiful post!
    Have a nice weerkend!

  19. Your mom has loved many kitties - they were all so lucky to have her, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that, Flynn. We send purrs, hugs, and love to your mom today. We know it is difficult to remember the babies we've lost. <3 Please give your mom some extra snuggles today.

  20. You have had such a wonderful life, filled with the joy and friendship of such an wonderful assortment of pets. Thank you for sharing - and Eric - you always give us reason to smile with your sweet face. Thank you so much for participating in Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day - xoxo from Mr. Jazz, Deb, Purr Prints of the Heart and the Zee/Zoey Gang

  21. What a beautiful tribute. Lovely to see all the fur babies that came before. Loved and missed every one.

  22. Sweet memories for that special day, thank you for sharing with us. Hugs and purrs.

  23. What wonderful memories of your past fur children. They all touched our hearts in their own special way and made our life the better for it.

  24. oh my what a bevy of amazing pets you have been blessed to have. I only knew Eric and Flynn but I love them so much.
    I have only had 2 cats and 2 dogs, that's it. You were so blessed

  25. Your life has been filled to the brim of love from all these wonderful animal friends. Lucky you.

  26. Such a wonderful post for a truly bunch of wonderful ones. We sure miss that Eric too.

  27. So many memories today! I'm sad I didn't get a chance to know Eric. Sparkle thought highly of him. <3

  28. What a beautiful post. Your folks sure have had the pleasure of loving a lot of wonderful souls.

  29. This has been such a special day remembering our beloved pets who live forever in our hearts.

  30. I loved every single picture you shared with us and the stories of the beloved pets we got to meet today on this very special day. Thank you for those and thank you for Eric's flashback. I really loved him very much as I do Flynn.

    Katie's Momma

  31. Thank you so much for sharing all those who came before. Eric is special to us too. We really look forward to Eric's day each week. It makes us feel close to him too.
    Lots of luvs.
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  32. How lovely to remember Eric and so many other furries you've shared your lives with. And you included the horses, too! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful animals.

    Mom Nora

  33. It is good to have a special day to remember all the dear friends who have gone before... ~ TBT

  34. We loved meeting all of the beautiful kitties and horses who have gone before. Long lives, loved and living in a blissful setting. Something we wish for all animals. And beans too.
    Resting your eyes! Oh Eric, we're laughing out loud ! Miss you and love you always.

  35. Such wonderful and poignant memories of so many who have gone before! Eric there's no need to rest your eyes now at the Rainbow Bridge. Miss you, buddy!! xxx

  36. We gather so many over the years, don't we?

  37. My Catness Eric you have had so many wonderfur Angels in your home. Some have been around for a very long time which show that there is love flowing and still is.
    Thanks so very much for sharing your Angels with us
    Timmy and Family

  38. PS Flynn. We love your Cats From Hell Raining Mousies
    Its so you my furend

  39. I am always sadden to see any of our CB kittens fly away to the Bridge, but there are some that touch your heart deeper than others, and Eric is one. I miss you so much dear Ginger boy! We are so glad you were our friend for so many years. There were so many beautiful souls pass through your life, and you've been blessed. Purrs to you on this day of remembrance.

  40. A good stretch and a roll in the dirt always tops a list of our favorite things. We so enjoyed meeting so many of your furry angels. Mom had a wild bunny once named Jelly Bean. She keeps promising to post about it. She decided a very long time ago that if another male cat becomes part of our family in the future, she wants to name it Desmond. She loves that name. We are so grateful to Deb for creating this event to remember and honor our angels. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  41. It was a sad day here and just couldn't do any remembrances except at the group Fb page. I loved seeing all your beautiful cat and horse angels. So loved and many lived, long, long lives!

  42. Yes, we certainly do remember all those who have come before with love!

  43. A bittersweet remembrance. So many friends, and so many who lived a long time under your care.

  44. You have a lot of furry ones to remember so fondly, all of them sweetly cherished forever.


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