Friday, November 5, 2021

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

First I will just give a quick health update. Some of you already know I had a 6 monthly CT scan in September. The results were no change from the previous one. That is good news because it means the cancer hasn't spread further.
In October I had another brain scan to see if there was any change in "The Thing". There was no change there either and the neurological team are now 100% sure it is not a cancer spread. They think it is most likely a congenital defect, and as I had never had a brain scan before the strokes no-one would have known it was there.
Hopefully that means no more dreaded MRI scans, just the regular CT scans.

In The Hay Barn.

Dad packed a load of straw in the barn for the horses to sleep on in the winter.

We thought we had better go down and check that he had done it properly.

Eric: I'll just go up on top to make sure it is stacked safely.

Hey Flynn, look at me. I'm touching the roof.

Flynn: While you are up there I'll just make sure the lower layers are done right.

Yep, everything looks okay down here.

Now that's done I'll jump down and have a bath.

Straw tickles and itches so you haf to make sure you bath all the little bits out of your furrs.

All the loose straw has been put in this bag. It makes a good seat where you can listen furr mice.

Eric: All that snoopervising has tired me out. I need a rest now.

It's a bit hot in here, I think I will go and sit in the doorway where there is a nice breeze.

That's better.

Flynn: I don't want any breeze, I'm going to stay in here in the heat.
Oh and yes, that is sun you can see outside the door. After nearly non stop rain since the beginning of June, we have just had one and a half weeks of dry and mostly sunny weather. Hooray!!!!

I am joining Athena the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

I used Ceremony at 50%, then Delaunay at 40%.

The random photo was chosen by Cecilia (My Mind's Eye) who asked for 22.11.11

Intruder check, probably badgers.

When I was choosing the photo I noticed another taken on the same date and had to publish that one too. Flynn looked so cute with his back paw between his front feet and resting his face on it.

preview108pieceCaturday Art 6.11.21
preview108pieceEric and Flynn 22.11.11 021
I am also joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for the blog hop.


  1. Yay, happy dance that Mom's scans have not changed and that means regular ones from now on! Love this week's post for many reasons. The pictures of the handsome boys brought smiles. And Mom's catwork is (as always) very nice. Again, very happy for Mom. Hope Dad is doing well. Until next week...Jean

  2. That's really wonderful news on the health front! Love those straw happy boys and the art came out super nice!

  3. Excellent news about your health! What a relief that must be for you and Ivor. Keep it up! As for the boys, they must have loved all the straw. They seemed to have taken their time in it.

  4. Thanks for the health update! I'm glad that everything is holding steady.

  5. we wish we could do a fab barnhunt once too.... that would be sooo great.. hugs and all our powerful wishes to you...

  6. Great news on the health front, Jackie!

    We love today's memory post and we think that Caturday Art shot should be framed! It's perfect!

    Tama and Benny

  7. That's great news and quite a relief for you 👍

    Aww! another cute flashback and that cute one of Flynn what a pose that is heheh!

    Have a happytastic weekend 👍

  8. First and foremost you know I'm THRILLED at the MRI results....fabulous. Secondly I have always ALWAYS loved the photos of the boys in the hay - exploring all the way to the roof....looking for mousies....they just plain did EVERYTHING together. SO very very special.

    Hugs, Pam

  9. Cautiously optimistic on the health front, I'd say. Looks like your Angel boys had that straw snoopervisin' thing down!

  10. Jackie what absolutely wonderful news! 🙏🏻‼️❤️
    Eric and Flynn your escapades in the barn were epic! By chance did you find a needle in the hay stacks?
    The flashback date I selected November 22 will be favorite SIL of Angel Madi’s 50th birthday and the year 2011 was the year I retired.
    Thanks for the fun flashback
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. This is terrific news, thanks for updating us!

    We love all the pics of the boys checking the bales; they were nothing if not hard-working snoopervisors! :-)

  12. That was a fun story in the hay and Flynn does look adorable in that photo! I'm so glad to hear that things are improving for you! Happy Friday! :) <3

  13. Great news on your health! And wonderful photos of the kitties!

  14. Thank you for your medical update. I think that you should celebrate by taking a cruise. Well done and I hope things remain the same.

    Love seeing your babies. They are so precious and it's good that you remember them often.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend, Jackie. ♥

  15. Good news on the scans! I can almost smell the inside of the hay barn.

  16. Wow your cats are almoust like mine Oliver.

  17. Hurrah for the good news on all your scans !

  18. So glad for your good health news. Yay!

    Adorable pics and artwork, too!

  19. Great new on your scans! Sweet memories and fun artwork. Thanks for the puzzles.

  20. That's fantastic news, and I love seeing the boyz in the hay barn. The last photo is adorable!

  21. Thank you for the health update. That is wonderful news. Cute flashback, those 2 boys made sure everything was in order. Thank you for 2 puzzles. XO

  22. I am SO glad your health concerns are in stable mode, and I pray that will stay that way. ♥

    Even I with no evidence of my cancer, sometimes feel there is always a sword hanging over my head...and I have to banish those thoughts away in a hurry.

    I bet Eric and Flynn had the funnest of times snoopervising all those hay bales!

    Flynn sure had an unusual pillow, LOL!

  23. So glad about the good news, and the boys were great snoopervisors.

  24. So glad about the good news, and the boys were great snoopervisors.

  25. I love the shots of the boys in the hat barn! And I particularly LOVE the shot of Flynn and his 3 feet! I'm so glad the results of your CT scan were good and Jackie, I totally agree with you about MRIs!

  26. That's wonderful news, Jackie. See, your two Angels are always near to watch over you✨Very nice artwork and I love to see the Angels in the barn😸Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

  27. Happy Health News! (remember years past, having brain scan, doctor, lacking good communication skills, started our discussion of results with "well, we found nothing there!") ... no one has checked since. The boys look amazing on their "hayride", be well, be safe, friends.

  28. That is great news! We too think the boys are keeping you safe.

  29. Jackie, we are so happy that you got such great news after your scans! That hay barn was such an amazing and fun place for Eric and Flynn to romp about. :)

  30. So thankful for the good medical news!
    Lovely photos and memories of the boys.
    Thank you for stopping by the blog this week and helping us remember our gentle giant, Mr. Jinx.

  31. That's such great news!

    Love the boys and their art xx

  32. We are furry relieved at the good news on the medical front.
    We love all the photos and art, and especially that cute one of Flynn with three paws forward.

  33. Hey, that hay looks quite comfy. Good that the stacks were checked, too. x

  34. We are so happy to hear the good news about your health. YAY!!!

    We bet that hay is pretty itchy. We think we might prefer our soft beds at home.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  35. I love that picture of Flynn resting his head on his back paw. I have never seen anything like that. You all have rain the way we have rain here in my part of the world. I don't know why we have such rain...been that way for 12 years!!! Eric and Flynn, you are Katie's main cats!

  36. That's great news about your health update! Those boys...they sure were good barn supervisors.

  37. I'm so glad to hear the news about your health update! My Mom lived her whole life until 65 not knowing she had a malformation in her brain - it's just one of those things that if you never get a scan, there's no way to know (even worse, my aunt had an aneurysm at 49 - imagine if that had been found in time!). That kind of stuff is enough to scare a person.

    The boys are as handsome as ever - and so helpful too!


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