Sunday, February 15, 2009

Easy on Sunday

This photo is a duplicate of our post on our original blog. We still have some things we want to try out with the sidebar before we change over completely.


  1. Hey there, you 2 fine ginger fellows... we'll gladly follow you to your new address. Just make sure you have your human do all the hard work of moving, and you both can just supervise and snooze, the way you are here.

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  3. This is looking good! Good and green and earthy and just super.
    Had forgotten all about that
    Love the new look.

  4. It is very hard work moving to a new blog. Sunday is a day of rest. Wish we had a vishus deer blankie!

  5. Nice looking bloggy page. Nice an colourful !

  6. I think Flynn's sleeping pose is really amazing~!
    It's a very very sweet and comfy image of you both!

  7. Hey you two

    You're very welcome to join the Tail Chasers Club if you like - just visit my blog and leave a comment!

    Cliff (and Sam)

  8. You napping on the back of the sofa is really cute.

  9. We love the new look!!! The greens compliment your fur gorgeously and it reminds me of fields and grass.

    Your header justs pops too!!

    Well done!!

    Purrs, Goldie

  10. don't be afraid of losing anything when updating. just make a backup of your posts, you can do this through blogger settings now (export blog). and then save your widgets manually, tada, all done and time to mess up your blog :-) if you need help you can also drop our mommy an email :-)

    *chica & pumuckl*