Sunday, February 22, 2009

Easy on Sunday

Wake me up when you've got my breakfast would ya.
We have discovered something! We still can't get page elements to work with Firefox only IE if we go through Dashboard and then page layout. Mum is still messing around trying to get it working properly and clicked customise at the top of our home page and guess what, page elements work from there in Firefox! Yayyyy!!!!


  1. Oops we went to the old blog first. I thought we had it out of our reader... At any rate, you look really really comfy.

  2. That is the best way to send Sunday, all comfy and napping!

  3. Did you party too late at Billy's party??

  4. Oah Flynn,
    You sleep like an darling angel~!!
    So sweet~!

  5. Hooray! I'm glad you got the page elements to work in Firefox!

    Happy napping, Flynn.

  6. My Mommy uses FireFox too!


  7. You look all nice and comfy. Looks like a good idea to me...

    Noir in Texas