Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday and Reykjavik

We have told mum she can put up her holiday photos now.
They had three days at sea before they got to Iceland, and on the way they sailed through the Scottish Islands. Mum can't remember where these photos were. She should have written down the places as they passed them.

She liked the look of this old castle. It is not very clear because it was a dull and misty morning.

She thought these shapes were unusual so had to take pictures of them.

A close up of one of them.
Just a minute! Why are we doing all the work and telling you about them? Mum can tell you herself.

Our first stop was Reykjavik in Iceland. The weather was not very good, in fact it poured down most of the day, but we had a tour booked and made the most of it. This is the Blue Lagoon. The high temperature geothermal areas in Iceland are found inside the zone of two tectonic plates, the American and the Eurasian plates which Iceland straddles and are closely associated with the active volcano systems. A mixture of cold seawater and groundwater come into contact with the cooling magma and is rapidly heated and rises to the surface. The geothermal water exceeds temperatures of 200C at less than 1 Km depth. Minerals, silica and algae give it it's blue colour. People come here to bathe in it's warm waters and it is now operated as a spa as well as being a source of geothermal energy.

Part of the lava field by the Blue Lagoon.

Perlan. (The Pearl) The tanks contain geothermally heated water with a viewing platform above them which gives good views over Reykjavik. At the top there is a glass dome with a restaurant which I believe revolves, but it was closed when we were there.

This is a view over part of the city from the observation platform.

The Strokkur geyser is in Geysir National Park. This geyser is also called Strokkur but is man made and releases the steam from the Pearl.

Hallgrimskirkja is a Lutheran parish church and at 244feet, is the largest church and sixth highest structure in Iceland.

I don't know what this building is. I took it from the coach as we passed.

This was the Sherriff of Reykjavik's house and is now a hotel.
I hope you have enjoyed these photos and we will visit Akureyri tomorrow.


  1. Wow, it sure looks like some amazing places!!! Thanks for letting Mom post the pictures!

  2. What neat photos! I bet your parents had a good time. Did they bring you back some fish and stuff?

  3. Interesting looking place. What are the people like? Are they recovering from the crisis? Do they like tourists or loathe them?

  4. Great holiday photos; it seems your parents took an interesting trip...Our Mom found the Blue Lagoon particularly fascinating=what a unique spa!...Of course, our favorite photo is of you two gorgeous boys cuddled up so sweetly together=we really love you guys...sending you both lots of kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Eric and Flynn, Your Beans visit some very interesting places! Our Mommy really enjoys the travel pictures, and you two snuggling. Tomorrow, Akureyri!

  6. These are REALLY lovely photos.
    Mom loves the old castle. It would be wonderful to know the history of that old place.
    and the Hallgrimskirkja is so incredibly beautiful.
    Terrific photos well done E+F's mum

    bonks to you boys for allowing your mum to share her adventures. So lovely!

  7. Lovely cuddle time. Mom really enjoys vacation pictures!

  8. Hey, weren't you guys just beating up on each other?

    I have forbidden my human to look at the travel photos. I do not want to give her any ideas.

  9. Interesting photos from the trip. We also like the picture of you guys cuddled up sleeping.

  10. Wonderful photos!! It sounds like your Mum & Dad had a lovely holiday!! We never knew Iceland straddles two different plates & that there are active volcanos there!! (Well, we must confess we don't know much about Iceland at all)

    Can't wait to see more holiday photos!!

    Have a wonderful day!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  11. Looks like a great trip! Interesting location too, I would never have thought to go to Iceland. I might have to contemplate that now...
    We love you boys- TK and Squashies

  12. Thank your mum for sharing those pawsome photos with us! And Flynn's tummy sure makes for a comfy pillow!

  13. wonderful photos!!

    we like the first one; the ginger yin-yang one the best :)

  14. We are all packing our bags and comming to stay at your house. A beautiful farm,a lovely new run complete with flowers ,exciting holidays and two of the sweetest most beautiful ginger boys ever. What more could anyone ask for!
    We love the castles in the mist.: so magical and moody. Mum was in Iceland several years back and it looks wonderfully unchanged. Can't wait to see more photos.

  15. Wow, what an adventure!
    Thanks so much for sharing your trip pictures, this place is wonderful, I'm enchanted by that geyser, really impressive and your picture is awesome!
    My mommy also loved all pictures mainly that different architecture in the Church.
    hugs, purrs and love
    Luna and mommy Léia

  16. What an interesting place! Our mom says she is living vicariously through you, whatever that means! Thanks for sharing!

  17. First, Eric and Flynn, that is such a good picture of you all curled up together.
    Those are terrific pictures of Iceland. Very interesting to your Mom because she knows nothing about Iceland. Thanks for showing us. Can't wait to see the next pictures. Have a really good day.

  18. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Eric and Flynn...first of all you two are looking very cozy today. We can't tell where either of you begins or ends. :-)
    Ok here is the deal the next time your mom and dad get their bye bye bags out...let us know. We'll pop over to join them. They really know how to take a vacation!! Gorgeous pictures. Mom said the Lutheran church has the best steeple she has ever seen!!!
    Madi and Mom

  20. Very beautiful...Iceland is one of the places on my wish list of travels. Thank you for sharing some lovely photos. You guys go to the neatest places!

  21. We love your snuggly picture we think it is the nicest one ever.
    Iceland looks a very interesting place to visit and Mum loved the Hallgrimskirkja Church.

  22. Oh yay we get to go on a bisit! We love bay-cat-shun pictures!

    These were great!



  23. Those are great pictures of their trip - but we still like the snuggly picture of you two the best!

  24. You guys sure are cute snuggle bugs.

    Oh my...those photos are beautiful!