Sunday, July 17, 2011

Easy Like Sunday and more pics.

Eric: It's Sunday so I don't mind what you do, but I am going to lie here all day unless you want to feed me treats.

Flynn: I don't think I will be doing anything either so we may as well let mum have the blog again to show the rest of her photos.

Thanks boys. We stayed in a farmhouse Bed and Breakfast but all the rooms had gone, so the owner said we could have the complete middle floor of his self catering cottage for the same price.It is a converted stone barn which sleeps 14 people and is only a few yards from the main farmhouse where we went for our breakfast every morning. This is part of the huge lounge we had sole use of. The french windows lead onto a patio area with picnic tables and a barbecue.

This is part of the patio with views of Exmoor beyond the fields.

From the front of the house we could watch the horses grazing in the fields.

The fish pond below the farmhouse.

This is the main farmhouse where the B and B rooms are. Breakfast was in the conservatory every morning. On the right is the covered swimming pool.

This is the converted barn we stayed in. On the bottom floor are two large four poster bedrooms. The top floor is built into the roof of the barn and has another two large double bedrooms. There is also an open studio type room with four single beds suitable for children but big enough for adults. The floor we were on had one double bedroom a huge lounge, a dining room with table to seat sixteen people and a large fully fitted kitchen with another table to seat six people.

After breakfast the next day we went to Porlock Weir.

We went over a little steel bridge to have a look at this picturesque house. We didn't know until we got over to it that the piece of land it is on is called Turkey Island. We don't know why it was called that though.

On the way back into the village we saw this sign on the chimney which made us laugh.

There are lots of lovely old cottages here too.

Then we drove back across Exmoor to our B and B.

Two deer ran across the road in front of us. One jumped straight over the hedge before I had chance to get a photo, the other doubled back across the moor, then when she thought she was a safe distance, stopped and turned to look at us which gave me chance to get a somewhat distant photo.
I hope you have enjoyed the photos. The boys can have their blog back again now.


  1. Those pictures are so great. Our Mom really has enjoyed seeing all the different houses and barns etc. The place you stayed looks dreamy. What a fun trip. Have a great Sunday. Take care.

  2. Thanks for letting your Mom post those great pics!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. You boys are so sweet to let mom post her pictures. That B&B was beautiful. You saw some really beautiful places. All the pictures are just great! Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Thank you Eric & Flynn for visiting us and wishing Cookie well, we hope he sees again too. Your beans are having a marvelous trip and we enjoyed the photos a lot! and the ones of the two of you!

  5. Some of those photos were breathtaking! But none quite as nice as the ones of you two kitties in the grass.

  6. those pictures were marvelous! They look like they came out of a novel.
    The signs that said "one way" and "another" reminded me of the big old trees from The Wizard Of Oz that had signs pointing multiple ways.
    All of the structures there look so charming and the views were amazing!
    BTW Eric has "Easy" down to a science!

  7. What lovely country! Mommy would love to visit there some day...some day when we'd allow her to leave, that is.

  8. Thanks for letting the rents post about their holiday, kittehz! It looks like they had a wonderful time!

  9. Thanks for letting your mum share those great pictures of her trip. The B&B and surrounding area look lovely.

  10. Oh yes! What a wonder lovely place! And you were so lucky to get that big room! Cool! "One way" and "another" signs are funny!!!

    Thank you for sharing!!

  11. Princess JasmineJuly 17, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    Looks like your pawrents had a wonderful holiday. Mummy loves the chocolate box cottages :)xx

  12. Mr. Eric, The way you lie down on the grass is so comfy !!! You made me miss my summer my friend : )

    And My mom love the barn, She always love the idea people converted the barn to live because it gave so much space and got a great view of the country. I can see your pawrents had a fabulous time there : )

    Thanks for sharing !

  13. Well it looks like your mum and dad had a good time!

  14. We're so glad your mum and dad had a good time on Exmoor - it must be lovely to stay at home - we are home now mum had a great holiday we wish we could say the same!! We hid under blankies in one of our carriers so mum couldn't find us when she eventually came to rescue us.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. What a beautiful place! And our mom says you got the better deal getting to stay in the converted barn!! Our mom was in England a few years ago and she just loved all the pretty!!

  16. Eric and Flynn thank you for sharing your blog with Mom. You two are looking very handsome today.

    What a beautiful spot you selected for a mini vacation. I could sit there staring at the field of horses and landscape all day. It must have been truly relaxing. Spontaneous vacations are sometimes the best.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  17. Lovely photos; it looks like your parents enjoyed a very relaxing holiday...We thought we would teleport over and cuddle with you handsome boys in the cool grass=that sounds like a purrfect way to spend Sunday to us :)...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! That grass looks so nice and cool! The grass here is turning brown as we need rain.

  19. Lovely pictures! And that was so nice that you had that huge barn area for 16 people instead of one bedroom! Wowzer!

    Luf, Us

  20. Äiti's happy - beautiful cat bellies and lovely photos of Exmoor. Bliss. For her that is - we're still stressed by the new additions

  21. What lovely scenic pictures!!
    How nice you got the entire floor for the same price as the smaller rooms!

  22. What a beautiful place to stay! I'll bet it was wonderful having a sunny breakfast in the conservatory!

  23. We're salivating. Well... not "we" as in Pumpy and me but "we" as in the humans. Incredible beauty!

    The beans will be somewhere near Sidmouth in August for a long weekend break! Such a lovely part of the world.

    Take care...

  24. Absolutely idilic. Loved seeing the gorgeous picyures of the stay and that place looks a perfect place to stay. Hope you had a great Sunday.. HUgs GJ xx

  25. The B&B is gorgeous. And those luxurious accommodations! Boy, what wonderful luck!
    Such beauty all around you ! And those gorgeous cottages! All of your photos could easily be artists paintings. What a wonderful vacation! Do you have any more photos you can show us? Our mum is dreaming of one of those cottages being hers! She told us not to dare wake her!