Friday, January 6, 2012

The Friday Flashback is back!

We stopped doing the Friday Flashback a year ago because we had flashed back up to December 2009 and would soon be catching up with current posts. After a year of rest it is back again starting with January 2010. We think this may be the only snow we see because this winter has been very mild up to now, but very wet and very windy. So here it it!


Flynn: It snowed yesterday so mum asked us if we wanted to go for a walk in it. I couldn't see much grass so I tried to thaw it out by peeing on it.

Eric didn't realise what I was doing and went to walk behind me. He nearly got a wet head. Haha!

Eric: I don't know what happened to the long grass, it looks all short now.

Flynn: If it's short Eric, where are your feet disappearing to?

Flynn: I think I will sit here and watch Eric in the grass.....

....... and watch the horses eat their hay.

These horses would rather eat the frozen grass than their hay. They must be nuts.

This is our yard and some of the stables where the horses sleep at night.

Eric: That's enough of that. I'm going in to warm my toesies up.


  1. We are at the little house and they said this morning that Calgary was warmer than Jacksonville Florida! Me would not know, because we is not allowed outside at the little house. Wacky weather.

  2. We had lotzz of snow last year. Mom wazzz up to herzz knies in fat white stuffzz. Now we've hazz storm in Holland !
    Purzzz Lars and Odin

  3. Fun to see you in that snow for a short bit, but we don't wish snow on you much this winter. Snow is too much work for the humans, getting driveways cleared and worrying about roads being icey.

  4. The weather has been freakishly hot here in Dallas also. Mommie was wearing shorts around the house today!

  5. I dunno, you guys - even though it is colder, I think I might like snow better than wet weather! Even if Simba is right, and it is more work for the humans.

  6. Amazing! But now my whiskers are shivering again!

  7. Great flashback!!!!! Bet that snow does make the toes cold after a while ;) heehee
    Our Winter has not been too bad either.We got about 4cm snow Thursday and will get rain on Saturday.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ
    Mom says "Thank You for the B'Day wishes"

  8. Great flashback. We think this might be the only way we see snow this year, too.

  9. Wow--there hasn't been much snow here either--but you never know. It's only early January. That could change!

  10. Oh! It even sounded cold! We bet Eric was glad he didn't get a golden shower on his head. What a contrast to yesterday's post - what a difference a year makes.

  11. We are glad that is a flash back after all the pretty flowers.

  12. Oh My! Just looking at the cold stuff makes me cold! Cold is hard to take!

  13. Thanks for posting the videos. They are sweet!

    I had to laugh at the last one, in which you tell the kittehs they are going the wrong way...

    I take my oldest cat for walks and the only wrong way, apparently, is the way I want him to go!!

    So, I found it funny.

  14. We've been making some of our snow yellow today. it's a wonderful feeling! We hope it's not too wet and windy in Devon now - snowy is much nicer.

  15. Brrrr. It looked and you sounded really cold in the videos.
    "Eric, you're going the wrong way". That was funny. Did he come back the right way after that?

  16. We love your older snow pics. That's as much snow as we have right now, which isn't anything at all for our area!

  17. Oh Eric, Rumblemum wants to cuddle you till you're warm!

  18. The sound of that wind blowing is how it is sounding this winter - we just hope after all this torrential rain we don't get the dreaded s..w to follow on. We hope you didn't get frozen toesies.
    BTW we laughed and laughed when you both went to "wrong way" - cos it wasn't you it was your Mum and Dad who went the wrong way!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  19. BRRRR...we wouldn't want our paws in that cold wet stuff!! We're laffin at that picture where Eric almost got a wet head!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  20. Our human luf the first video. Her parents had one cat who would go walking with her father. We are having spring like weather here. Weird!

  21. Hi there Eric and Flynn and you´r 2-legged !
    Last january we had a lot of snow in Sweden.
    But this winter the same as you a lot of rain and wind :(
    I do prefere the snow !!
    Fun to watch the movies on you two out in the snow and all the pictures too :)

  22. We loved the videos! Your little toesies must have been frozen! We love your flashbacks and are happy they are back!

    It's like springtime here in Chicago today! No snow yet either.

  23. Me again :)
    Now I have done a Flashback Friday post too !
    Come and watch how much snow we had last january the 6 !!

  24. That is such a good idea to do flashbacks. We will have to give that a try too. That snow looks so cold but you boys seem to enjoy it and it is so good for you to get outside even for a few minutes. Love the videos.

  25. Your beautiful farm with all this white stuff is wonderful.I love all pictures!
    You boys are brave to face this snow!

  26. Excellent Flashbacks and they are new to us!! MOL at putting you head in the wrong place. You two are such fun guys!!
    I've never set a paw in snow and never will so it is good to enjoy your pics,
    Hugs Madi

  27. We have no snow so far this winter, just a very light dusting. Not cold at all. Highly unusual Might change next week though the weather man says.
    Your horses are so lovely and those shots of them are so picturesque. And look! One came over to the fence to see you.
    How come you didn't want to go back to the fire like Mum suggested?

  28. Furry pretty snow. Last year we got several small snows, but non this year.
    xoxo Kassey

  29. Glad to see the Flashback Friday is back. :) We have been thinking about doing a Flashback Foster Friday to introduce all our previous fosters.

  30. Ahh..guess I never heard it called that before, but yes my kitty sisters wouldn't like that much I'm sure. BOL

    Have a great weekend. :)

  31. Oh we loved it the first time and really enjoyed it the second time!



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