Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looking for Spring and Christmas Cards.

Now it is another year we know that means Spring won't be too far away. We decided to go for a walk and see if we could find it. The beans said it would be too early but we thought we would look anyway.

Success! We found a primrose.

And another one. Mum was very surprised to see them so soon.

Then we found some snowdrops just coming in to bud. We don't usually get them until the end of January.

While we were out we thought we may as well check the heather garden.

Yup, looks okay to us. The heathers flower during different months so there should always be a few flowering all year.

When we got back we checked the roses. The miniature climbing rose has lots of buds on. we hope we don't get any hard frosts to kill them. Mum had three of her roses in bloom on New Year's Day and meant to take a photo and forgot. We had storm force winds yesterday and torrential rain which ruined them so she never got her photos of them.

We would like to thank every one who sent us Christmas cards. We are showing all the snail mail cards below. You can see all our e cards on our Christmas card page.


  1. Look at all those wonderful signs of spring!

  2. OOO spring!!!

    Did you get our snail mail christmas card??

  3. I sure wish spring was spring here guys! Great cards too!!!

  4. Love the primrose garden. That is terrific. You really do have some little signs of spring. It is way too cold here for any signs of spring. The cards are so terrific. Take care.

  5. Mom saw a gardenia in her garden this weekend.

    Yippeee - we saw our card!!!!! Mom always wonders if the overseas cards make it.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. We are amazed at all the flowers blooming this time of year! You got a lot of cards!

  7. I was just over at Milo and Alfie's blog - it looks like a lot of the UK has signs of an early spring! I love all the Christmas cards - mine are all down and my human is putting them away.

  8. It looks like you are a whole lot closer to spring than we are!!! We've got all the hats, mittens and down out here. Enjoy!
    Happy New Year from the Minnesota contingent,
    xo Katie

  9. The weather sure is strange this year. Here in Texas it got up to 71degrees today. All of our bulbs are coming up but we are sure to get a hard freeze yet.

  10. Strange weather here too and we're hoping for a calm Spring.
    xoxo Kassey

  11. Your lucky boys that it's warm enough for a walk to look for spring coming. It's cold here. Brrr! Nothing much to do but snooze.

  12. Wow! It seems early to see those flowers and buds! Let's hope spring will be early this year!!

    You sure got a lot of cards!! So did we! Waaaaay more than our humans!!

  13. Wow! We are just gearing up for winter. How lucky you are! We haven't had our first snow yet, but we did have flurries yesterday. Enjoy it, dear friends!

  14. my catness! that is a heck of a lot of Christmas Cards!

    I couldn't believe the other day when I was out raking up leaves with Kizzy and we saw that our clematis was starting to bloom!!!!

  15. What a wonderful post! We luf seeing early signs of spring and all the lovely holiday cards. Thanks fur sharin them.

  16. Äiti is surprised you already have those plants! It makes her all reminiscent of England. And she says she hopes you keep warm and safe as it's really windy there right now, isn't it. Keep those tails standing firm and don't get blown away.

  17. We love your Spring watch pics ~ we haven't seen any snowdrops here yet.

    We saw our card! YAY! xx

  18. Wow so many spring signs you found on your walk !
    Maybe I shall take my mom for a walk and see if we have any springsigns here in Sweden too ??
    I loved to watch all your nice Holidaycards you got by the snailmail , thank´s for sharing them !

  19. OMC Eric and Flynn thank you for the wonderful walking tour of the lovely Primroses and gardens.

    Your Christmas Cards are very very pretty. We just love the colors of Christmas...very bright and festive.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  20. We enjoyed seeing your signs of spring - no signs here at present perhaps this terrible wind has blown them all away!
    Mum says tell your Mum she loves the heather garden.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. Make sure you let me know when you find spring.


  22. Flowersssss!
    You it's the same, I think Mother Nature is getting confused with so crazy weather.
    Here it's also raining a lot, better to go for another nap and to dream about colorful flowers!
    Your cards are wonderful!
    purrs and love

  23. We are thrilled that spring has found you. Your gardens are so lovely. Lucky boys.
    We think Mother Nature has been nipping on the Christmas sherry. It's been 82F/27C here and we are setting new records for warmth.
    What great Christmas cards! You know we all love you...lots!

  24. Yous is just so very lucky! We won't has spring (or flowers) for at least 2 months.
    thanks for showing me what it looks like

  25. We have 100'of daffodils just stickin up about a paw-width, but they will stay like that fer another 2 months.

    Thanks fer showing yer cards. It reminds us we need ta do that too!

  26. It kind of feels like spring here today, it is close to 60.

    Wow, you received a lot of beautiful cards. :)