Monday, December 25, 2017

A merry Christmas to All, and our Christmas Cards 2017.

     Merry Christmas to All!

This card is from 2012, the last Christmas that both boys were still with us.

Thank you to everyone who has sent e cards which can be seen on the 2016 - 2017 e card page by clicking here, or on the last link beneath the banner.

The snail mail cards have been scanned and are below.
Thank you to all who exchanged with us.
Basil and the Hoard           Madi and Mom.
The Swiss Cats    Manx Mnews
Four Legged Furballs
15 and Meowing.
Forty Paws.. Dash Kitten Crew.
Chirpy cats
Cats of the Wildcat Woods.
Ducky,  Tommy and Teaghan
Friends furever  Catio Tales.

Mark's Mews, Random Felines
Peaches and Paprika.
The Poupounette
Timmy Tomcat and Family.
Tessie pino,  Marvelous Marv.
Conny's Cats
Laila and Minchie
Four Crazy Cats
Angel, Max and Kirby
Speedy,                        Dora
Three Chatty Cats
Teddy and angel Sammy.   The Kitties Blue.
Tazo (The Furkids)
The Pawesome Cats.
Cathy Keisha      Celestial Kitties.
Savannah's Pawtracks
Fur Everywhere.
The Island Cats.
Tripper, Homer, Banzai and Reno.
The Critters in the Cottage.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and Ivor. <3

  2. Meowwy Christmas to both of you. And to your boys at the Bridge.

  3. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  4. Merry Christmas from all of us dear friends.

  5. Wishing you and Ivor a very Meowy Christmas!

  6. Ah! Bless! Merry Christmas to one
    and all..Lovely memories!

  7. Merry Christmas to both of you. What a lovely memory this card from 2012...

  8. A merry and wonderful Christmas to you. Happy memories of the boys are an extra special treat,
    All of our love , always.

  9. Merry Christmas,lovely Memories,xx Speedy

  10. πŸŽ„ Meowry Christmas πŸŽ„

  11. That is a wonderful card and such a lovely memory to have and thanks for sharing the boys with us today, they sure do bring a smile to my face and warm the heart.
    Wishing you the very BEST of Festive Cheer and a wonderful and happy Christmas and a prosperous 2018
    Festive purrs
    Erin and staff

  12. Such lovely cards and wonderful memories of Eric and Flynn. Wishes for a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles!

  13. I love your card and all the ones you received are beautiful. I know this year must be tough without your sweet boy. XO

  14. We love that card with both angels. And all the cards you've received. A very Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us at Colehaus Cats!

  15. Your card collection is so heartwarming. Merry Christmas, Jackie and Ivor!

  16. …….... (¯ O´¯)...
    …….…... / | ............♫ Warmest wishes♫
    ……… ...*•♥•*...................♫ for a ♫
    …… ... *♥♫♫♥*'...........♠♫ Merry Christmas ♫♠
    … .... *♥•♦♫••♥* ................♥.. and a...♥
    ..... *♥☺♥☺♥☺♥* ........ ♠♫ Happy New Year♫♠
    .....*♥•♥#♠*♥#♥•♥* '
    ....*♥♫♥♥♫♥♥♫♥♫* '
    ..*♥♥♣♫♥♣♥♥♣♥♫ ♣♥♥*'
    '*♥♥♣♥♫♥♥♫♥♥♫ ♥♣♥♥*'
    .......... ╬╬╬╬╬...........

    Purrs from
    Maxwell, Faraday & Allie!

  17. we love your card display! Merry Merry Christmas!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  18. May Christmas bring you joy after this troublous year, and may 2018 bring only good things to your wonderful family. God bless you.

  19. Merry Christmas to all of you! XO
    Our Christmas card to you must still be on the way . . .

    the critters in the cottage xo

  20. Such lovely cards... And TBT was looking in the closet today and says we have cards going back to about 2009. At least. He says someyear he will get a big tree and decorate it with nothing but cards sent to us from our old and new friends!

    So he is putting a note in the decoration boxes to remind him next year...

  21. What wonderful cards!
    ‘Tis the season to wish one another joy and love and peace. These are my wishes for you, Happy Holidays our dear friends, may you feel the love through this special season.

  22. What great cards! Trust you and Ivor had a great Christmas.

  23. Merry Christmas!
    And what a wonderful collection of cards from all your special fur-friends!
    Lots of licks, your good friend Morrie :)

  24. I really miss Eric and Flynn's posts. I hope you are enjoying the holidays.

    Thanks for commenting


  25. We wanted to ask what your experiences were like with the lesions; did the cats have any trouble recovering? Anything I should look out for?

  26. Did I not stop by???? Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy New Year.

  27. Love seeing all the holiday cards! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  28. great cards and great memories... I hope you have a wonderful 2018

  29. So many lovely and loving cards!
    We hope you had a wonderful holiday season.