Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day created by Deb Barnes at The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey in honour of the memory of Mr Jazz.
Everyone has been invited to take part to honour the memory of our own loved ones who wait at the Rainbow Bridge for us.

We have loved all of our cats deeply, but the brothers who left the biggest hole in our hearts are of course Eric and Flynn. We honour them today and every day and will love and miss them for ever.

Flynn, April 8th 2000 - May 1st 2017 age 17 years and 3 weeks.

Eric April 8th 2000 - March 19th 2013 age 12 years 11 months.

Today we also remember our other cats who came before and are fondly remembered and loved by us.
We don't have photos of all of them and some photos are very poor quality.

Kitty Yumbum 3rd April 1987 - 23rd July 2002 age 15 years

L to R  Mother Puss 1974 - 3rd November 1997  age 23 years
            Auntie Puss  1974 - 12th August 1998     age 24 years
            Mr Toesies   1981 - 18th March 2000      age 19 years
            Mr Pig         1981 -  13th June   1999      age 18 years
Mother Puss and Auntie Puss were sisters and Mr Pig, Mr Toesies and Desmond were the sons of Mother Puss

Desmond  1981 - 7th June 1995 age 14 years (with Kit)

Tiddler Died 11th April 1993 age unknown thought to be 15 - 16 years.

Snowy (on top of Mother Puss and her 3 sons) Died April 8th 1993. age unknown, thought to be 20+

Smokey (Jelly Bean) 16th March 1986 - 5th May 1987 age 13 1/2 months

Marmi 1972 - 28th November 1982 age 10 years.

Spot died 1972 age unknown. Our first cat together who belonged to Ivor's parents but decided to adopt us so he could be an only cat.

From 4 paws I now remember those with 4 hooves.

Mr Who, my beautiful Irish TB. An ex racehorse, he had a hard start and had been neglected when I got him. He was the perfect gentleman and gave me many years of pleasure galloping across Dartmoor.
Born 1964 - 6th December 1998 age 34 years

Harvester, a Cleveland Bay (with Mr Who)  1975 - 7th November 2003 age 28 years.
We remember them all with love, and also all our friends from the blogging world.
Thank you Deb for creating this day of remembrance.


  1. hugs to all angels today... we miss them every day...

  2. What beautiful Angels you have to carry fond memories of....they all were lucky to be in your family and feel the love you had and still have for them. We will always miss Eric and Flynn but know Sammy is playing with them in fields of green grass and flowers............

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  3. So many beautiful angels in your heart. Thank you for sharing - and of course, Eric and Flynn, two kitties who always hold a special spot in our hearts. Purrs from Deb, Mr. Jazz, and the Zee/Zoey gang.

  4. May all your angels be blessed ... and for our special friends that we knew the best: peace beyond your rainbows to dear Eric and Flynn, forever.

  5. Spot looks just like Eric. We miss your boys - they were special.

  6. That is a lot of memories. Of course, I especially like the horses. What a great bunch of cats too. Have a super day.

  7. We miss Eric and Flynn. Thanks for sharing them with us...along with all the others that came before. Purrs...

  8. Hugs as you remember those sweeties and those special boys who brought so much joy to all of us.

  9. What special kitty angels that you brought into your big heart. A beautiful tribute.

  10. Beautiful remembrance post today. Eric and Flynn hold a special place in my heart too. They were wonderful and funny boys!

  11. Oh my goodness me...We had no idea of all the kit kats before the dynamic duo of Eric and Flynn. Thank you for sharing all their photos and those of the magnificent horses.
    Hugs madi and mom

  12. So many happy days and memories, and so many cats too.
    heres to those we love and love us and those that have gone before and yet to come....

  13. Beautiful memories with your angels. Purrs

  14. doodz....itz nice ta see yur cat mum N all yur cuzinz heer two day az well az de poneez....whoa...mr who waz blessed with manee yeerz ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  15. Thank you for sharing your furbabies with us. You've been given so many precious gifts - but Flynn and Eric were extra extra special.

  16. Beautiful post for beautiful angels.
    The Florida Furkids

  17. How wonderful to see photos of all your dear friends through the years. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    Purrs, Woofs, Neighs and Hugs,
    All of us at The Poupounette

  18. You have loved and lost so many, most at a very ripe old age, which says a lot to the care you gave them. Thank you for coming by to visit us on this special day, too.

  19. Eric and Flynn were such special little boys. We miss them too. Thank you for introducing us to all the other beautiful animals you've shared your life with.

  20. Sending you hugs as you remember all your beautiful angels. XO

  21. What a touching post. We were fortunate to have the chance to know and love Eric and Flynn. They will always live in our hearts.
    It’s is a pleasure to meet all of the loved animals who have gone before. We’re sure they’ve enriched your lives immeasurably. Love to all.

  22. Of course we know your handsome boys, but how nice to see the kitties that came before them, and the horses from your past too. <3

  23. You have so many beautiful angels watching over you now, and waiting until that special day when you are reunited. Thank you for loving them so much, and remembering them always.

  24. How after all of these years do I not remember that you had such a large number of pets before Eric and Flynn? Eric and Flynn as you know, are the two special mancats that I knew and loved (and I STILL love them and miss them terribly). Sending you (((hugs))) and love as you remember xoxo

  25. Wow! You have been blessed with some amazing best friends through the years. I love that Auntie Puss was 24 years old. That is remarkable. ♥

  26. We had no idea what large cat hearts you two have had! What a lovely tribute to all of them as well as your beloved horses.

  27. A lovely tribute to those who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

  28. We had many a smile from Eric and Flynn over the years and they still keep coming in flashbacks. We didn't know the rest but we have a lot of Funny Farmers and Jan has a whole lot of past furries, so we know they are all remembered.

  29. It is obvious they were all so wonderfully loved...

  30. Most excellent to see all the befores!
    Alas, I don't have photos of most of mine, but they live forever yound in my heart as do all your fur babies!
    Sending you loving hugs


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