Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art

This flashback comes from March 2013 and is called:
Tummy Tickles
Eric: Dad is tickling my tum!

He is a good tummy tickler.

Flynn:  Hey what about me!

That's better. Thanks dad.

I am joining Athena the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

I started with Gaugain3 at 65% then added Scribble at 30%.
The photos in today's post didn't have the boys together so I chose another one taken on the same day.
And a puzzle.

preview99 pieceCaturday Art 26.10.19


  1. Those were sure happy tummies and a happy Dad too.

  2. They had such a special relationship with their dad.

  3. Ah! Bless!xx
    Not many pussy~cats like their tummies
    tickled..Fudge and Flossie who visit
    every day, Fudge loves his tummy tickled,
    if you touch Flossies tummy..she'll tear
    yer hand off..! :(.

  4. ha! with more than one you need more hands LOL

  5. Tummy tickles definitely need to be shared around. Even nicer you gt the saff to do them whilst you are out abd about!
    PS Mrs H managed 16:45 on the jigsaw with one interuption for tummy ticles for me.

  6. What great tummy tickling shots! My Mom likes to tickle my tum but has discovered that it's just a TRAP - I always wind up scratching her with my kick as she's tickling!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  7. Awww it still makes us smile today looking at your photos.

  8. What wonderful memories. So precious.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  9. Those tummy tickles made me giggle
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. The office computers won't allow me to visit the jigsaw puzzle sight, but I've got my purrsonal laptop here I go! Thanks, I love your memories, shared as puzzles!

  11. Awww bet those tummy tickles felt good! Such sweeties.
    Happy Feline Friday! :)

  12. Plenty of happy tummy time on the farm back in the day!

  13. Tummie tickles are the best! Love the artwork.

  14. Tummy tickles must be evenly distributed.

  15. Julie loves the tummy tickles the most!
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  16. I remember a number of posts featuring tummy tickling. It seemed to be popular with the boys and with mum and dad.

  17. Those were some great tummy tickles, can I have one too😸Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

  18. That is so sweet. We loved seeing Eric and Flynn getting tummy tickles from Dad Ivor. :)

  19. Such sweet kitties liked tummy rubs. I love rubbing tummies. Cute flashback. Thank you for the beautiful puzzle, It took me 18 min. 42 seconds :) XO

  20. Tummy tickles are The Best, aren't they?

  21. Tummy tickle time looks like the best. We love Flynn with get over here dad and tickle my belly too. Thanks for sharing the cute photos. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals


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