Saturday, March 28, 2009

Catch Up and Answers

We have got behind with posting our awards. These are the latest we have been given. We have the feeling we may have forgotten an award. If you gave us one and we haven't posted about it, we apologise.

We got this award from Elin. She said:
Today, I create an award to deliver to all my furriends. All my furriends is very nice and very friendly, thank u furriends. They are very supportive and full with love. So, I would like to deliver this friendly award to all my furriends, especially those who purrrs a lot for our late Boody, and for those who always read my blog. Thank you for befriend with me, your far furriend. You can pass this award to any friendly blogger that u know/like.

Thanks Elin

Eric: I got this award from my furrend Sunny. That's right, it's for me, not Flynn, just me. Thanks Sunny.

He got the award from Whippy Curly Tails and they said:

Our Mom made a special Awardy for the furries that have posted pics of the Hidey poses. We knowz this to be impawtant because the Boogeymanz & Bugbears are always on the looose!

~ Pass it on to furries that do the Hidey.
~ Woofies that are good friends & protect us all.
~ Leave a comment on any of our posts, of the kitty/doggy/bunny/critter that has a pic of their Hidey pose. Mom is listing them at the top right of our bloggy!

Or, use the Awardy to send some happiness to a special friend!

We would like to pass it on to BeauBeau for hiding himself so well in the cupboard.

Then we got the Honest Weblog award from Rusty.
This is our honest photo. We are sitting here trying to do an honest day's work waiting for mousies.

Here's the info about the award:

When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows who or she is. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or, improvise by including ones who have no idea who you are because you don't have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims' names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with the "Honest Weblog". Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least 10 honest things about yourself, as well as an Honest Photo. Then, pass it on!

So, here are 10 honest things about us. We decided to do 5 each.
1: I never used to mind having my photo taken, but now I don't like it at all.
2: I like to sleep on dad's head, but when both Beans are asleep, I get on mum's pillow and push her head off so she wakes up with a stiff neck.
3: I don't have good bedside manners. If I want to go from one side of the bed to the other, I just walk across their heads. If they get a paw in their eye or mouth, then that is tough luck.
4: I use the greenhouse as a giant litterbox and mum has to scoop it regularly. She should be grateful, it saves on kitty litter.
5: I am supposed to be on a diet but it isn't working. I am 23lbs but mum wants me to be 19lbs. We think I put on weight because I don't yak any more.

1: Mum calls me Mr. Squawk because I never stop talking.
2: I am not supposed to catch the fev-vers, but I do if mum isn't around.
3: I like to sleep under the covers, even in summer when it is hot.
4: I love Stinky Goodness better than crunchies, and I eat Eric's, but only because I am trying to help him diet. Hmm, maybe that is not really honest.
5: Unless we are walking in the fields, I don't like pooping outdoors. I will come in from the garden to use the litterbox then go back out again.

We pass this award on to Adan and Lego, China Cat and Willow, Fat Eric, Laila and Minchie
Okay, we know it's not seven blogs, but it is seven cats.

We had some questions about our purrizen fence in yesterday's Friday Flashback.
Milo and Alfie asked what the view was like from the other side. If you go here you can see what it was like before it was built.
Eric: Of the three photos of dad pushing me in the wheelbarrow, the middle one shows the hedge on our left that was taken down and replaced by the fence. We can still see the view from indoors.
Angel and The Cat Street Boyz asked why the ladder was left there. It was only there while dad was still working on the fence. When he finished, he took it away. Spoilsport!
Poppy says she is allowed to roam free. We once were also allowed to, but our nearest neighbour has a dog who hates cats and if he saw us, he would attack us and mum said she couldn't take that chance. He hates other dogs and most people too so mum keeps away from him too.
Faz put in a request for a Friday Flashback. We are going month by month and we think the post you mean comes from October last year. We will make a note to do it when that month comes around. If you want to see it in the mean time, you can see it here.


  1. Hi,
    Your blog is really interesting... Good Luck...keep writing.
    Blessings to you and your family…….

  2. Aren't you two the multi-taskers! Concats!

  3. Oh wow! Concats on all those well deserved awards Eric and Flynn!

  4. Hey guys, thanks so much for the cool award! It means a lot to us!

    Wish we could go for rides in wheelbarrels. You two have such great adventures on the farm.

  5. Congratulations on eh awards! Dad is a spoiled sport to move the ladder! But he wants to keep you safe!

  6. Concats on yer awardies, yoo deserves them!

  7. Congratulations on your awards. It's always nice to find out a bit more about you two. Happy weekend!

  8. Concats, on all your pawsome awards!

  9. Wow, congratulations on all of your awards. They are greatly deserved. We are glad your dad put the fence up if it keeps you safe from mean woofies.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  10. Congrats on the awards. We loved reading your honest facts. The few times we get outside we save it for the litter box too Flynn

  11. Congratulations on your awards! Such interesting reading. Mom wishes she could let me out so she could save money on kitty litter. But she doesn't trust me!

  12. Congrats on all your awards!! And that wheelbarrow ride sure looked like fun!

  13. Concats on all those awardies! We especially like the Honest Scrap Award with the interesting honest fact that come along with it. Chilli hasn't good bedside manners either, in fact she'll walk across you or Siena even in daytime. When she plays it's even worse, she doesn't recognise noone then. ; )
    Siena says she would get in trouble for the greenhouse thing. Normally she uses the litterbox too, but had a good go at the flowerbed the other day. Okay, after a long Winter it must be great for a Gardening Cat to get her paws back in the dirt...
    Purrs! Siena & Chilli

  14. Congratulations on your awards. My secretary has been very slack getting mine posted. I at least try to have them on the sidebar with the name of the giver.

  15. Concats on all your awards, your trophy room will really fill up!

    I don't like going potty outside much anymore, especially in the winter time. Mom wishes I would because she gets tired of cleaning the litterbox sometimes.

    I love your mole video. Grady and I used to catch moles. He would dig a big hole and I would crawl in and catch them. It was so much fun! We used to sit on the edge of the deck in the mornings and watch for the ground to move. Then, wham! We'd fly off the deck and get them little buggers. Mom was going to rent us out to the neighbors as mole exterminators. But, she didn't know how she'd file our taxes for the income we earned. The guy with gray hair and a beard who lives here complained that the yard looked like a mine field with all the big holes in it. Heh heh.

  16. Congrats. We always love the honest list. Yours are no exception.

  17. Peeing on the mole was a classic, boys! :]

  18. Thank you for the linkie to the view. WOW! What a view! You are lucky boys!

  19. Congratulations on your awards, you certainly deserve them. You two are the prettiest cats, I just love your colors.

  20. Congrats on your awards!

  21. Wow! You guys posted a ton! Congrats on your awards, you deserve them:)Thanks for sharing your Honest Scrap. We especially like the private pooping part:)

  22. Congratulations to your awards guys!!! We really loved the honest answers you gave, we laughed a lot!
    You are just great!

  23. Congratulations on all the Awards!! You guys so deserve them!! cause you are so cute and fun!! Thanks for stopping by today!
    Your FL furiends,
    and Maverick

  24. Congratulations on all your awards :-D

    Flynn, I think it's funny that you don't like to poop outside anymore :-p

  25. We all love your new blog! Very creative and beautiful! Someone put A LOT of work into all this.


    Marilynn, Grace & Company